A.J. Bouye “excited to try to live up to the hype”

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Cornerback A.J. Bouye cashed in after a breakout 2016 season with the Texans by signing a five-year contract with the Jaguars that can be worth as much as $67.5 million as a free agent this offseason.

Bouye joins Jalen Ramsey at cornerback in Jacksonville and the Jaguars hope they turn out to be one of the top duos in the entire league. Former Steelers corner and current NFL Media analyst Ike Taylor believes that the tandem is the best in the league, something that Bouye called an honor.

“I’m excited to try to live up to the hype,” Bouye said, via NFL.com. “We know there’s going to be a lot of people watching, but we’re very excited. It’s tough to say [how good we will be] right now, because we haven’t been in games together yet. We’re physical corners and we like to tackle. We like to play aggressive. We’re going to be in your face. We’re going to play tight coverage. We’re going to come hit, talk trash, all that. There’s a lot of great corners in the league, and it’s an honor to be considered a top tandem. We just want to go out there and prove that we can be.”

Bouye isn’t the first big-ticket signing the Jaguars have made in hopes of finally climbing up the standings, so that need to go out there and prove that this isn’t just another round of preseason optimism is a real one. Should that proof come, Bouye’s signing will go down as one of the best of this year’s free agent class.

6 responses to “A.J. Bouye “excited to try to live up to the hype”

  1. It is insane to think J.J Reddick’s salary makes Bouye look like he works at a fast food restaurant.

  2. I live in Jacksonville and the city has low expectations. If this team goes 7-9 the fans would be more than happy, but this team on paper should have higher expectations with the talent on both sides of the ball.

  3. I think Bouye is a very good player, but he benefitted from playing on one of the top defenses in all of football. Personally I believe that is why the Texans let him go. Do I think he is a bad player? Not at all. Do I think he’s worth as much as the Jags threw at him? No, but the Jags would have to over-spend to get him.

    So I hope he does well (but not too well), but I think it’s premature to call him and Ramsey the top CB duo in the NFL.

  4. robigd says:
    Jul 14, 2017 12:53 PM
    It is insane to think J.J Reddick’s salary makes Bouye look like he works at a fast food restaurant.


    53-man roster in a league with 16 regular season games, versus a 12-man roster in a league with 82 regular season games.

    I get that people want to compare salaries across leagues all the time, but let’s not act like the money and the spread of the money is the same either.

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