Agent: Adam Jones considering options after receiving one-game suspension

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The agent for Adam Jones said they are considering “all options” after the league suspended the Bengals cornerback for one game for violating the personal conduct penalty. Jones has three days to appeal.

“We are reviewing the ruling and assessing all options,” agent Peter Schaffer said, via Liz Mullen of the Sports Business Journal. “Any decision we make will be in the best interest of Adam, the Bengals and the NFL.”

Jones pleaded guilty to obstructing official business after a January incident in which he spat on a jailhouse nurse.

In the league’s letter to Jones, they said the “extensive video documentation of the tone, tenor and nature of your interactions with law enforcement at the site of your arrest, during transportation to the jail, and during the booking process. As you acknowledged, your post-arrest words and actions reflected poorly on you and your family, the Cincinnati Bengals football club, and the NFL. While it is our understanding that appropriate apologies have been publicly extended, they do not completely negate your behavior and admission of culpability for the underlying conduct.”

20 responses to “Agent: Adam Jones considering options after receiving one-game suspension

  1. In my Jim Mora voice………………..”Options???? Options????” lmao!!!!!!

    The Bengals just don’t get it. It’s hard enough to win a championship when everything goes right, but if they can’t cut ties with players like Pacman, they are just spitting in the wind.

    And to be fair, Marvin Lewis is probably a great guy, but c’mon… they keep doing the same things expecting different results………….What was it Einstein regarding that mentality???

    I feel for ya Bengal fans!

  2. 33 year old man with fake hair extensions spitting on a jailhouse nurse. And nobody gives Jerry credit for booting him from Dallas. Not a single person here will mention the name of the Bengals owner.

  3. As a repeating repeat offender Pacman should accept that one game quietly and slink away like a thief in the night. Between the Bengals not having a bulls eye on them for being a team of consequence and Mike Brown being one of Goodell’s rubber stamp owners he got off lighter than he had any reason to expect. If it were a Cowboy, Chief or Patriot on that video they would already be swinging fom the gallows.

  4. He didn’t intentionally spit. He was just slobbering as he was cursing and some of the slobber hit the nurse. Like my uncle did.

  5. abninf says:
    Jul 21, 2017 7:23 PM
    33 year old man with fake hair extensions spitting on a jailhouse nurse. And nobody gives Jerry credit for booting him from Dallas
    You’re talking about the same owner who thought bringing Greg Hardy in was a good idea? Maybe that’s why no one gives him credit

  6. This guy is a serial offender and gets 1 game.. Josh Gordon smoked some weed and had a drink on an airplane and got 2 years..

  7. Accordingly to the League’s Personal Conduct Policy:

    Standard of Conduct:
    While criminal activity is clearly outside the scope of permissible conduct, and persons who engage in criminal activity will be subject to discipline, the standard of conduct for persons employed in the NFL is considerably higher. It is not enough simply to avoid being found guilty of a crime. Instead, as an employee of the NFL or a member club, you are held to a higher standard and expected to conduct yourself in a way that is responsible, promotes the values upon which the League is based, and is lawful.

    I love where the says, “….the standard of conduct for persons employed by the NFL is CONSIDERABLY HIGHER…”

    It goes on to clearly define what this habitual offender has did THIS time as against the rules? Why only one game? Obviously a one game fine doesn’t impact this clowns behavior or that of the Bengals.

    I am all for second or even third chances for players but a year or lifetime ban for a Jones would send a message that this behavior will not be tolerated. If it weren’t for football, this jerk would be a permanent resident with some state’s house of corrections.

  8. Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones is a good example of someone who very likely will be in prison or dead within 2 years of his playing career being over.

  9. Adam will (in this order) do what is in “the best interest of Adam, the Bengals and the NFL.” – to heck with the medical personnel he spit on, being a role model, or any part of society outside of his protected little world. Pitiful.

  10. No, Pacman will not be in jail or dead 2 years after he’s playing. He’ll be a coach for the Steelers next to Joey Porter and Tomlin.

  11. Considering options? He may not be able to win a SB, but he could win the Darwin Award by volunteering to step in front of a firing squad. Just saying ………

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