Martavis Bryant wants to sit down with Ben Roethlisberger over critical comments

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Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger levied criticism against wide receiver Martavis Bryant after he was suspended for the entirety of the 2016 season.

Now back with the Steelers, Bryant wants to have a conversation with Roethlisberger to clear the air as they look forward to the 2017 campaign.

I feel like we need to,” Bryant said, via Dan Graziano of “We should have a man-to-man. Because some of the things he put out there about me, I kind of didn’t agree with how he did it. So I want to sit down and hear his own opinion, man-to-man, about why he did that.”

Roethlisberger made his comments about Bryant after he was reinstated to the team this spring.

“It’s more than just me. He has to win back everybody’s trust,” Roethlisberger said. “I would hope he comes up to me and we go somewhere to talk in private. After that, he has to show with his work ethic and by staying clean that he cares — really cares — about us. If he does that, it’ll be huge. He can really help us. He can be so great.”

Bryant was suspended due to repeated violations of the league’s substance-abuse policy.

“I mean, at that time, I was going through a lot of stuff. I wasn’t really even worried about his opinion at that time, because there was just a lot that was going on,” Bryant said. “He’s my brother. I love him. But at the same time, I have my own family outside of football. I have my own problems. I’m not just going to come up to you and open up to you about what’s going on with my personal life. That’s not how I am. We just didn’t see eye-to-eye on that, but as far as right now, everything’s great.”

Bryant caught 50 passes for 765 yards and six touchdowns in 11 games for the Steelers in 2015. He missed four games that year in a separate suspension for the league. Bryant provides a home run threat for the Pittsburgh offense as he compiled 14 touchdowns in the first 21 games of his career.

29 responses to “Martavis Bryant wants to sit down with Ben Roethlisberger over critical comments

  1. As a Steelers fan, how about you both stop talking through the media to each other.

  2. lmao the guy who tweeted this:

    “lol that’s Sammie coates replacement not minds take it how you want to I am back.”

    When his team drafted another WR has problems with how Roethlisberger treats his teammates? Give me a break. Get this fool out of here.

  3. LOL at the Snowflake Sensitive loser Bryant.
    Look, a lot of people make mistakes and/or are idiots.
    That’s why YOU were suspended for a full year, Martavis.

    Own it. YOU did let the whole team down. And the fans.
    Own it.

    If Martavis is STILL blaming Big Ben, then he ain’t “owning” it, and I would not bet on Martavis lasting long. Another another Darrell Strawberry here?

    It’s up to the slim brother.

  4. Bryant is obviously another entitled athlete stereotype. He doesn’t sound like he gets the depth of what he did. Unfortunately that usually means he’s doomed to repeat it.

  5. I kind of didn’t agree with how he did it. So I want to sit down and hear his own opinion, man-to-man, about why he did that.”

    Marty, I’ll save you the trouble. He did because you did stupid stuff and got suspended, hurting the team. Don’t do it, and you won’t get called out.

    BTW, I’m not a Steelers fan.

  6. Sorry bud but when you get suspended multiple times cuz you can’t stop smoking weed, everyone and anyone can say what they want about you. Especially considering had you been available to the steelers in the playoffs maybe that AFC championship game is a bit closer

  7. C,mon bro let’s open a constructive dialogue. We should sit down and share our concerns

  8. Maybe if you weren’t such an idiot to get popped for drugs so many times you wouldn’t need to have this conversation. Ben is right to call you out and call you out as publicly as he can. Maybe then you can realize what a detriment you were to your team for being such an idiot and then man up and take responsibility for your actions.

  9. Steelers are loaded with talent this year. Shouldn’t be any reason why they aren’t back in the Super Bowl.

    . . . except for maybe Tomlin and the Patriots.

  10. That would be great. I see nothing wrong with Ben’s comments. He did hurt the team and does need to prove himself to the whole team. The same with Bell.

  11. Surprised they have not had “a talk” already. Hey Martavis, you were the one that got suspended for a whole year and let the entire team and fan base down. Go talk to Ben instead of to the media about it. An how about your dumb comment about another of your teammates after they drafted JuJu? I sure hope your head is screwed on straight right now.

  12. OK Martavus, I’ll play Ben: “Martavus, we all worked so hard and we have a great team. We have a super bowl winning team. Last year we might have won the super bowl if you were here with us. I had WRs that couldn’t make the plays that needed to be made. Those are plays you usually make. You are a difference maker, and you screwed around and got suspended. Every time I think about last season, I think about you, and how we might have won it all, if you were here. That’s why I’m so ticked off about it. We can’t get that season back. Go watch the tape of our last playoff loss, and tell me you wouldn’t have come down with those balls. You know you would have. It’s time to grow up. Ship up or ship out. That’s how I feel. It’s not all on you, Martavus, but man, we’re counting on you. You were blessed with a ton of talent. We all have issues. Maybe I should have seen the red flags and tried to step in and help. I’ll hold myself responsible for that. Come to me when you need something. Any time of day or night. We’re not going to play this game forever. We’re better than New England. They won our super bowl. That doesn’t make me happy. I’m sorry if you feel bad about what I said. I’m tired of messing around. That goes for everyone on the team. You have to find some other way to wind down. The league is watching you. Stay away from the weed. Don’t worry about what I said. Start taking care of your business, and nobody will have to say anything. If you screw up, own it. Don’t blame me if I say something, because I will say something. I’m big enough to handle myself, so I’ll say anything I feel needs to be said. The Rooney’s are good people. They’ll do anything for you. They pay us a lot of money to play football. This is the place you want to end your career. We’re getting paid millions of dollars to play football. Think about that. Don’t screw up again. You’ll spend the rest of your life regretting it.”

  13. Sounds like Bryant hasn’t learned anything about taking ownership of his mistakes . He needs to shut up , put his head down and work his butt off to win back the respect of his teammates . Have a feeling the all about me attitude that lead to his suspension will also lead to a fast track out of Pittsburgh too .

  14. So Bryant got his feelings hurt. Boohoo. Like the above poster said, that didn’t stop him from making that comment about Coates. Maybe this guy should spend more time thinking about how he’s going to stay off the suspended list. Ben’s right. How can they trust this guy. I doubt he makes it through the year without being suspended again. He just can’t help himself.

  15. “Steelers are loaded with talent this year. Shouldn’t be any reason why they aren’t back in the Super Bowl”

    That not a SB quality Defense…

  16. Well the one thing that I do know….

    Ben Roethlisberger has been with the team since week 4 of the 2015 season. If Martavis Bryant remembers his way around the facility, maybe he can approach Ben in a classroom and ask him politely not to retire and add another set back to his career.

  17. Hahaha… How could Bryant be upset with what Roethlisberger said after being suspended? He gave a very PR friendly answer. He could have said a lot more and a lot worse about a guy that can’t get on the field. If Bryant gets upset over something as trivial as that, you have to wonder how this “man to man” talk is going to go.

  18. Bryant is an excuse maker. Sounds like he is copping the family issues is what caused me to smoke dope routine.

    Hard to have a Man to Man with someone who will not take full responsibility for their own actions.

    Martavious is just another adolescent with no self control but a big paycheck. That combination usually doesn’t last long.

  19. If you break the rules, get suspended, and hurt your team…why is there a need for a talk? If you aren’t on the field by your own doing, people can say whatever they want. It isn’t very hard to find a decent receiver. Dude needs to keep his nose clean, be a productive teammate, keep his yap shut, or find another job.

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