Ike Taylor: “Strong possibility” Le’Veon Bell will hold out

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Former Steelers cornerback and current NFL Network analyst Ike Taylor knows Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell well. And Ike seems to know Bell well enough to know what he is thinking about doing when training camp opens for the Steelers.

Appearing Wednesday night on Total Access, Taylor said there’s a “strong possibility” Bell will hold out.

Taylor added that Bell wants to be paid like a No. 1 running back and a No. 2 receiver combined, given that Bell finished second on the team last year in receptions and receiving yards. Taylor also seemed to suggest what it would have taken to get a deal done; by saying that the team should offer Bell $3 million more per year and given that the team’s last offer reportedly averaged $12 million annually, it looks like Bell wants exactly what he suggested he wanted in a rap song last summer: $15 million per year.

Although the Steelers and Bell currently can’t sign a long-term deal until after the regular season ends, the Steelers can offer Bell more than his current $12.1 million franchise tender on a one-year deal. So they could still, if they want, increase the tender to $15 million — and Bell has every right to stay away until they do.

Indeed, he can stay away until only days before the start of the regular season, and still get his $12.1 million. The only question is whether the Steelers would become exasperated and decide to assign the duties of No. 1 running back (and No. 2 receiver) to someone else.

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  1. Is Bell worth the headaches he’s caused, is causing and will cause the Steelers organization?

    Dunno the answer to this one. Time will tell.

    Also, wasn’t he the guy who said the Steelers would have beat the Patriots if he’d been healthy?

    I do know what I think about that one.

  2. Bell is the MVP of all offensive players outside of the top tier QB’s.

    If the Steelers rescind, he will get his money from someone. 3 years and 45 mil will be done by whichever city he decides to fly to.

    The guy is amazing to watch. No one plays like he does.

    I may have been born in Pittsburgh but I’m a Giant fan for life (that irks all those I meet out there, including 100 plus relatives).

    Any contender will make the cap space.

  3. Bell is great, no doubt about it, but RB’s just don’t get that kind of $. Add in his suspensions, and injury’s, it’s just too much to expect from most teams, let alone the S

  4. The highest paid RB with a contract is LeSean McCoy at 8 million a year. Bell is very good (when he can stay on the field), but no RB in today’s NFL is worth 15.

  5. ….let alone the Steelers. They don’t usually give out big contracts, and they drafted Conner. I’d guess Bell play’s his last season this year with the Steelers, and looks for a HUGE payday with a team with a ton of cap space next season. Perhaps the 49’ers, Brown’s or Jag’s.

  6. The guy has missed 14 games in the past 2 seasons. Almost a full season. He is consistantly absent when his team needs him the most (AFC Championship game). He’s making 12 mil this year. Way more than most RB’s. Yet he may hold out. This dude is a drug addict diva who is like a shooting star. Here one second. Gone the next. Pitt would be wise to rally around somebody else.

  7. Like if you think weed should be legal… It beats out giving the players pain pills that make them physically addicted. What harm does smoking devils lettuce do?

  8. That’s a tough pickle to be in. His skill set deems the pay increase, but his injury history is a cause for pause. If I’m the Steelers, I pay him. He’s too much of a game changer and he makes the game easier for Big Ben.

  9. He is a good systems back but no way worth the money he is asking for. Steelers always have a good running game. They will find someone to plug, replace and not miss much. This clown is asking for way too much.

  10. c’mon bell i have you in my keeper league quit being so selfish think of other people and what really matters, fantasy football!…… jk but in all honesty the steelers need to lock him up, his patience running the ball along w/ his ability pass game is elite and fun to watch as long as its not against my favorite team.

  11. Such a selfish little p.o.s. Just play the game and quit being such a jag off. Enough to make ya sick

  12. RBs have short careers and can’t afford to miss one year, especially not a franchise tagged year. A QB can, not a player with the shortest remaining shelf life.

  13. If he performs well this year and won’t come down next summer during negotiations, tag him in 2018 and pay the increased amount (still less than what he was apparently asking for). No long-term risk incurred. After 2018, if he doesn’t come down, let him walk and have another team take on the burden of paying top RB + 2 WR money.

    At that point, Roethlisberger’s retirement will likely be imminent. Barring the Steelers finding some diamond-in-the-rough QB in the next 2 drafts, they’re going to have to rebuild their offense at that point, anyhow. Unless you can argue that having a guy like Bell would significantly ease the transition of a new QB AND that it’s worth giving him an albatross of a contract to do that, I don’t see how it’s worth it to the Steelers. All of this is ignoring Bell’s existing suspension history and wear-and-tear.

    Not saying that Bell doesn’t deserve to get paid well — there’s a team out there that’ll do it. Just don’t see how it makes sense in this scenario for the Steelers.

  14. Saw this clown on the nfl network last night and not only did he look ridiculous with what he was wearing, his opinion that Zeke Elliot wouldn’t be a distraction to the team due to all his off field antics was so bizarre and nonsensical the look from Willie Mcginest was priceless , his reason,the Dallas Cowboys offensive line. Ahhhh ok……

  15. Bells a fool and who believes Ike Taylor. Give me $12 million this fall and I’ll come to camp with BELLS on.

  16. Lol good luck getting that money the Steelers would be insane to crack and give up the extra 3 mil

    And players who hold out through camp always seem to get injured at a far higher rate than those who were in camp getting proper strength and conditioning program so good luck withthat one too. Lifting on your own does not get the same results

  17. Ike was dressed to win Pimp of the Year…as long as nobody else shows up with goldfish in their shoes…

  18. Young and stupid is a hell of a bad combo. Add greed to the mix and given his history of injury and love of the wacky weed, I don’t foresee a very sustainable outcome for Mr. Bell.

