“Nothing going on” between Cousins, Washington on eve of deadline


It looks like Kirk Cousins will continue to play on a year-to-year basis. For at least one more year.

Per a source within knowledge of the situation, theres “nothing going on” between Cousins and Washington on the eve of the deadline for signing him to a long-term deal. Absent a contract before Monday at 4:00 p.m. ET, Cousins will be committed to the team for one more year at $23.94 million.

Then, come February, an interesting situation will become even more compelling, with Washington faced with the options of signing him to a long-term deal, paying him $34.47 million under the franchise tag for 2018, paying him $28.7 million under the transition tag for 2018, or letting him hit the open market.

It’s not impossible that Washington will decide on Monday to make a last-second offer to Cousins, but it’s likely going to take at least $52 million (the sum of this year’s franchise tag and next year’s transition tag) fully guaranteed at signing to get it done. And with Washington internally conflicted on Cousins’ value, it would be a surprise if that happens.

22 responses to ““Nothing going on” between Cousins, Washington on eve of deadline

  1. Let’s see him prove something on the field, like taking his team to the playoffs and not choking if he gets there.

  2. If the Redskins do not think he is valuable to the team, then pull the franchise tag and start Colt McCoy. Cousins will go to the 49ers and pass for over 4000 yards and my Giants will get two easy divisional wins this year. Of course so will the Cowboys and the Eagles.

  3. Nothing new for Washington. The same GM who mortgaged the franchise to get RG III has reservations about Cousins so the ridiculous farce will play out in February 2018. Washington has no alternative to Cousins whose coaches love him. I do not know if the team can put the non-exclusive tag on Cousins during his third franchise designation, but if they can use that option the Skins will try to recoup two first round draft choices for him. Bruce Allen and Daniel Snyder will ensure the franchise endures another decade of mediocrity while searching for another franchise QB like RG III. Good luck to Washington fans!

  4. Smart move by the Skins half man owner. You tell your team our QB isn’t good enough to pay him now go have a great season. Lame duck QB, lame duck head coach, with a flat out lame owner. LOL

  5. Are you referring to the Washington Redskins, or Freddie Boom Boom Washington from Welcome Back Kotter?

  6. Maybe the Redskins don’t think Cousins is worth all that money. Maybe Cousins doesn’t want to spend his entire NFL career in Washington. Maybe both are true. If that’s the case, why would both parties agree to a long-term deal? I think this is looking like a mutual parting of the ways. If neither wants to get married, call off the wedding.

  7. Who was the last good QB we had again? This is like the ugly dude who couldn’t get a date finally landing a pretty girl and then dumping her because she’s not a super model.

  8. “…with Washington faced with the options of signing him to a long-term deal, paying him $34.47 million under the franchise tag for 2018, paying him $28.7 million under the transition tag for 2018, or letting him hit the open market.”

    If the ‘skins don’t make the playoffs, or go one-n-done, the smart move will be to move on.

    The ‘skins move will be to tag him again.

  9. I thought he was a late 2nd rounder, so the pick was justified and in hindsight brilliant.

    What is not so brilliant is paying the guy year to year to prove some point. It’s like throwing good money on top of good money.

    You want 600K to rent the house? Tell you what, if nothing goes wrong in the first year, I’ll give you 1 million. But wait, there’s more: If nothing goes wrong in the 2nd year, I’ll double it.

    Someone is so asleep at the wheel (Allen) in DC and that must be frustrating to the fan base.

    As a Giant fan, I don’t dislike the Redskins (Hog respect) or the Cardinals (old NFC east). Just the obvious other two.

  10. “Nothing going on”???

    Are you kidding me?

    Lil Danny’s Dumpster Fire is at full blaze!!! Bruce “Winning Off the Field” Allen is grillin’ the weenies and roastin’ the marshmallows!

    Get ’em while they’re hot! Soon it will be time for the season and all the fun will end!

  11. Saying his value is at a minimum the rate of the tags value leaves the team with the best option to just use the tags. The tags value isn’t what the player should hold the team to pay him as a floor it is the ceiling value if he wants the security of a longer deal.

  12. Bruce Allen made two mistakes! One, franchising Kirk Cousins in 2016! Two, franchising Kirk Cousins in 2017! If Kirk and his agent were unwilling to work out a contract in-line with Kirk’s skillset and level of success with this team then Bruce should have let Kirk walk last season. Let’s stop pretending that Kirk Cousins is anything more than a third tier QB on the level of Andy Dalton, Alex Smith, Ryan Tannehill or Case Keenum. Kirk has done nothing in the NFL other than accrued stats. In every big game with something on the line, Kirk has choked! Kirk can’t win against teams with strong defenses unless the opposing team throws INTs. Kirk’s red-zone % is almost the worst in the NFL! If Kirk Cousins is somehow hurt or doesn’t want to be here let him walk or trade him to recoup your losses. Kirk is not worth all the trouble or money that this organization has invested in him……….

  13. See how the season is going by week 6. If there is a potential playoff run, then keep Cousins for the year.

    If not, trade him by the Oct 31 trade deadline for a 1rst and 3rd rounder.

  14. They are a 3 win team with Colt. Now they are way overpaying cousins. It appears they are trying to lower his value by giving him crappy receivers. Washington owner and management are terrible. No wonder cousins wants out.

  15. Snyder doesn’t care, he can just charge $18 for hot dogs and people will pay. Going to that stadium is like going to a K-Mart that closed twenty years ago and trapped everyone inside.

  16. And Snyder’s stadium hamburgers have little or no beef. Why do they charge $9 for a meatless hamburger?

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