Raiders, Gareon Conley talking

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Ideally, Raiders first-round cornerback Gareon Conley would know whether he’ll be charged with sexual assault before he signs a contract with the team. The ideal scenario may not be happening.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Raiders and Conley are talking. According to another source, Conley has still not learned whether he’ll face formal charges arising from an incident occurring in April.

The Raiders drafted Conley with full knowledge of the existence of the allegation. And the Raiders presumably assumed (or at least hoped) that the case would be closed (or that charges would be filed) before the opening of training camp. With eight days to go, that hasn’t happened.

So the question remains: Will the Raiders sign Conley before the case is resolved and, if so, what protections will they seek for a situation that they knew about when they made Conley the pick? The player has every right to hold firm with the position that he should get exactly what any other player would have gotten as the 24th pick in the draft. But the Raiders have every right to refuse to do that, and to move forward without him — until the team knows that he won’t be facing indictment, trial, and possibly conviction and incarceration.

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  1. They’ll probably spend the next 8 days playing a game of chicken against each other.

  2. Scenario 1: if as the Raiders expect, Conley isn’t charged then the pick looks like a brilliant pick up considering that the Raiders picked in the #24 spot and Conley was a projected top-10 pick before the alleged incident.

    Scenario 2: if Conley is charged then McKenzie and the Raiders will have egg all over their faces.

    I’m hoping for the first scenario.

  3. They should have passed on him or traded the pick. There were other CBs in the draft. Sorry, that was a massive mistake by Reggie and Co (and should cost him his job). We are 3 weeks away from first preseason game. Domestic violence or rape are not character flaws, they are felonies. You don’t rehab sex offenders on the field (other prisoners will do that to him while in general population).

  4. This is what I was afraid off. The legal system in this country is anything but speedy. Especially in cases like this where there is media coverage, attorneys drag things out. The longer things go the more they get paid. That and the fact that a sports league is involved, even if it’s just peripherally, seems to make things tend to take longer. This was a CB heavy draft. There were a lot of really good CBs to be had, even at where we were picking at 24. It all may still turn out to be fine but it all could have been avoided with a safer pick that most likely would have been a player that is just as good as Conley. I hope he’s eventually cleared and balls out for us, cuz we really need him and our 2nd rounder Obi Melifonwu to pan out for us to be in real contention for the Super Bowl this year. Raider Nation 4 Life!!!

  5. You took him knowing the risk… sign the man and deal with the aftermath later.

    You don’t pay him for missed games anyway.

  6. Its not looking good.. Conley’s ‘witnesses’ changed their stories…

    Can’t believe they drafted this guy after 3 years and no arrests! SMH

  7. I would imagine they’ve talked before, and will talk again too. People do that all the time. What they’re saying is what we really want to know.

  8. This is BS….months after the incident and no formal charges? Come on, sheet or get of the pot….I mean if they don’t even have enough to charge the guy by now then just drop it.

  9. jdubkc says:
    Jul 20, 2017 1:28 PM
    RAIDERS4LIFE-without parole. There, fixed.
    Sure, cause guys on the Chefs like Tyreek Hill are fine, upstanding citizens.

  10. If the Raiders are so good as a team, how is it they folded like cheap tents once Derek Carr got injured? They were not even competitive in the finale vs Denver with the Division and a bye week on the line, nor vs Houston in the Wildcard round. I seem to remember the Broncos having to play seven games with Brock Osweiler as the starter and going 5-2 on the way to a World Championship. That shows the Raiders are a fraud as they have no heart. They got fat on a last place schedule last season, and still couldn’t beat the Chiefs if their lives depended on it. OVER-RATED!!!

  11. milehighcityboss says:
    Jul 20, 2017 11:23 AM

    Wasted pick, Conley will be a bust. The raiders defense will be trash again


    Fortunately the Raiders offense with a healthy Carr should again be able to overcome their deficiencies on defense.

    On the other hand, the overrated broncos defense won’t be nearly enough to overcome the fact that they have scrubs at the QB position.

  12. I find a lot of these raiders comments funny on here. if they had nothing on conley. they would’ve cleared him by now`
    their has been to many inconsistent stories from conley and the witnesses in the room. when this 1st happened his lawyer said conley and his accuser to nothing at all. then his lawyer came out and said conley changed his story to they had some kind of sexual contact that night. plus the witnesses didn’t help with 2 different stories. the fact it’s taking so long. makes me think he’s gonna get charged and the raiders wasted a 1st rd pick. the raiders can only blame themselves for this pick.

  13. whizmo1974 says:
    Jul 20, 2017 11:54 PM

    I find a lot of these raiders comments funny on here. if they had nothing on conley. they would’ve cleared him by now
    Likewise, if they had something on Conley, they would have charged him by now. In this he said, she said case, it’s going to come down to credibility. And Conley has supposedly already passed a polygraph. It would be no surprise if the victim is waiting for Conley to sign a contract, get paid and make the case go away through non-cooperation Hardy-style. Conley going on trial and not signing does nothing for the victim.
    The Raiders can only blame themselves for the doubt surrounding the pick, but they weren’t going to find a top-15 player in the draft at 24 any other way. It’s a gamble, just like picking up Aldon Smith.

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