  19. Lol…. 12 million & highest paid RB in NFL BY FAR….
    Usually hurt or suspended…..NOT THE SHARPEST KNOFE IN THE DRAWER IS HE??!!
    You hold out…..Show us all how that helps you play at your optimal level of ability….BRILLIANT!!!

  20. Bell has missed 30% of the games since being drafted by the Steelers. They should ride Bell for this year and most likely next and then look to replace him. the Steelers are smart to not tie up too much money past 2018 in Bell as it most likely will be dead money against the salary cap.

  21. If the Steelers don’t sign Bell in 2018 they should receive a very high compensation pick in the following draft.

  22. No, they won’t assign #1 RB duties to someone else. That’s just dumb. He is the best RB in football and they are already on the hook for 12 mil. The Steelers are smart enough to know that he is their best option. And honestly, it’s best for the team that he stays away and avoids taking hits in training camp/preseason. It may have bad optics, but in reality, it’s better in the long run.

  23. Let him sit out. When it is time to come back to work because he doesn’t want to miss any paychecks make sure security has changed all the pass codes to get into the building so he’s locked out.

    Then of course fine him for not being there. That is what he deserves.

  24. Bell is a fool for turning down the Steelers last contract offer. They were willing make him easily the top paid RB in the league and he turned it down. Whoever told him not to take that deal is not looking out for his best interests.

  25. Is this day and age positions are relatively meaningless (other than QB, LT) because everyone is so multifaceted and game plans put people in different spots to succeed in different weeks. The tag numbers are really outdated at this point.

    The dude can straight ball (when he is actually on the field); I don’t blame him for trying to get his, but I also don’t blame the team of being weary. They have talent all over that offense with or without him.

  26. Rooneys arn’t coughing up 15 for Bell.

    Sets a bad expae for the rest of the team.

    John Connor the local hero will get a bulk of the reps in camp. I wouldnmt be suprised if they trade Bell.

  27. If I were an owner I would rather pay David Johnson than Le’veon Bell. At least he will play every game for you.

  28. Meanwhile, David Johnson is an actual WR who plays RB most of the time, but still uses motion to run WR1 and WR2 routes. When was the last time you saw Bell playing the WR1 or WR2 positions on a regular basis? It’s David Johnson who deserves $15m, and he will get it after Fitzgerald retires.

  29. Bell has yet to complete a full season. He doesn’t “deserve” anything until he can do that & help win a Lombardi. Until then, he should shut his mouth, sign his ridiculously over priced tender, & report to camp with his team. Sincerely, a life long Steelers fan.

  30. Bell and Johnson are 1&2 RBs and you can argue the order. They both should be paid as such, and that means that if McCoy is being paid $8mil they should get about $10mil. The position is simply not being paid the same as other positions and they need to accept the reality.

    Bell will hold out of camp, come in the second it would cost him money, play this year for the $12mil, and then scream like a little girl next spring when no one will pay him what he thinks he is worth.

  31. The Steelers do not make the playoffs without Bell last year. He was a key component in getting them there and earning the organization the extra millions that came with making the playoffs.

    Secondly…this isn’t a hold out. This is a negotiation. Bell has already fulfilled his rookie contract and there is a new 1 year contract the Steelers are offering for $12 million. If this were a holdout Bell would be getting fined for missing camp. Since he’s not under contract with ANY team he isn’t getting fined.

  32. thesteelhurtin says:
    Jul 20, 2017 9:11 AM
    And once again the Pats trolls show up. God can Brady retire so they all disappear again just like before him.


    Disappear is an interesting choice of words…… It’s what the Steelers do each time they play the Patriots!

  33. Simple solution; Just pull a Denver Bronco cap scam.

    Just pay him $187,500 after all 16 games this year in small unmarked bills, in a dark, deserted parking garage and by the end of the reg season, he’ll have his extra 3mil

    Simple. Denver did it. Why not Pittsburgh?

  34. This is a big reason why it’s smarter to have 2-3 good RB’s than 1 very highly paid feature back; in this case one with an inflated sense of his value.
    Bell is a great talent, without a doubt, but the fact is that the Steelers have been very successful without him on the field on many occasions.
    Maybe they need to go with Connor, Davis, and a possible FA pickup by or before training camp, and part company with Le’Veon Bell, unless he gets his head on straight very quickly? His situation is becoming more of a sideshow and distraction for a team with SB aspirations than it should be.

  35. As a patriots fan, I have a lot of respect for the steelers. If they accede to this clown, I will have significantly less respect for them. But hey, should they desire to pay one injury- and suspension-prone asshat $15m to get the same production the patriots will pay a couple guys $3m to get, I suppose I won’t complain.

  36. People need to get out of the mindset that no running back is worth that amount of money.

    He is not only the best running back in the league but he is probably a top 20 WR too. I don’t think what he is asking is out of the question. Look at the output when he returned. Averaged 21.25 carries per game and 6.75 catches per game, that’s 28 touches.

    People might say it sets a precedent for the player to be paid like two players but I argue isn’t that what Bell is doing?

  37. Can’t be ready for the rigors of the regular season by working out by yourself or in a 1 on 1 with another disgruntled player. If he sits out he’s only hurting his own chances for the big payday that he seems so determined to get. He’ll just get hurt again and end up a $12 million plank on that pine bench.

  38. Part time players shouldn’t get 15 million period. I am a Steelers fan. He was arrested and cost his team. Stay strong on this one Pitt.

  39. Split the difference, pay him $13.5M. He’s worth it. Add in a $5M bonus when he wins SB MVP.

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