Bruce Allen seemingly referred to Kirk Cousins as “Kurt” five times in statement


As team president of the Washington Redskins, it would stand to reason that Bruce Allen would know the name of the team’s starting quarterback.

However, in reading a statement to announce they had not reached an agreement with Kirk Cousins on a long-term contract ahead of Monday’s franchise tag deadline, Allen appeared to mispronounce Cousins’ first name on multiple occasions. Allen seemingly called him “Kurt” five separate times during the reading of the statement.

Was Allen trying to pull a version of the “cat game” from Super Troopers? Does he think his quarterback is actually named Kurt? Is he just unable to pronounce Kirk?

A team spokesman told John Keim of that Allen “sounded that way because of the Redskins president’s accent.

The statement itself was already a weak effort to turn public sentiment against Cousins and put sparkles on a contract offer that Cousins had no business entertaining. If Allen wasn’t a victim of his accent and was instead trying to be cute regarding his pronunciation of Cousins’ name, it’s another poor look for a franchise that seems to specialize in them.

Either way, Washington might want to find a different way to conduct their business right about meow.

32 responses to “Bruce Allen seemingly referred to Kirk Cousins as “Kurt” five times in statement

  1. Intentionally insulting your starting QB while childishly attempting to mislead the public illustrates the current state of the Washington franchise. The deal the team offered had $29 million in new guaranteed money and no security for Cousins beyond 2018! The “offer” was an invitation to leave! Allen tried to “put lipstick on a pig” and call it a great deal that an avaricious player didn’t counter. Negotiating in public is always a bad look but this time it painted a picture of a franchise in disarray. The more incredible part of the story is how Daniel Snyder is allowing Allen to tear apart the franchise fan base.

  2. It’s because Bruce Allen is all sorts of incompetent when it comes to PR. He was brought in partially on nostalgia for his dad and partially for his “cap savvy.” He shouldn’t be a GM and really shouldn’t be in front of a mic.

  3. He called him Curt. Idiot. You should trade him because he will never sign with you in FA

  4. Slooooow days for NFL news. The media is upset that there were no blockbuster deals before the tag deadline.

    Quick…. who’s entering the draft next year who also has character issues? Can never start the pre-draft witch hunts too early.

  5. Bruce Allen is a fool. I doubt he’s clever enough to mispronounce Cousins’ name intentionally. Just when the Redskins seem to make some positive strides forward, Snyder lets this clown step up and ruin it.

  6. Bruce Allen is smart and tough. He wont cave in and over pay Kirk Cousins. So Cousins will leave after the season, and the Redskins will go back to their natural state:
    6-10 in perpetuity.

    The rest of the NFC East is a big supporter of Bruce Allen. Go Bruce.

  7. The only thing this team has really achieved lately is the right to call themselves the “Redskin” and they had nothing to do with that court decision. Probably would have screwed that up anyway.

    This franchise is a sad shadow of it’s former self. feel sorry for Coach Gruden.

  8. Allen did say Cousins was far better than past QBs Rondel Gryffindor IV, Damian McNabe and Rox Grixman and a clear stepup from current backup Cole McCay.

  9. This whole sorry situation doesn’t even rise to the level of pathetic – it’s just plain sad, especially given the history of this franchise.

  10. This did not do much to help Brice Ellen’s reputation for being a bit of a teetotaler. Sounds like the tame speakeasyman came up with a Spiceresque excuse that would have made Ronald Rump proud. MASN’s Jhon Dime has a tough job, Manuel Snider’s team cannot be easy to cover.

    And in 2018, I am sure Smirk Muzzins will have the last laugh when he hits the open market.

  11. I know guys named Kirk and guys named Kurt. When I see them, I have to consciously rehearse what the guy’s name is before I say it. There’s something about that name.

  12. The Phantom Stranger says:
    Jul 18, 2017 11:24 AM
    I know guys named Kirk and guys named Kurt. When I see them, I have to consciously rehearse what the guy’s name is before I say it. There’s something about that name.


    This isn’t a case of someone’s mom accidentally using the name Mark to refer to the kid neighbor who’s actual name is Mike. It’s the team president … and the team’s QB. Allen should know the guy’s name. Pretty much illustrates how disconnected this guy is from what’s going on with his team.

  13. This reminds me of the frequently told story of the 6th round QB from Michigan who walked up to team owner Robert Kraft and said ……

    And you all know how that turned out.

  14. When you consider how “Kurt” was treated during the “RGMe” years and how the team has hesitated to commit to him, Cousins must want to get away from Snyder in the worst way. If he is simply competent this year, teams will be lining up for him next offseason. #lastyearasaredskin

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