Bruce Allen: We never got an offer from Kirk Cousins this year

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The deadline to sign players with franchise tags to multi-year deals has come and gone and Kirk Cousins remains without such a deal for the second straight year.

There were many reports about what each side was looking for over the course of the offseason in terms of both a deal and a future together, but nothing materialized so Cousins is set to play out this year on the tag. That will pay him $23.94 million and Redskins president Bruce Allen used the moment to share the team’s take on how negotiations played out.

Allen, via the team’s twitter, said that Cousins was offered a contract on May 2 that included $53 million in guaranteed money (or, put another way, a little more than $29 million more than he was already guaranteed after signing his tender) at signing and $72 million guaranteed for injury in a deal that “would have made him at least the second highest-paid player by average per year in NFL history.” He then said there was no return from Cousins’ side of the table.

“But despite our repeated attempts, we have not received any offer from Kirk’s agents this year,” Allen wrote. “Kirk has made it clear that he prefers to play on a year-to-year basis. While we would have liked to work out a long-term contract before this season, we accept his decision.”

Allen said the team remains hopeful that they can reach a longer agreement with Cousins after the 2017 season comes to a close, but the failure to do so over the last two years leaves open the possibility that this is going to be Cousins’ final season in Washington. If Cousins takes issue with anything Allen had to say or the choice to say it publicly, it may do more than leave it open as a possibility.

50 responses to “Bruce Allen: We never got an offer from Kirk Cousins this year

  1. Allen playing politics. ‘Skins fans hate him. Even the statement paints Kirk is a negative light and tries to steer all blame for a deal not getting done on him/his agent. Fact is the offer was still mediocre for the leverage he commands.

  2. “Allen, via the team’s twitter, said that Cousins was offered a contract on May 2 that included $53 million in guaranteed money at signing and $72 million guaranteed for injury in a deal that “would have made him at least the second highest-paid player by average per year in NFL history.” He then said there was no return from Cousins’ side of the table.”

    Care to tweet a picture of that? Whats the proof?

    Sorry, gotta call BS on that.

    Also, small detail – whats the annual average? if its 53 milly guaranteed but averaging just 18 million a year for like 7 years, yeah I wouldn’t take it if I were him.

    Redskins management is just turrible.

  3. I have to constant say this when Bruce Allen and the Trumps are involved, it seems: “Liar, liar, pants on fire!!!!”

  4. George Allen isn’t telling the whole truth here.

    It is not Cousins’ job to offer FIRST and then for the Redskins to offer SECOND.

    Second, this dishonest jerk Allen did not disclose that there were outrageous portions of the offer the Redskins did make like the Redskins could have terminated the contract in 2018 without paying Cousins a dime.

    There is more to this story but Allen is one dirty jerk who needs to be fired.

  5. Well, I think if you really had an interested in re-signing him, you don’t put this out there. “Hey, we did our part; it was him.”

    Looks like both sides will go their separate ways.

  6. If this is true, it makes it crystal clear what many already felt was true – Cousins has zero interest in staying in Washington long term and wants out ASAP…

  7. Sure would make for a fun continuation of the story if Cousins agent can comment on the truth to this offer.

    Cousins doesn’t want to play for Snyder,but he doesn’t make waves as its a business decision with lots of money involved. Him not signing a contract has zero to do with wanting to win with his teammates or the fans that support the Skins. Cousins will have options and when the opportunity arises he will leave his current job for another employer, it happens everyday.

  8. Once you sign, team has your balls in their hands. If these bigger time QBs would start a new trend of signing player option contracts….it would spread out to more of the mid level talent and then teams couldn’t treat them like cattle.

  9. If what Allen said is true (and that’s by no means certain), it’s simple.

    Cousins wants out. He’ll play this year and pack his bags for San Fran.

    He is gambling on staying healthy, though – or not seeing his own stock drop if he has a bad season. But that’s his gamble to make. If this were blackjack, Cousins has hit on 16 the last two times and won – but you can only get away with that so many times before you bust. Has Cousin’s pushed his luck? We’ll see.

    In any event, both the Niners and the Skins owners are impossibly stupid. So they’ve got that going for them, which is nice.

