Michael Irvin wants an MMA fight

Getty Images

Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin is 51 years old, but the competitive juices are still flowing.

Irvin told TMZ that he’s been training in mixed martial arts and would like to see if he can book an actual fight, not just a sparring session, although his wife is begging him not to.

“I train MMA. I want to do it,” Irvin said. “I actually wouldn’t mind getting in and having a fight. Oh, my God, I would love to take a fight. What I wish they would do is maybe do some amateur MMA fighting, celebrity-style.”

A celebrity MMA tournament would probably draw good ratings. FOX once aired a celebrity boxing event that drew 15.5 million viewers. Irvin could even fight his former Cowboys teammate Herschel Walker, who would be the favorite because he’s already had two pro MMA fights, but who’s older than Irvin at 55.

If Irvin is serious about it, it’s safe to say there are going to be some fight promoters willing to make him an offer.