Al Saunders: I’ll be shocked if Terrelle Pryor isn’t in the Pro Bowl

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Browns receivers coach Al Saunders thinks his team let a Pro Bowl wide receiver get away this offseason.

Saunders told ESPN that he believes Terrelle Pryor, who left Cleveland for Washington in free agency, is going to be a Pro Bowler at the end of the season.

“I will be shocked if he isn’t in the Pro Bowl,” Saunders said. “He’s going to have that kind of year.”

That raises an obvious question: Why didn’t the Browns keep Pryor, who left for a one-year, $6 million contract that Cleveland easily could have afforded under its salary cap? If Saunders seriously believes Pryor is a Pro Bowler, and the Browns’ front office let him walk anyway, that would suggest that the coaches and the personnel department aren’t on the same page.

Despite playing in a bad offense last season in his first year as a wide receiver after switching from quarterback, Pryor caught 77 passes for 1,007 yards. In a better offense in Washington, it won’t be surprising at all to see Saunders proven right. In which case Pryor was a bargain for Washington, and letting him leave was a mistake for Cleveland.

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  1. This is what teams like Cleveland, Buffalo, San Diego, and the Cardinals have always done. Cards have gotten a little better since the old Bidwill let go, though. But then again, you can’t look at Washington & see things done better, just different style of shooting themselves in the foot.

  2. Pryor simply decided against playing in Cleveland. Bad team in a bad city. Understandable. You would do the same. Bonus that he landed with a high powered offense. Should have a stat line of around 80, 1200 yds, 8 TDs, Pro Bowl, and then a 5 year 55 mil contract. Smooth moves.

  3. I’m not sure what to think of Pryor. I like the guy. He definitely has the ability. I’m not sure if he had good numbers last year just because he was pretty much their only weapon. He’ll be losing some targets with Crowder and reed on the field but he’ll also have a way better qb. I’m an eagles fan so I’m hoping he doesn’t play well against Philly, but he’s an easy guy to root for considering his path that he’s taken in his NFL career. Not taking a risk with him on my fantasy team tho unless he drops late in our draft.

  4. Why didn’t the Browns keep Pryor, who left for a one-year, $6 million contract that Cleveland easily could have afforded under its salary cap?

    Because they are the Browns. It’s how they roll.

  5. Browns offered him the same deal they gave Kenny Britt. Pryor scoffed at it then came back with his tail between his legs when he didn’t get anywhere near the amount of offers he thought he’d get on the open market. At that point, Sashi wasn’t hearing it. Too little, too late.

  6. Pryor left because the Browns low balled him! Pryor will be a top ten WR! Had the Browns had kept the OL intact during the 2016 season, RG3 or McCown would have played the whole season and Pryor would have easily been a top ten WR or better. But the money ball crew let a top five center and right guard walk out the door for nothing. They now have a bust in Kenny Britt who has never lived up to his potential and a first round pick in Coleman who can’t stay on the football field. What’s worst is that they bring in a failed QB experiment in Brock which they will pay $16 million! Yes, they get a 2nd round pick but where will that pick be if the Texans make a playoff run….

  7. Pryor is good and left a place he didn’t want to be at. My Packers players do the same thing all the time. And then we choke for it. Horribly. Who would want to be in Cleveland or Green Bay?

  8. With the amount of withdrawals from the ProBowl I wouldn’t have been surprised if Laquon Treadwell had received an invitation to go last season!

  9. The only problem with Pryor is that after the catch he would lose 5 to 8 yards before turning up field, some times it worked but more often it didn’t !!!

  10. Pryor was the leader the Browns lacked. Problem was he was no longer a QB but a WR and he corrected people in the huddle a little too much and threw a couple of fits on the sidelines ,as in”if only everyone gave as much as me” theatrics.

    I’m glad Pryor is gone especially now that they have a potentially elite QB in Kizer. I think Pryor’s big ego would have stunted Kizer’s growth as a leader .

  11. After watching Pryor last year two things bothered me. 1) He is a diva, and he doesn’t have that kind of talent. 2) He is a bad route runner, he’s probably not where the qb is looking for him.

  12. That raises an obvious question: Why didn’t the Browns keep Pryor?

    C’mon silly, the answer is that the Browns would have rather had a backup QB at nearly 3 times the cost. That’s why they’re the Browns.

  13. Pryor is not the kind of guy you want around young receivers. He is not a team player and has tantrums if he doesn’t get the ball as much as he thinks he should. Wash may be okay for him, but not on a developing team.

  14. Apparently, the rest of the league agreed on Pryor, who seemed to think there was a massive market there that wasn’t. The front office basically gave the money he was turning down to his production equal from an offense that could possibly have been the only one to rival the Browns for the worst in the league, surmising that if Hue Jackson and his staff could get that out of Pryor, a QB convert, then a guy who has actually played WR his whole football life might fare even better. That’s where the analytics come in.

  15. The good news about Pryor is that he was catching balls from some of the worst QB’s in NFL history last year.

    Now that he actually gets to work with a top five QB in passing completions over 20 and over 50 yards with Kirk Cousins, Pryor might be a 1500 yard receiver!

  16. 80 recs, 1200 yds & 12 TDs! Book it!

    He’s playing with a top 10 qb now, not a rookie qb who’s developing and a bunch of back up Qbs. He’s going to blow up in a skins unforim, DBs in the NFCE aren’t going to be able to cover him, Reed, Crowder and Doctson on the field at the same time.

  17. Redskins had 2 receivers go over 1,000 yards last year, their slot receiver went for 847 yards with 7 TDs and their TE went over 600 yards and 6 TDs in just 10 healthy games.

    Cousins nearly threw for 5,000 yards. That’s not easy to do, some of you all seriously make no sense. And Cousins has never thrown to an athletic freak with the size, speed and strength combo that Pryor has. They’re going to be unstoppable together.

  18. I’ll never understand the Washington fans’ disrespect of the Browns. Im a Browns fan who has lived in Carolina, Tennessee, Miami, Atlanta, and D.C. I have enjoyed rooting for every one of those teams in the local market while rooting for my own out of market. They are all out of division and most out of conference.

    In DC for 8 years now. The Washington fans are hateful. For no reason. Against a 1-15 out of conference team. Hell, Baltimore fans treat me better. Read these comments above. Hateful for no reason. Ugly people.

  19. DC don’t care about the Browns, except the Pittsburgh converts that move from western Pa. Stop looking for a reason to jump on the hate train. Most DC fans can sympathize with the Brownies, to a certain degree. We still have 3 Lombardi and 1 world championship to lean on. Good luck tho’

  20. He left of his own accord. He is hoping to put up a better season so he can sign a big contract next offseason. Browns offered better compensation over a longer period. He wasn’t interested. Everyone keeps pointing out 77 catches for over a thousand yards. They keep neglecting to mention that it took 140 targets to get there. For those keeping score at home that’s 55%. Britt made over a thousand yards on 112 targets and over 60% catching. I’ll take the more reliable receiver.

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