  10. Sure would make for a fun continuation of the story if Cousins agent can comment on the truth to this offer.

    We’ll know soon, if there isn’t an immediate response then it was true. The agent might not care, but if I was that player I wouldn’t let the team bash me like that.

  11. Some people didn’t read the story, and I almost did the same thing before commenting. Allen said they offered Kirk a contract that was $53 million guaranteed and $72 million guaranteed for injury and never heard anything else back from Mike McCartny.

    If that wasn’t good enough and Kirk was serious about getting a long term deal done then McCartny/Kirk should have countered with a different offer and he didn’t.

    This is not a good sign. It’s very likely Kirk doesn’t want to tell anyone aka the fan base that he doesn’t want to be in D.C. long term but the truth is he doesn’t want to be.

    The Redskins are going to keep him as long as they can before he leaves. Maybe next year if they transition tag him another team will sign him to an offer sheet and the Redskins can match it, but maybe not. We’ll just have to see what happens.

  12. If the Redskins were waiting for Cousins to make the first move he should have asked for astronomical amount. On the other hand if George or Bruce Allen told me the sun rises in the east I’d be outside at dawn with a compass.

  13. Well, if they really want to keep him, that’s the way to make him want to stay- wait til the deadline passes & Tweet out s*** like that….
    It is hard to root for this team when management does this stuff.

  14. Why would you sign with a team that has spent the last 2 plus years showing no belief in your ability? Kirk is as good as gone and like most, I expect him to be playing for the 49ers next season. Bruce Allen and Dan Snyder are freaking clueless.

  15. cmonitsfunny says:
    Jul 17, 2017 4:35 PM
    How funny would it be if the two highest paid players in the NFL are Cousins & Carr…with no playoff wins between them.
    You’ll soon be able to add Stafford to that, and the playoff win total still stays the same…

  16. some brain washed fans see Kirk as more then has ever shown, he is a serviceable starter and likely will be for years to come, but if annual salary realy was only second to Carr hes goign to regret not taking it, that is unless its not the money he worried about

  17. Kirk Cousins won’t sign long term in Washington, but it’s not really Allen’s fault….. It’s Danny Snyders fault for the whole RGIII (aka RGme, aka RG knee, aka RG lookatme) debacle!!! Biggest slap in the face Cousins ever experienced and he CLEARLY hasn’t forgotten it.

  18. You know, he did hit 16 on blackjack twice.

    Their receivers are not as experienced (maybe not as good, time will tell), but if you keep rolling the dice, you will lose eventually.

    Even if he gets hurt or has a bad year, he will still get paid 40 mil for 2 years. Any way you look at it, he maximized his pay, considering what was in front of him (RG3 mania) and the round he was drafted in.

    One thing is clear. He might have maximized the cash but he is bitter about the process. He got treated like everyone else in the NFL and elite-ish QB’s want to be treated as such.

  19. “If this is true, it makes it crystal clear what many already felt was true – Cousins has zero interest in staying in Washington long term and wants out ASAP…”

    Yup. For those outside the DC area, there are two all sports radio stations here. One is WTEM (AM 980) and is owned by Dan Snyder. It is pretty Snyder propaganda. The other is WJFK (106.7) and is vocally anti-Snyder. Cousins does his weekly show on the anti-Snyder station. That should tell you something.

  20. bruce allen gave a description of a contract offer which highlighted the parts the team wants the public to know. he omitted many other details, which surely didn’t paint the offer in the same light.

    and he then completely threw any chance of a positive workiing relationship with his starting qb by throwing him under the bus.

    born on third base and thinks he hit a triple….

  21. The more and more I hear about this, the more and more I think it’s about the Skins don’t really want him, and he doesn’t really want to be there. Play out the year, stay healthy, go somewhere else next year. Not the 9ers though, he will be a Jaguar next year and the highest paid QB.

  22. That does not sound like Mike McCartney Cousin’s agent. He is one of the best agents with a very good rep. I wouldn’t bet against him…
    I think I might bet that Snyder is not being totally accurate.

  23. Cousins’s offer is “I’ll hang out here for one last season before Terrelle & I cut out for San Fran. So long and thanks for all the dough.”

