Whatever they do, Panthers will need to do it quickly

Getty Images

On Monday, the Panthers fired their General Manager. In nine days, they open training camp.

This makes time of something more than the essence. The Panthers need to expedite the process of hiring a new G.M. The time frame suggests that the team already knows what it plans to do. (And if the team doesn’t, it should.)

Along the way, Carolina will be required to comply with the Rooney Rule, which necessarily (and properly) slows down a process that in this specific case shouldn’t be slowed down at all. Which means it should have happened a while ago or not until after the coming season.

Meanwhile several players are hoping for new contracts, like linebacker Thomas Davis and tight end Greg Olsen. As noted by agent Drew Rosenhaus during a recent PFT Live podcast, Olsen hasn’t decided whether he’ll hold out in order to get a new contract. If Olsen is seriously considering the possibility, there won’t be any meaningful discussions in the coming days unless the Panthers move very quickly to replace Gettleman.

As bizarre situations go, this one ranks near the top. The only thing that would make it more bizarre would be the absence of a clear plan as to who will be hired to replace the man who was fired less than 10 days before the opening of training camp.