Michael Vick: Colin Kaepernick’s problem is his play, not his protest


Former NFL quarterback Michael Vick does not believe Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protest is the reason he’s currently out of the NFL.

Vick told Jason Whitlock on FS1 that he thinks the real reason Kaepernick can’t find a team to sign him is that Kaepernick didn’t play well enough in the last two years, as well as that teams are looking more for a pocket passer than a mobile quarterback like Kaepernick is (and like Vick was).

“It has nothing to do with him being blackballed,” Vick said. “The gesture that he made last year when he took the stand to do what he did, listen, we all appreciated it, we respected it, and it was a good thing. I really think the stand that he took has nothing to do with him not having a job playing in the National Football League right now. And being frank, Colin didn’t have the best two years his last two seasons. It wasn’t as productive as what we’ve seen him do. And maybe it was due to coaching changes and musical chairs in the positions around him and players, but I think in terms of him getting back on the field, it’s going to have to be a team that suits his skill set and what he does well: mobility inside and outside of the pocket, making plays with his feet, maybe a little bit of the wildcat — whatever they want to call it — mixed in, but it has to be some kind of scheme that helps Kaepernick and that team in terms of productivity. Any other type of offense I don’t think will help him right now because it’s going to take him so long to adjust and learn the system, protections, blitzes, what to look for, receivers, that type of camaraderie doesn’t happen overnight.”

Vick did say he’s surprised no team is willing to give Kaepernick a shot as a backup, and he doesn’t doubt Kaepernick’s commitment to football. But Vick also thinks Kaepernick may lack what teams are looking for in their quarterbacks.

“We don’t know his commitment, his dedication to the game right now. Unless you talk to Colin personally, you probably won’t know. I still think his heart is in football. He’s fairly young,” Vick said. “He still has football left in him, but it’s still predicated on what teams want in the quarterback position.”

With training camps opening soon, there still hasn’t been a team to step forward and say Kaepernick has what it wants in a quarterback, even in a backup quarterback.

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  1. Thank you, Michael Vick, for being the voice of reason.

    Every time I typed that sentence, it was getting auto-corrected!

  2. Vick is correct, but the protest does have something to do with it. There will be some backlash from fans in some cities that owners don’t want to deal with, such as NY, especially for a below average QB!

  3. Thanks Mike for adding a little logic to this discussion. He’s exactly right. Kaep put up numbers that would make Tebow blush. He’s really not a very good passer. I know you supporters say he can throw the ball a mile, but so could JaMarcus Russell. So what?
    Kaep took a year and a day to make his reads, and looked down every receiver from the snap until he FINALLY let the ball go.

  4. Vick surely knows what he’s talking about since Ron Mexico throughout his career was the epitome of below-average play at the QB position.

  5. That’s an expert opinion. He’s the perfect example of someone whose off-the-field actions were horrific, but was given another chance because he could add on the field. Crapernick can’t. He’s a horrible football player.

  6. Sorry, but that whole argument isn’t holding any water. If all the owners and GMs in the league honestly believed Kaepernick wasn’t a good QB, at least 10 teams would have offered Jim Harbaugh $25 million a year to coach their team. After all, Kaepernick was a championship QB under Harbaugh. This is an example of how racism persists in our society. All the race based discrimination is explained away with some other excuse, but we’re seeing that they’re just afraid to come out and say it. They don’t like Kap because he stuck up for black people who were being murdered in cold blood. A lot of people are okay with the killing of black folks, but they won’t say it in public. They lie about disrespecting the flag. Most of those people don’t even understand our constitution. They couldn’t give a hoot about the flag. Now they’re saying he can’t play football, and that’s the reason he’s not on a team. Lie after lie, the message is clear. Don’t stick up for black folks. Martin Luther King tried it too. We saw how that ended. Nobody’s fooling anybody. There are just a lot of cowards out there. Colin Kaepernick has more courage than most of you cowards do combined.