  24. His career win loss is 19-21-1. Granted he’s only started for two years, but his record as starter is 9-7 and 8-7-1. He’s 0-2 in the playoffs (0-1 as a starter in which they got thumped by Green Bay at home). With this year he’ll have made over $43 million in the last 2 years for being average in terms of win loss and frankly that’s what a qb is paid for, winning and being money in the clutch. I don’t blame management for not paying this guy long term but tagging him just keeps hurting the team because the agents see that as the floor. I’ll also never blame a player for leveraging his position. It’s not Cousins’ fault there are dumb owners who give ridiculous contracts to average quarterbacks. The ante only goes up more next year. Trade him and get something and let the buyer suffer.

  25. Everyone knows Bruce Allen is a politician and a snake in the football business. You cannot trust him. Dan Snyder is a jock sniffer. Loves players who he thinks will make him money. Bruce knows how to shift blame on anyone and everyone. He will give titles to employees and then make every big decision and fire them if things go south. He has never met anyone like Kirk Cousins. Kirk has observed both of these clowns for 5 years and will not acquiesce to mediocrity regardless the price.
    The problem both Bruce and Dan face is the players on the team love him. He is a leader in every way. They will try to portray Kirk as a guy who just doesn’t like his teammates or D.C. He just wants out. I believe it couldn’t be further from the truth. He wants an organization he can trust more than money.

  26. If he gets franchised again next year, he’ll have made something like $77 million over 3 years. As it stands now, he’s made $43 million over last season and this one with the ability (if he isn’t tagged again next year) to then sign for the $52 million guaranteed, so why would he sign a contract that guarantees him less now?

  27. If the Redskins management had any sense at all they would have traded Cousins for whatever they could gotten. Realistically Washington has no chance of a deep playoff run this season with a bunch of inexperienced WRs (other than Crowder) and RBs. Why not trade Cousins and improve their draft position for next year?

  28. Let him go to the Niners. 49er fans swear he’s the next Joe Montana. They don’t realize they don’t have a Jerry Rice/John Taylor tandem to haul in passes. And after giving him $27M+/yr, they won’t be able to afford any decent WR’s, either.

  29. If Snyder wanted Cousins, he would have backed up the Brinks truck as we’ve seen before with players he covets. Guys like Snyder don’t change.
    We can conclude, therefore, that Snyder is lukewarm at best on Cousins and that is the sticking point on the deal. I would imagine he’s still trying to figure out what went wrong with Griffin.

  30. For those of you who on one side want to see the actual offer and then think it destroys the relationship if he were to do such a thing, you can”t have both. If the offer is what Allen says it was, then it sounds like a decent offer, perhaps to start a discussion. The fact they heard nothing confirms my thoughts all along that Cousins did not want to be here long term. His reasoning precedes him starting and probably goes back to the whole RGIII fiasco. If that’s the case, it probably was never going to happen without a deal that would have put them in a terrible cap situation for years to come. If that is the case, it’s hard to argue with the Skins starting to plan for the future and drafting a QB next season while bringing in a veteran to run the team until said 1st round QB is ready.

  31. People throw around Cousins’ win loss record around without any thought of what the real stats are.

    His career win loss is 19-21-1 does not factor in that he saved his first relief in 2012 – he won the game – that is 20 wins. He did the same in 2014 in a victory that he won, so that is 21 wins.

    Those are two wins that he should get credit for since he beat the eventual super bowl champion the first time out (the Redskins were losing until he came in) and he put up nice numbers in the three quarters he played in that 2014 game.

    Cousins is not perfect, but most of you are so off base with your attacks – he ranks in the top 5 last year in over 20 and over 5o yard passes – he had a strong ability to drive 80 plus yards and did it repeatedly for touchdowns. Prior to him getting the full-time start in 2015, the Redskins were a notorious 3 and out team; he reversed that trend.

    If you will look at Drew Brees in his first two years as a starter, you will see how close Cousins is to him in career path.

  32. Never should have signed rg3 5 yr tender. Could have had cousins at 16 mill a yr for 4, 5 yrs as the lead qb, plus a guarantee. Synder to blame. He is the reason for the black cloud.

  33. How can you tell Bruce is lying?
    His lips are moving!!

  34. The NewYork Jets will have over 70 mill in cap space next year in FA… Kirk Cousins welcome to the New York Jets Baby….

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