Charles Haley calls Dak Prescott just another Joe

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Dak Prescott reminds Charles Haley of just another Joe. As in Joe Montana, Haley’s teammate with the 49ers.

Dak reminds me of Joe,” Haley told Newy Scruggs of DFW’s NBC 5.

Haley heaps praise on the young quarterback. But the Hall of Fame linebacker/defensive end, who maintains a presence at the Cowboys’ training complex, admits he became annoyed with Prescott when, after a 4-1 start, Prescott said the Cowboys were “Tony’s team” in reference to Tony Romo. Romo, though, never got his job back as Prescott went 13-3.

The Cowboys now belong to Prescott, with Romo having retired.

“I tell him all the time, I say, ‘Man, this is your show. This is your rodeo,'” said Haley, who also was teammates with Hall of Fame quarterbacks Steve Young and Troy Aikman. “I told him that after game [five] when he was saying it was Romo’s show. I wanted to punch him in his chest. Hey, hold up. You’ve won four in a row. Then, you win five a row. Now walk out on the field before the game and say, ‘Who’s team is this?’ If he didn’t say, ‘My team’ real fast, I’ll punch him again. ‘My team.’ He’s got to realize he’s got to control everybody. Whether Romo would have came back or not, it’s about the confidence and believing that he was the man. That he was driving the bus. Then, that confidence will spill over and it did. When you listen to players talk they talk big about Dak, because he’s a man of character and a man of strength and a man of conviction.”

Haley appreciates the journey Prescott has taken from Haughton, La., to the NFL.

“He came from nothing, like me,” Haley said. “So guess what? What can you do? How can you hurt someone that came from nothing, that had to pull himself up from the bootstraps and walk out on the stage wearing that star on his head and go? What can you say? What can you do?”

25 responses to “Charles Haley calls Dak Prescott just another Joe

  1. I’m not sure what I think of Dak at this point in his career, and Haley is a undisputed HOF caliber player but he is also a drug addled idiot whose opinions are worthless. Sad but true

  2. That headline got a bunch of bandwagon Cowgirl fans up in arms. Deceiving headline

    Well from the comments I’ve read, it sure sounds like a bunch of girls were looking for gossip when they read the headline and are now up in arms because they found the article to be complementary of Dak rather than devisive.there fixed it for you.

  3. Charles, it’s called tact, respect, class. Not familiar with those things? Dak doesn’t need any character coaching from you. You’re the only HOFer the Niners had to run out of town because you didn’t know how to behave. Stay away from Dak. Far, far away.

  4. He had a great rookie year but can we wait a little before crowni g every person who has a good year? Nick Foles 2013 was better by qb rating than any year Montana had (not better in general or adjusting for factors like how pass happy and anti defense the league is now. Just by qb rating) and I didnt even realize what team Foles was on right now. So how about we watch for a little and watch assumptions later. I already got the morons up in here saying Judge is better than Bonds.

  5. Those of you criticizing Haley, you might not know the poverty he came from and may not remember he’s admittedly and diagnostically manic depressive. Be thankful for what you have and your mental health, CTE TBD. Just say’n.

  6. I too get a feeling from Prescott that he may be something special. But what the hell do I know? I thought the same thing about Culpepper and Kaepernick.

  7. I see a great offensive line with a very good RB. Not sure how good Dak is yet but he can make the throws and he has the body that will hold up unlike Teddy “Noodle Legs & Arm” Bridgewater. I think he’s a legit NFL starter that has the players around him and the skillset to be a star. Let’s give it a couple years though.

  8. Dak has been in the league one successful year. The first comparison that comes to mind is RGIII who also had a great first year. We’re about to find out if Dak is the real deal or an imposter. At this point, no one really knows for sure.

  9. I have a bit of OCD in me and I notice patterns very quickly.

    I learned that Donovan McNubb of the Philthydelphia football team telegraphed whether the play was a run or pass by how he moved his head.

    I noticed that the Great Gimmick could not read a defense when at the Baylor Upchucks and only succeeded because he moved to force street ball reactions out of defenders – forcing them out of their comfort zone and plays.

    I have noticed that the dirtball Danish Ham, Dak, is woeful under pass rushes and evades them by running because he is so ineffective as a passer against them – the key to beating him is pressure – he is simply awful when forced to pass under pressure.

    After this upcoming losing season, this clown will be Joe Schmoe.

  10. Joe Montana was a great QB. He was also 2-6 during his first two years in the league. Why not wait and see how Dak turns out before bagging on him? And for those critical of Haley’s behavior in San Francisco, you should realize that he was an undiagnosed bi-polar for the vast majority of his career.

  11. Take away the best O-line, and Elliott, and see how good Dak is. Seriously, not sure why teams aren’t treating the Cowboys like they did the Vikings with AP? 8 in the box, and make Dak beat you. I’d bet the farm he won’t.

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