Tony Romo on Cowboys: They’re going to be tough to beat if healthy


Tony Romo likely never went into a season when the Cowboys’ expectations weren’t high. They are high every year, even though the team won its last championship during the 1995 season.

Now retired and an analyst for CBS, Romo went out on a limb during interviews to promote American Century Celebrity Golf Championship Tournament, saying expectations for the Cowboys are “high” in 2017.

“I think you find that Dallas, expectations are obviously ramped up, and that happens when you have a season like they did last year and rightfully so,” Romo said, via DFW’s CBS 11. “If Dallas can stay healthy, they’re going to be a tough team to beat. I’ll get into more analysis later. Right now at this point, they’ve been healthy enough to get through the offseason without anything detrimental that can really hurt you going forward. From there, it’s just about creating the culture and getting the environment right.”

Three times in his career Romo had double-digit wins in a season, including 13-3 in 2007. Dak Prescott took over when Romo was injured in the preseason last year, and the rookie quarterback led the Cowboys to a 13-3 campaign.

The Cowboys, though, lost 11 players in free agency and two to retirement, including Romo, during the offseason. Those players started 546 career games for the Cowboys, including 94 last season.

15 responses to “Tony Romo on Cowboys: They’re going to be tough to beat if healthy

  1. Hate all you want, but this team is poised to make noise for a few years, period. Yes, I am a Dallas fan and I expected Dak to crash, but he did not. Talk all you want about a full season of tape, but Dallas has weapons to put up points. The defense is suspect, but Marinelli gets the most out of his players. I am not sure what to expect and I will not make a prediction, however, they will be competitive.

  2. They will be tough to beat… then comes January and they end up being a bye for whoever they play

  3. Dallas backed into several wins last seasons… dropped picks and such. They also played a lot of teams with key injuries while beating their chests. NFC east have all beefed up their D lines and Dak can’t handle pressure up the middle. If Philly didn’t drop 4 easy picks in game 1 it would have been a blow out.

  4. For any team, especially Dallas the offense starts and stops with the O-Line.

    Doug Free retired, Ronald Leary left…

    If La’el Collins can stay healthy and replace Free then check. However Leary is a beast and as a Raiders fan I hate that he is in Denver. Can Chaz Green answer?

    The O-line might take a few games to gel and that could make the difference, especially early in the season.

  5. Dallas is the NFC team to beat this year. They have the talent and the confidence to get it done. The defense will be much improved this season because the young guys will gel and grow together. I can’t wait to see it. With that said, there is pressure on one guy, That guy is Jason Garrett. If the Cowboys don’t make it to at least the NFC championship, I think it’ll be time for a change.

  6. pau49ers says:

    I think not. Dallas regresses this year.

    But you can’t explain why.

  7. Interested to see if Dak is the real deal. We’ll find out this season. Defenses have his strengths and weaknesses on tape now.

  8. we have been one of the highest scoring teams in the league for years now ……just need to sure up the back end of our Defense and we will make a lot of noise this season Best Dline against the rush in the league last season so if we can keep that up we will be fine and all the Haters will be crying AGAIN………IF U PUT 9 IN THE BOX TO STOP ZEK WE WILL BUT U LIKE A FISH………COWBOYS 4LIFE

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