Fight could be looming over possible three-time franchise tag limit

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As star players begin to consider the Kirk Cousins/Trumaine Johnson year-to-year approach to the franchise tag, there’s a potential squabble looming regarding the total number of times a player can be restricted by the franchise tag.

The Collective Bargaining Agreement contains no express limitation on the number of franchise tags that can be applied to a given player. Article 10, Section 2(b) of the CBA arguably implies that a player can’t be franchise-tagged more three times.

The NFL Players Association would argue that the franchise can’t be used more than three times. The NFL declined comment on the issue.

Of course, the ability to use the franchise tag for a fourth time and the price of it are two very different propositions. With the franchise-tagged player guaranteed at least a 44-percent increase over his second franchise tender when tagged a third time, it likely would cost at least as much for a fourth.

So if Cousins, for example, were tagged a fourth time, he’d get a 44-percent raise over the 44-percent raise over $23.94 million. That’s $49.6 million for a fourth year under the franchise tag — which means it’s highly unlikely he’d be tagged a fourth time.

Could there ever be a player who merits a fourth franchise tag? If more and more players go year to year, eventually maybe someone will.

12 responses to “Fight could be looming over possible three-time franchise tag limit

  1. That’s $49.6 million for a fourth year under the franchise tag
    You like that!?!?!

    Yes I would.

  2. Mike did you forget Dan Snyder paid Albert Haynesworth $100million for like 8 sacks. Why wouldn’t he pay a much better player $49 million for one year

  3. If a QB is tagged 3 times he gets a 44% raise his third year.

    Lets pretend a QB can be tagged 4 times and gets another 44% raise.

    If the Redskins tag Cousins next year he’ll make 37.5MM.
    Another 44% raise would put that at *** $54 million ***
    I’m sure that would bother Cousins to get that.

    Being tagged 4 times means you got two 44% raises which more than doubles your salary already monstrous 2nd tagged . If the NFLPA is upset about that then they don’t understand basic economics. They should WANT their players tagged 4 times.

  4. If the tag is such a great thing for the players like you’ve written time and time again, why would the NFLPA want to limit the number of times a player can be tagged?

  5. do away with the franchise tag! if you want them pay them a contract both sides can agree w/, if not then let them walk

    either play for my team or not at all is BOGUS!!!!!

  6. This has already been settled a few years ago in the case of Drew Brews vs New Orleans. I believe San Diego had tagged Brews once and NO argued that the tag started over since they didn’t tag him…essentially that each team can tag a player up to 3 times regardless if his old team had tagged him before….This went to arbitration and it was ruled a player can only be tagged 3 times in their career.

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