PFT Live podcast has extended conversation with Drew Rosenhaus

Getty Images

One of the best things about a podcast flows from the absence of any real limitations on time. There are no breaks to take, no hard outs to hit, no ending of the show because the show ends whenever you want it to.

So with a guest, the conversation can continue uninterrupted for as long as the host and the guest wish to continue conversing. That’s exactly what happened on Friday, when the PFT Live podcast (already in Miami for a face-to-face, 40-minute interview with Dolphins coach Adam Gase) got together with long-time NFL agent Drew Rosenhaus, who lives and works in the Miami area.

We talked for 75 minutes about how he got into the business, his experiences of the last 30 years, his clients, his business philosophies, his career highlights, his career lowlights (“next question“), his thoughts on the looming CBA expiration and the disparity between NBA and NFL pay, and more. The conversation easily could have gone for another 75 minutes.

The discussion occurred in his home office, which has scores of photos and press clippings from his 30 years in the business on the walls. As we walked in, he mentioned that he still has his childhood pets. I immediately expected to see a stuffed dog or cat; as it turns out, his two turtles from the 1970s — Cuff and Link — are alive and well and living in a fish tank in his office. (If you listen closely, you may hear the whirring of the water pump.)

The PFT Live podcast can be found on Apple Podcasts, audioBoom, and wherever else podcasts can be downloaded. Scheduled guests for the coming week include Patriots linebacker Rob Ninkovich and former NFL receiver Wes Welker. So you should just go ahead and subscribe to the thing so you don’t miss a thing.

And if any other players, coaches, agents, executives, or anyone else directly connected to the game is interested in sitting down for a no-time-limits back-and-forth and we haven’t already reached out to you, I’m fairly easy to find.