  7. If only he had grown up in the same area as Mike Tomlin. He would be the Steelers backup.

  8. Kap should have murdered hundreds of innocent dogs, gone to prison then issue some lame apology. He’d have a job right now.

  9. If you go back and read Steve Young’s comments, he basically said the same thing. Kap is a 1-read-and-run QB, plain and simple. Most teams are trying to get away from that, it’s just not that effective. When you combine that with the backlash on his protest, he just isn’t worth it for teams.

  10. Michael Vick is right.

    If you compare his Harbaugh days and after, you see that sharp decline in his play, in his physique and in his attitude on the field. Its really obvious and impossible to deny.

  11. He is being blackballed.

    Kaepernick is one of the greatest football players I’ve ever seen.

    He lead the 49ers to within striking distance against the dominant Ravens and Seahawks with his mobility and ability to slice defenses like swiss cheese.

  12. Remember when Kaep ran all over that Roid Head Clay Mathews and the PAck to get the the SB a few years ago?

    Boy that seems like a LONG time ago now.

    If Kaep had enough NFL level QB skill to read beyond the primary option in the route tree in any given play, he’d be at least a back up by now

  13. The quarterback position is evolving. Kap is/has not. That is his problem and why he currently isn’t signed. I never thought I’d ever agree with anything Michael Vick has to say but he’s essentially spot on.

  14. I’m not a Kap fan, but I think he’s a mediocre QB because he runs both hot and cold. And that’s part of the problem. I sincerely believe if he’s placed into a game he may run hot and then POOF, there’s a QB controversy (mainly because of his former status, many fans will believe he’s always going to look that good).

    Then the next week he’ll run cold and look like a schmuck, and the fans won’t be able to wait until the starter gets healthy, or worse, call for the 3rd string QB to play.

    The protest, the insults made against police, yes, those play a pretty big role in him being unsigned. Like I’ve said before, the NFL sells patriotism and support of the police. It’s part of the NFL culture and Kap picked a fight that unless he was a star, wasn’t going to win.

  15. vancouversportsbro says:
    Jul 17, 2017 6:49 PM
    He is being blackballed.

    Kaepernick is one of the greatest football players I’ve ever seen.

    He lead the 49ers to within striking distance against the dominant Ravens and Seahawks with his mobility and ability to slice defenses like swiss cheese.


    It appears you live in Canada, which explains why you think Kap is one of the greatest players you’ve ever seen. The CFL is one step above Arena League Football.
    And he was never a great QB. He was a track star playing QB. And he’s dumber than a box of rocks, which is why they had to dumb down the offense for him.
    Read what Steve young said about him. He was a one read and go QB.

  16. He’d be an upgrade over Bortles. No reason Jacksonville shouldn’t sign him in case Bortles implodes like he did last year. He’d make that offense extremely interesting.

  17. When you have to change your entire playbook to accommodate a back up QB you will fail.

  18. Alrighty mikey thank you.

    The idiotic protest is only 25% of it
    The other 75% is real simple he SUCKS.

    He had one good year & once defensive coordinators got their hands on that 1 year of film the party was OVER for him period .
    Please do not try to tell me any different the proof is in the years that followed.

  19. What’s going to be hilarious, here in this very comment section(it’s already happened!) is the “you’re a racist” crowd are going to point how Colin is blackballed because how does a guy get a job after beating dogs for sport, when in reality, this actually proved the crowds point in the other side of the fence. Michael Vick, fresh out of freaking prison, was still a better QB than Kap the past 2 seasons. See, the thing was, Vick WAS the offense for every team he started for. It flowed through him. That is a special talent. That is not Kap. Kap needs an offense tailored to him. There are roughly 6 teams in the NFL that are built to insert him into the starting line-up, wether from day 1 or in relief of the starter. Look no further than Terelle Pryor. Was he blackballed? He was just as electric as Kap. Now I hear he’s playing WR for some team, making money, oh yeah, and he’s a terrible human being. Geeze, you’d think these supposed drum-bangers would know that.

