DeAngelo Williams just can’t stop talking about the Panthers

Getty Images

DeAngelo Williams hasn’t been able to stop talking about the Carolina Panthers ever since they broke up with him in 2014.

So it stands to reason he’s getting his licks in now with the firing of General Manager Dave Gettleman.

Williams, who recently identified the Panthers as one of the teams he would not play for, took that back Monday afternoon via Twitter.

Of course, the one thing Williams isn’t considering at the moment is the Panthers don’t really want him back, either.

Gettleman wasn’t the only one in the organization who was a little tired of the kind of look-at-me/why-are-you-looking-at-me act Williams had created. And coupled with his age and admitted lack of commitment to physical fitness in his latter years, it’s hard to imagine the Panthers inviting him back anyway.

Plus, they just used another first-round pick on running back Christian McCaffrey to pair with Jonathan Stewart, so they didn’t need him anyway. And that’s without Williams using Twitter as his personal version of The Denise Show.