Report: Both sides fine with Kirk Cousins playing out tag

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There has been little movement in the ongoing contract saga between Washington and franchise-tagged quarterback Kirk Cousins.

And there may not be.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, it appears now that Cousins will play out the year on the tag, and that both sides feel comfortable with that.

They have until next Monday to do a long-term deal, though there’s no indication that’s even being worked on.

If the deadline comes and goes, Cousins will just pocket his $23.94 million for the season and then head into free agency in 2018. Washington could ostensibly squat on his rights again, but that would require a 20-percent raise with the transition tag or a 44-percent raise with a third franchise tag.

Those two options seem unlikely for the sheer size of the numbers, leaving the team without a clear plan for the future at the position.

21 responses to “Report: Both sides fine with Kirk Cousins playing out tag

  1. I don’t think is worth the money. But the team could have signed him for a better deal years ago and dropped the ball. If you do not go after another QB, then you have to pay the one you have.

  2. Cousins bet on himself and barring injury this year he will control his future. Sounds as if SF might have an inside track with finally supportive management…who with Lynch may make a big difference.

  3. Cousins has played this to his advantage after the Skins gave it to him. Let’s face it: if any of us were in the same situation with our work, we’d likely do as Cousins is doing – maximizing our earning potential.

    That said, the likelihood of him playing for the Skins long term is small at this point. Not so sure he really wants to be with this management and ownership for the prime of his career.

  4. Well other than he’s come up short in big games, I”m not really sure what the Redskins plan is going beyond Kirk…which is why when and if he does leave Bruce Allen should be sent packing as well.

    On another note, all this speculation time and time again that SF is where he’ll likely be headed…well, if everyone remembers it was under the Shanahan’s where he faltered and got benched, the Kirk Cousins everyone is raving about currently didn’t blossom into the QB he is now until Gruden arrived, if any spot would be a good landing spot it would be with the Rams with McVay who was the OC under Gruden and helped groom Kirk, but again McVay is a product of Grudens offense as well…

  5. Leave it to the Redskins to finally find a decent QB (by accident), then proceeding to pinch pennies on the most important position to have him walk next year

  6. ” He’s come up short in big games”. See this a lot.

    Well…the Skins have played in one playoff game in the two seasons that he has been at the helm as the starting QB. The REDSKINS. In that game, the Skins defense gave up 35 points. Pretty tough for a team to win when the defense is about as tough as wet paper towels. Oh, by the way, the Redskins offensive line gave up six sacks in that one.

    He threw a bad interception against the Giants. I get it. Then again, the Giants used the Redskins offensive line like a Mike Tyson punching back for three and a half quarters.

    In other words: it’s a team game and he’s a big part of the team, but not the only reason for negative (or positive for that matter) outcomes. Keep this in mind: since Cousins became the starter, the Redskins have had the most successful back to back seasons since 2007-08.

  7. Yeah it feels they are nitpicking reasons not to commit long term but a year from now this will blow up in the teams face when he leaves for SF. I personnaly get the sense this is not about money but really the will to commit to the player. They always figure out the money part when both sides want a deal to happen.

    When you find a viable QB you stick with him and try to build a supporting cast. He doesnt have to be the best QB in the world.

  8. IMO KC is overated and overpaid. Not his fault he’s overpaid. That on the Skins mgmt group. If KC and his tem deem him to be highly paid then he should demonstrate why he should command that much. In 4 games last year if KC plays up to what he was being paid-19+Million FT then the skins would have been in the playoffs. He didn’t and they wern’t. If you’re going to say that hey we deserve this much than you’d better produce WINS with your efforts. KC didn not come up BIG time when confronted with that. Yes it’s a team game and the Skins D just sucked big time last year but even given that the Skins still could have made the playoffs with some competence playing by the 19+ Million dollar man. You’re going to demand that kind of payola then expcet the critisim when you just don’t live up to they hype. Win KC, win.

  9. In the final estimation, I think the Skins should have paid him.

    But there are two things people ignore in this equation:

    1. When Cousins plays without Reed, one of his most frequently injured targets, he is slightly below average.


    I’ve watched every single game of his Redskins career. A LOT of the numbers he puts up for stats are in garbage time.

    If these facts upset you, please refer to my first sentence.

  10. Amen. He doesn’t beat winning teams and his stats are inflated. Good riddance. The Skins aren’t going anywhere with him anyway, at least they won’t be in cap hell.

  11. “beedubyatoo says:
    Jul 13, 2017 10:03 AM
    $19.9 M last year, $23.84 M for 2017? I’m a high school graduate and added that cash up to equal almost $44M.

    I could feed my family on that”

    Just for giggles, lets say they franchise him again next year (44% increase would be $34.33 million). That would make it over $78 million for a 3 year stint. Only the Skins and Snyder would do something this stupid…

  12. Simply insane how poorly the Redskins have handled this. And not only did they botch it and cost themselves millions– they fired the GM who was pushing to get a long-term deal done and trying to save them from themselves.

  13. So the guy has had 2 contracts the last 2 years, 1 paid him 19.9M and the next one paid 23.4M. We have no idea what his agent has been asking for and no idea what has been offered to him. The previous 2 years drafting primarily on the offensive side to build up the players around him. Yet the team has treated him poorly?

    I find that tough to believe.

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