Internal disagreement in Washington on value of Kirk Cousins

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With the deadline for signing quarterback Kirk Cousins to a long-term deal three days away and no signs (yet) of a looming epiphany by Washington to pay Cousins what his circumstances and leverage merit, there’s an important reason for the lingering impasse.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, internal disagreement exists within the organization regarding Cousins’ actual value.

Actually, the more accurate term is “persists.” The in-house discrepancy dates back to 2015, when it first appeared that Cousins would be the better option to Robert Griffin III. Because of the draft-pick investment that had been made to acquire Griffin, some weren’t ready to ditch Griffin for Cousins.

Others advocated offering Cousins what would have been a significant raise (upwards of $10 million per year) but that also would be dramatically less than what he made in 2016 ($19.95 million), what he’ll make in 2017 ($23.94 million), and what he could make in 2018 ($28.7 million under the transition tag, $34.7 million under the franchise tag, or whatever he could get on a long-term deal from Washington in lieu of the application or either tag or a trip to the open market).

And so it appears that Washington will kick the can for another year, only to see it grow even larger by 2018. At some point, they’ll either have to pay him what his circumstances and leverage require, or they’ll have to let him walk away.

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  1. If the Skins front office doesnt think he’s capable of winning a Super Bowl, they should just let him go. They have to be waiting to see if his “success”, if you want to call it that, was created by having guys like Garçon and Jackson to throw to, or if it was his talent. With your number one weapon being Terrelle Pryor, I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  2. I’m a Redskins fan for life, but Cousins just doesn’t do it for me especially that last INT he threw with the playoffs on the line. I see us going 8-8 again this year with a several good games and the rest average at best. I’m all for paying the man but he hasn’t shown the ability to have that killer instinct when the games on the line, and that’s what I want to see for Brady and Rodgers type of money he wants…

  3. He OK, that’s it. Smart guy, well below ideal size, below average quickness and speed for a small QB. He has a average arm, and velocity but above average accuracy. Makes bad decisions when pressured and at the worst possible time. Add it all up and you have an average Joe QB not worth the money he is asking. The problem is the Skins have nothing else.

  4. The Washington football team continues to amuse me.
    Snyder has taken a once proud franchise and made it a dysfunctional laughing stock.

  5. Redskins can go 8-8 without him, why tag him at all unless they planned to trade and get San Francisco picks. #BitingoffNosetoSpiteFace

  6. What exactly does Washington want instead?

    What a non-problem being made into a huge ordeal

    Redskins are stupid if they don’t lock Cousins up

  7. The Redskins will have to keep paying until they draft a superstar QB. Elite quarterbacks are hard to come by. Teams like the Detroit team will continue to ride a very good qb but will get nowhere until something elite comes along.

  8. They might be debating if they might not be better off with Jimmy Garoppolo, who could come about $8 million less per year. The timing is right next year to make that move. Tom Brady isn’t going anywhere.

  9. I agree with what the Skins are doing… one year deal and see how he plays before signing him long term.

  10. If the skins had a brain, they would trade him to the 49ers NOW.

    They aren’t going to resign him and he sure isn’t going to choose to come back to Washington. He’s already gone, might as well get something for him…

  11. The team in Detroit has more than a very good qb. With a better team around him he could be elite.

    However, the team in Detroit is putting all it’s chips on an offensive line that is injury prone and a rb in Abdullah who defines injury prone.

  12. If they can’t get a deal done with Kirk now, I do think they’ll transition tag him next year and then match whatever someone else offered unless it’s something crazy.

    If not, as someone else said Jimmy G will be a free agent and guys like AJ McCarron who should be 1/2 the price of Cousins or even less than that.

    They can sign one of those guys to come in and compete with Colt McCoy and Sudfeld or a rookie they would draft next year and next year’s draft class is supposed to be strong for Qbs.

    And to think having to sign one of those guys or go with a young guy or Colt is probably the worst scenario, none of the scenarios seem like the end of the world to me.

    I want Kirk back and they should have signed Kirk for $20 M a year last year and $40 something guaranteed but they didn’t, so we are where we are now but I don’t think it’s the end of the world if he leaves. Sure they’re passing offense will probably take a step back but they could run the ball more as a result and they’d have more $ to spend on upgrading their DL & ILBs if they didn’t have to pay Kirk 24 to 30 million a year for the next 5-10 years.

  13. Dan Snyder’s organization is a dumpster fire.

    The NFL should do the right thing by Skins fans and do an Art Modell: let Danny take his farce to whatever town will have him and give DC an expansion team called the Washington Redskins.

    Even if it takes a couple years, what a relief it would be for lifelong Skins fans to escape this joke of an owner.

  14. So, to keep from overpaying him they decide to franchise tag him. TWICE. Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy watching Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen pile out of their teeny-tiny car.

  15. The Cousins haters are the most uninformed posters ever.

    I was spot on about the Great Gimmick BEFORE he was drafted and cost the team four draft choices.