  20. It looks like Michael Vick is caping for a gig in TV or radio so he must tell these “people” what they want to hear! Just a few years ago, these same “people” supporting this unsubstantiated and idiotic theory on Kaepernick were ready to give him the death penalty for fighting dogs but when he agrees with this fraudulent theory (which does not support the facts of his QB statistics and has been proven to be total B.S.) all of a sudden, he’s their best friend! No Mike, dogs are their best friends and people who look like you have less value than them! Mike, take a tip from Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe: They like you for what you do, not who you are! But some of us insist on still being a part of the NFL minstrel show!

  21. @vegaskid21.

    Exactly. Its a amazing how many people perceived this as a race situation. Not realizing he costing some owner a good amount of money, no brainer.

  22. All the moron owners in the NFL are blackballing a very talented QB. What do these rich clowns know they voted for that moron Trump so they have more tax shelters. Pathetic!

  23. Michael Vick is a despicable sack of excrement. Colin Kaepernick is an adequate backup QB who is being BLACKBALLED for taking a completely proper social stand.

    Too many people in America die at the hands of police officers. A RIDICULOUS NUMBER of citizens die at the hands of police officers in the U.S. North Korea doesn’t kill as many of its citizens as do American police officers, each year. This State sponsored killing of persons who have not been brought to trial HAS GOT TO STOP.

  24. Kap was good until there was enough game tape to prepare for him. Similar situation with RG3.

    Good coaches constantly adapt to the evolving defenses.

    Kap was lost without Harbaugh and the constant coaching turnover doomed him. It’s his own fault though, we all have to take responsibility for ourselves.

    Add in his extracurricular distractions and it became a perfect storm for his demise.

    NFL teams want QB’s who prioritize their football development. Kap didn’t and he stalled, he didn’t grow, and in fact, regressed. There are too many QB’s coming out of college or journeyman back-ups waiting for their shot at a starting job for anyone to sit idle on their job.

  25. If we throw out Kap’s rookie year (5 attempts) and we throw out Vick’s 1st and 3rd years (213 combined attempts)… just going on their first 3 real years.

    Player A: 626/1129 (55.4%), 7661 yards, 45 TD/33 INT
    Player B: 668/1112 (60.7%), 8380 yards, 50 TD/21 INT

    Harbaugh left after Kap’s 3rd real year, Vick went to prison after his 4th real year.

  26. Protests aside, Kap played well UNTIL the defenses adjusted to his style of play, He has a strong arm with no touch and average accuracy. Take away his scrambling ability and he is limited in what he can do.

    Just a back-up QB that also brings controversy. What employer is desperate enough to hire him?

  27. It’s his protest not his play. Giants owner Jim Mara admitted it. Why is anyone trying to refute this this? What’s more surprising is the people who admit they will boycott the NFL if he plays being angry that pundits mention fan backlash because he protested a racially charged issue.
    The only thing that would have kept him in the league was a 40td 5000 yard season and he didn’t have that. Now the NFL has to decide is a struggling starter/solid backup worth losing billions of $$$ over. The answer is no.

  28. There’s about a dozen performing better. There’s plenty of teams that should want him improving their QB position.

  29. I don’t think its the actual taking a knee which is stopping him from getting work. It’s all the other crazy hateful stuff he does and retweets.

  30. I would like to hear a recording as proof that Michael Vick said all this. Anyone who has followed his career knows he doesn’t speak like this.

  31. NFL owners like to make money, NFL owners make money by winning.

    Except for one year Kap is not a winner (and be honest, they won because of the coach, not the QB).

    Kap is unemployed because he will not accept a backup position. The NFL is better with out him

  32. Colin started the dialogue and now needs to step it up a notch. He should run for a political platform where he can filibuster the topic. Or, he can join the police force and make it better.

  33. Professional sports are entertainment. CK is toxic with his political stunts on the field. He is also a mediocre (at best) quarterback with a highly specialized playing style. Tebow also had a highly specialized playing style although he was a fan favorite (to most) with his enthusiasm. Highly specialized playing style + mediocre + toxic political stunts = out of football

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