Justin Blackmon turns up at an Oklahoma football camp


Former Jaguars first-rounder Justin Blackmon made a rare public appearance, and it wasn’t even at a courthouse.

The former Oklahoma State star turned up at a football camp in his hometown of Ardmore, Oklahoma, according to Mark Cooper of the Tulsa World.

He worked with kids and took pictures and signed autographs, but declined interview requests. He didn’t comment the last time anyone saw him out, which was at a court hearing for his second DUI.

He’s currently serving an indefinite suspension from the NFL for multiple violations of the league’s substance abuse policy, and the Jaguars don’t really expect him to ever attempt a comeback. He hasn’t been on a field for nearly four years, and has kept a low profile ever since.

The former No. 5 overall pick was a phenomenal talent, and some former teammates still think of him and remember the talent he once flashed.

That’s probably never going to come to pass at this stage, however, leaving him as one of the great “what might have been” stories of recent years.

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  1. I think Shorts is right. When he was playing he was one of the five most dangerous WRs in the game. As I remember it, he was never a ‘diva’ either. He just played hard and made incredible plays. Too bad he threw his career away.

  2. Heard of and read many articles about how fat and out of shape hes gotten… he might not be in NFL shape right now, but hes def not fat. Just the media being the media… still a shame to walk away the way he did…

  3. Never too late to try and get your life back on track. This site can be so negative at times, and people love when they smell blood in water, but it sounds like this young man is trying to do some good things. Good for him!

  4. It is a shame we will never really know how great Blackmon could have been.

    He was one of the two or three most dominant college receivers in the past decade.

    And in less than two seasons on a terrible team, Blackmon flashed dominance on the NFL level.

  5. Whenever I hear of Josh Gordon or a suspension, I always think of Justin Blackmon. He flashed elite talent and all, but hopefully he used some of that NFL cash to get on track. It’s a good sign for him to show up at a hometown football camp, be all about the camp, and not give into the interview requests at this point in time.

  6. From what I’ve read, no one demanded accountability from him at Oklahoma State. That’s where it started.
    Good lesson for GMs who draft guys from these colleges where rules for athletes are not enforced.

  7. Player A: 20 games. 93 catches, 1,280 yards, 6 TDs
    Player B: 13 games. 14 catches, 154 yards, 1 TD

    Player A is Justin Blackmon.
    Player B is RJay Soward.

    So, at least Justin isn’t the worst 1st round receiving bust in franchise history.

  8. Was he a child molester? If not why hate on him getting his affairs in order and trying to give back to the community? Because you had an alcohol problem means you are a danger to kids after being presumably clean?

  9. Edelman, Julio, Dez, Brown, Green, are all better. No way Blackmon would have been top 5.

  10. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    Jul 17, 2017 11:28 AM
    Edelman, Julio, Dez, Brown, Green, are all better. No way Blackmon would have been top 5.


    You lost me at “Edelman”.

  11. murphyslaw40 says:
    Jul 17, 2017 11:31 AM
    patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    Jul 17, 2017 11:28 AM
    Edelman, Julio, Dez, Brown, Green, are all better. No way Blackmon would have been top 5.


    You lost me at “Edelman


    Did you watch SB 49 and SB 51?

  12. 2 games out of 3 years makes him top 5? Um, no. Don’t get me wrong, I like Edelman… but your list is weak.

    Julio, Antonio, Odell, AJ and then a bunch at five (Jordy, De’Andre, Allen Robinson, Fitzgerald, Mike Evans, Dez).

    Edelman doesn’t crack that top 10, but I’d agree with the original guy that a focused/healthy Blackmon is. Dude was that good.

  13. Sad and cautionary tale of what substance abuse, in this case alcohol, can do to anyone’s life. There are people in this world who, unbeknownst to them, should plain and simply never touch alcohol and Blackmon was basically doomed from the day he took his first drink. Truly tragic.

  14. People refer to this guy as a knucklehead and a fool but the truth is he has a problem, he’s an addict who needed help. Hopefully he is getting it and he makes a better life for himself.

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