Will Washington make a last-minute offer to Cousins?

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The news that Washington and quarterback Kirk Cousins are both comfortable with Cousins spending a second straight season under the franchise tag isn’t really news. Cousins always has been comfortable with taking $23.94 million in 2017 (to go with the $19.95 million he made in 2016) and then seeing what happens in 2018. Washington consistently has been comfortable with not offering him a suitable long-term deal, which necessarily means the team is comfortable with Cousins continuing on a year-to-year basis.

But here’s the real question. Will Washington, at some point between now and 4:00 p.m. ET on Monday, July 17, put a large, multi-year contract offer on the table, forcing Cousins to say “no thanks” to it? With Cousins presumably wanting more than $52 million fully guaranteed at signing (that’s the sum of the 2017 franchise tag and 2018 transition tender), there could be a number somewhere between Derek Carr’s fully-guaranteed $40 million and $52 million that gets Cousins to bite.

This assumes that Cousins ultimately would be willing to ignore his agent’s advice, which would be to reject anything worth less than $52 million fully guaranteed at signing over the first two years of the deal. Still, Washington won’t know whether Cousins will go rogue unless the team tries.

And then the team can leak to the media the magnitude of the offer, making the organization seem fair and reasonable and Cousins seem greedy and selfish.

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  1. Allen/Snyder think they’re the smartest people on Earth, so you know they’re planning some sort of “public perception safety net” so they can attempt to save face when Cousins ultimately leaves.

    As always, it will be a thinly-veiled and insult the intelligence of loyal Skins fans. Then this whole process will repeat with whatever the next front office-instigated blunder is in a few years.

  2. 2018 Rams starting QB

    If he signs a long term deal in Virginia, I have no idea why they are called Washington anymore he will be traded to LA in a swap for Goff or he goes there as a FA and La deals Goff.

  3. Why would Kirk Cousins trust anything Dan Snyder or Bruce Allen would come up with? Kirk wants to enjoy the rest of his career with an ownership and GM he believes in. I truly believe the Redskins could come up with and all time guarante and Kirk would still walk away. That is what you call character and that is what he has. He will not be bought!

  4. If it is 24M guaranteed for the first year, then it is a wash for this year. 5 years 25/year (i.e. identical to Carr) with the first two years guaranteed should work. If he turns down that deal, then he does not want to play for Washington.

    Tying him for the league’s highest paid player should be good enough. If the team offered/offers that, and he turns it down, then doesn’t want to be in Washington.

  5. My guess is they will try and “Lavar” him where they agree in principle to a contract, then send it over with only a few minutes to review before the deadline, and while it will appear to be the deal they agreed to in principle, it will be short several million of dollars due to some clause somewhere.
    They ripped off Lavar Arrington to the tune of 4M in guaranteed money that way.
    I hope for his sake he has someone read every single word in there before putting his signature on it.

  6. I’d love to know the numbers both parties are throwing around.
    Does Cousins want a lot of guaranteed money?
    To be the highest paid QB?
    25MM? 27.5? 30MM?

  7. So trying to get paid, as an employee, as much as possible is greedy and selfish? – What happened to capitalism in this country?

  8. “And then the team can leak to the media the magnitude of the offer, making the organization seem fair and reasonable and Cousins seem greedy and selfish.”

    Why does the public perception of either side matter in this negotiation? What difference does it make?

  9. literally if you cut Kurt Cousins– he would sign with another team, start for half a season, maybe 3/4 and then get benched, traded or cut, and you would never see him again,

  10. This assumes the Redskins give a flip about what the media thinks. Doubt they do. Nor should they.

  11. “And then the team can leak to the media the magnitude of the offer, making the organization seem fair and reasonable and Cousins seem greedy and selfish.”

    Because that team has a great history of framing the narrative. lmao

  12. Which QBs who have been full season starters the last two years that Cousins took over have a better average QB rating and QBR? Now what did their respective special teams, defense, and running game rank. Please pay him what he is worth and lock him up a few years.

  13. Cousins isn’t losing any PR battles about being greedy or selfish. D.C. is a political town and Cousins could teach a Masters class to 99.9% of people there about how to conduct oneself. He exceeds Tebow when it comes to error free delivery when he speaks. He’s taking fans with him wherever he goes who are going to feel like his big contract win is theirs.

  14. If Dan Snyder were smart, he would realize his stupendous mistakes with the tags, and lowball with $38M guaranteed for the next two years and do not budge; if Cousins rejects it, this is his last season as a Redskin…time to draft or shop smarter. After all, no other team will even jokingly consider more than $40M after he becomes a free agent.

    On the other hand, no one has ever accused Snyder of being smart…

  15. After the way the Redskins have treated him, I’d tell them to F’ off.
    Go to SF or Houston next year.

    With as close as Houston is they SHOULD go after him next year. They don;t need to screw around trying to develop a kid. They could use him now.

  16. ipskipskyblue says:
    Jul 13, 2017 10:34 AM
    2018 Rams starting QB

    If he signs a long term deal in Virginia, I have no idea why they are called Washington anymore he will be traded to LA in a swap for Goff or he goes there as a FA and La deals Goff.
    Who on God’s green Earth do you think would trade for Jared Goff?

  17. This is very simple. The question is not how much are the Redskins willing to PAY Cousins, it is how much they are willing to OVERPAY him (or put another way, how much are they willing to risk massively overpaying him).

    The Redskins have put up impressive passing numbers the last 2 years. Cousins believes that proves that he is a top tier QB (in the top 5) and he should be compensated accordingly (or at least he believes, probably correctly, that there is at least one team in the NFL who will come to this conclusion). Snyder, Allen and Gruden, on the other hand, believe it is because Cousins is a competent starting quality QB (top 15-20) playing in a great system with great people around him. Remember that before last season, the Redskins turned down an offer from Cousins agent for a long term deal at $17M per year. If they believed he was even a top 10 QB, that would have been seen as a bargain.

    Cousins has all the leverage (at least now). There is no reason for him to accept a long term deal for less than what he thinks he is worth. For the Redskins, the situation is different because even getting a competent starter is not easy in this league. The Redskins are faced with the bad choice of either paying top 5 money to what they believe is a top 15-20 QB, or going out into the QB market.

    The kind of money the Redskins would have to pay to keep Cousins would look awfully good to Drew Brees, who will be a UFA next year.

  18. If I’m Kirk Cousins I can’t wait to get out of DC. Management has made overly clear that they don’t see him as being worth franchise QB money.

    The more he proves he’s a franchise QB, doesn’t that make him feel more and more like he deserves to be on a team that wants him to play there? With $45M in guaranteed income in 16-17, this guy who bet on himself has more than enough cushion to feel comfortable doubling down on the bet.

  19. I don’t want for the team to lose Cousins but I REALLY want to see what some team will guarantee him on the free market. His agent will do everything he can to make it at least $52M but I hope it is closer to what what Carr got.

  20. You can argue weather or not he’s a franchise quarterback. That’s not the issue. I can’t think of another even potential franchise quarterback in their prime not getting locked up asap. If he hits free agency it will be unprecedented.

  21. “What happened to capitalism in this country?”

    If you’re not a poor starving billionaire no one has any sympathy for you

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