    I was spot on about him during his gimmick season and that he’d be a huge bust.

    I was spot on about Cousins having a huge upside and that his college record showed continual improvement and that he needed to be named a starter to set the wheels in motion for him getting his NFL legs.

    He’s done something NO REDSKINS QB has done in 20 years – had two consecutive winning seasons despite having one of the worst defenses in the league in both years.

    You can cherry pick your play to slam him, but he has already proved you wrong.

    He’ll win a Super Bowl one day.

    And you Cousins haters will always be dumber than a box of rocks.

  16. Because of the draft-pick investment that had been made to acquire Griffin, some weren’t ready to ditch Griffin for Cousins.

    This is why they won’t go back to the Super Bowl. Someone is more worried about saving face than have a coach make the best game play decisions for the team to be successful.

  17. For me, one of the most amazing things in the NFL is the extent to which these personnel decisions are governed by the egos of the decisionmakers. The Cousins-RGIII thing is one example. Another is the number of good players successive Cleveland coaches traded away just when they were coming into their own (Joe Thomas had it right).

    So many major, expensive decisions, made to salvage someone’s ego, or to promote someone’s ego (the “I didn’t draft him, I’m not going to play him” routine).

    It bites, and the coaches/gms/owners who do these things don’t get fired or run out of town till it’s way too late.

  18. officialgame says:
    Jul 14, 2017 3:25 PM
    He OK, that’s it. Smart guy, well below ideal size, below average quickness and speed for a small QB.

    Cousins is 6’3″ 220.

    What’s “ideal size” in your world… Sasquatch?

  19. They got Cousins in the fourth round. The Cowboys got Prescott in the 4th round. The Raiders got Carr in the 2nd. I wouldn’t pay big money for a QB. I’d just take a fraction of what Cousins is asking, and invest it in my scouting operation. A good scout can find a good QB in every draft, after the first round.

  20. For all those Redskins fans ready to kick Cousins to curb….who exactly was the last good QB we’ve had? And RG3’s rookie season doesn’t count…..He was getting his passing yards off the threat of his athleticism mixed with a fairly gimmick offense that teams figured out towards the end of the season.

    We drafted a QB developed him to the point where he passed for the 15th most passing yards in a season in NFL history and now we’re ready to kick him to the curb because some of you are convinced we can find someone just as good or better for less money.

    2 years ago when Cousins was up for a new contract I said sign him for $19 or 20 million per season. Even if it’s too much you over pay for continuity and your own guys entering his prime.

  21. He is so gonna own them if he cones back through there with another team. Will make point of it.

  22. I’m not an expert psychologist but I did watch a few episodes of Frasier: if the Redskins think that waiting will help them gauge Cousin’s worth better and then they can leisurely make him a correspondingly measured offer lower than he wants now they are sorely mistaken. Cousins will say, “You didn’t believe in me. I remember it. Now take this job and shove it”. Redskins have made him rich. They call it you know what money for a reason. You get to tell people to pound sand. He’ll go play for his old coaches maybe even for a discount and have a grand old time.

  23. What did Kirk Cousins prove last season? He proved that with all the weapons on offense and possibly the 3rd best OL in the NFL that he could accrued passing yards, all Kirk had to do was throw the football to spot and his WRs made the catch. Kirk Cousins also proved that he is not a big time QB with the playoff on the line, the Skins defense held the Giant to 13 points before Kirk decided to throw the football to the defense. I have never seen a QB were every excuse in the world is made up for his poor play, the wind, the WRs the football was wet but never Kirk. Bruce Allen has been made to look like a fool by average QB……….. Call the 49ers, Rams or Jets, work out a trade and get this hack off your roster, this team will not win 7 games this season and there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that they make the playoffs. Cut your losses and go with Colt McCoy!

  24. Cousins will only have leverage as long as he plays well. A down season will devalue him in a hurry. Let’s say that your evaluation of Washington is correct and they finish 4th in the NFC East. Will the Jets pay him $30 mil? I think not.

  25. “At some point, they’ll either have to pay him what his circumstances and leverage require, or they’ll have to let him walk away.

    I do not see any contingency plans over there for life without Kirk. No back-up, no young QB in waiting.

    It’s really irresponsible or just mis-management. Kind of what we expect from that D.C. team.

  26. The Skins haven’t had a decent QB in years prior to Cousins. This is stupid. He set passing records 2 years in a row and that is still not enough for Allen. This isn’t going to end well for Washington but it will for Cousins.

  27. ” Per a source with knowledge of the situation ”

    What a great line, but here’s a real line from inside the organization:

    ” Deadlines get deals done. ”

    It’s been obvious for a while now, Florio does not want Cousins to sign.

  28. With respect to that interception against the Giants, the Redskins were playing from behind and time was running out against a very very good defense. Not to make excuses, but that is a scenario where a QB is going to take chances because there is a greater sense of urgency. You have to make plays and you have to start making them soon. You can’t keep throwing the ball away and punt. You have to try to win the game. You start taking chances.

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