Trai Turner’s deal is for four years, $45 million

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The contract extension announced by Panthers right guard Trai Turner today will pay him $45 million over the next four years.

A league source tells PFT the $11.25 million a year contract includes $20.5 million guaranteed. Turner will receive a $15 million signing bonus.

The 24-year-old Turner is now scheduled to hit free agency after the 2020 season, when he’ll be 28 years old. Turner has started all 16 games and been chosen to the Pro Bowl each of the last two seasons. If he keeps playing that way, he’ll be due for another big contract within four years.

Turner is represented by Drew Rosenhaus, who also represents Panthers tight end Greg Olsen, who may be next to work out a new deal with the team.

14 responses to “Trai Turner’s deal is for four years, $45 million

  1. He needs to thank the Raiders for setting the standard on offensive guard salary beginning with Osemele last year.

  2. But where does that rank in regards to other salaries for that position? I hope they didn’t overpay, but he is a ProBowler.

  3. turfdaddy says:
    Jul 20, 2017 4:48 PM
    But where does that rank in regards to other salaries for that position? I hope they didn’t overpay, but he is a ProBowler


    Acccording to sportrac in 2017 here are the top 5 salaries for guards (before this deal) so he’s number 3.


  4. Not only is he a Pro Bowler, he’s a 1st team All Pro. And he’s 24 years old. This isn’t overpaying for Jake Delhomme or Dan Morgan, this is a solid deal.

  5. He’s worth it. Glad they got him locked up. It would have been no different if Gettleman finalized the deal.

  6. I agree is this the market for Martin? Also the quick deal…was this
    set up under old GM Gettleman or was this reason why he was let
    go. I would think a deal like this was already in place. The guarantee money is not an amount that kills a team and he is a solid deserving

  7. Wow! Seems like a lot for a guard…
    That’s close to the same salary that my hometown Buffalo Bills are paying their franchise Left Tackle (average salary of $12M/yr), who is is a very good LT.

    Salaries for guards seems to be going up though, and a Turner is a damn good G.

  8. There’s always a shortage of good offensive linemen in the NFL, so you hang onto them if you can. It’s a good deal for a good player, if we had a pro bowl tackle up for contract this or next year I’d say make him a priority but since we dont we have to sign the good players we have.

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