Jay Cutler expected to call Bears’ Week One game

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What does Jay Cutler really think of his former team? We’ll find out in Week One.

FOX is planning to assign Cutler, along with Charles Davis and Kevin Burkhardt, to the Week One Bears-Falcons game. Cutler retired this offseason to work for FOX after 11 NFL seasons, the last eight of which were with the Bears.

Cutler is also expected to make his preseason debut calling a Bears game.

If he’s willing to be candid and honest, Cutler should have some good insights about his former teammates and coaches. Cutler didn’t always see eye-to-eye with everyone in Chicago, and that should make for more interesting commentary than a former player who only has positive things to say about his old team.

28 responses to “Jay Cutler expected to call Bears’ Week One game

  1. I’ve always wanted to try simulcasting on radio. This is a great time to try it out. Not interested in ANYTHING this loser has to say!

  2. The Falcons will destroy the Bears in that game, so Cutler should get plenty of opportunity to speak negatively about his former team.

  3. He certainly can relate to having defensive players smashing the QB into the ground. In know Clay Matthews said he is going to miss Jay.

  4. Bears squandered a good QB. Not great. Not by any means a HOFer but a good QB. Teams have won Superbowls with less talented QBs.

  5. I actually am optimistic Cutler will be a fair, and interesting announcer, but, I thought he’d be a successful QB too, so…….

  6. Media said jay was surly, I can’t wait to see him outperform them in the booth. Jay is funny and smart – qualities sorely missing in the fourth estate.

  7. I’m still disappointed that Florio hasn’t taken up Cutler’s plight and campaigned for his immediate inclusion on an NFL roster.
    Color me disillusioned.

  8. Well that should make what is a major mismatch somewhat interesting. What will Cutler say when Atlanta is throttling Chicago 34-6 in the early 4th quarter?

  9. And he’ll do it injured,while riding an exercise bike,all the while while looking totally uninterested.

  10. I thought he was a lousy teammate for throwing other players under the bus. He wasn’t likable as a player. I doubt he will be as a broadcaster.

  11. Oh the drama……who would’ve thought he would be assigned to call the Bears!?!?!?!

  12. The only thing that comes to mind when I hear the name jay cutler is how he quit in the NFC championship game against the pack. Just ride that bike jay no one will notice you aren’t in the game.

  13. Everyone seems to predict that this game will be a mismatch and blowout for the Falcons. Truth is we don’t know what either of these teams will look like next year plus this is the NFL. Add to that, the falcons got worse and will be dealing with the worst super bowl hangover ever and the bears are underdogs with nothing to lose.

    This game will be closer than you all think…..

  14. I find it unprofessional and unethical for any former player to call a game of his former team unless he’s been out of the game for 20 years.

    There is always bias – evidenced by Troy Barkman who is always biased in favor of the Dallas Rump Riders – and that clown – Phyllis Simms – who is biased in favor of the New York Nightmara Family Crime Syndicate when he can break away from a mirror or stop talking about himself.

  15. You would think broadcasting at that level would require even five seconds of experience.


  16. I always disliked that sourpuss face of his on the field…but that NFL apparel commercial….cant say I didnt laugh.

    I hope he’s a hit…’cause we need some better announcers.

  17. Fox Sports Executive: Hmmm, how in the hell can we get people to watch Bears games, they are terrible!

    Fox Sports Troll: I have a dastardly idea!!

  18. lingsun54 says:
    Jul 20, 2017 10:12 AM
    I thought he was a lousy teammate for throwing other players under the bus. He wasn’t likable as a player. I doubt he will be as a broadcaster.
    Hold on, don’t make something up to bolster your opinion of this falsehood.

    I have never heard him throw a teammate under the bus in his time as a Bear—EVEN after a teammate/former teammate did it to him, Brandon Marshall, Martellus Bennett, Antrelle Rolle. I could be wrong, but the google machine didn’t find anything but people slamming him when I fact checked.

    You can not like his “body language or facial expressions” and or think he will be a bad broadcaster, but he did NOT throw teammates under the bus.

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