Carson Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald won’t play in Hall of Fame Game

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The preseason is often a letdown, as fans get excited for the return of football only to watch a game featuring a bunch of third-string scrubs who will be bagging groceries by September. At least Cardinals coach Bruce Arians is warning you in advance.

Arians said today that he has decided not to play quarterback Carson Palmer and wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald in the Hall of Fame Game.

Although Arians said he does want to give his starters more preseason reps to have them up to speed for the start of the regular season, he doesn’t want to put too much on two of his most important players.

So when the Cardinals take the field against the Cowboys, Drew Stanton will get the start at quarterback. No word yet on whether Dak Prescott will suit up for Dallas, but suffice to say that if he does, he won’t play long. Nor will fans’ excitement for the return of football, once they remember what the preseason is all about.

17 responses to “Carson Palmer, Larry Fitzgerald won’t play in Hall of Fame Game

  1. I’m good with it.

    The NFL preseason is for the refs, media, fans, ushers and concession workers to get back into football shape. The players don’t need it.

  2. I think the Hall Of Fame game should be an all star game between rookies from the AFC and NFC, whether drafted or not.
    It would be a chance to see them against each other and veterans wouldn’t have to worry about getting hurt.
    I mean, after all, it’s a meaningless game anyway, so what’s the point of making pro teams play an extra game in pre-season, anyway?
    Let the rookies have a chance to shine in front of NFL fans.

  3. As a Cardinals fan, I say good.

    Might as well change the name of that game to the Mayo Clinic Open.

  4. Smart decision. Not worth risking your season in an extra meaningless preseason game. One crucial injury can happen during any play and destroy whatever hope you have for the upcoming season.

    Ask Carson Palmer about that. Was it the first or second play of that playoff game where his knee got ripped to shreds?

  5. @staffordisbetterthanyourteamsqb,

    Gary Anderson from arkansas earned an under grad degree and when he took the witness stand he couldn’t write his own name. Asinine statement

  6. Totally fine with it

    . actually as a Cardinal fan, I’m interested to see how the.Stanton/Gabbert battle takes shape…

    I’m one of the few Cardinal fans.that wouldn’t mind seeing Gabbert win that job
    I just think he offers them more upside

  7. As a Cowboys fan, it would appear that most of the team will not even be in Ohio during the game, wot wit oll da strange disappearances, testimonies, missed flights, etc.
    Hopefully, most of them will eventually find training camp, though.

  8. I’m a Cardinals’ fan and I demand that two of the most important players on the team, take part in a meaningless game that exposes them to potential injury, and puts the season in jeopardy before it even gets started. Please, I hope most fans are smarter than I am.

  9. staffordisbetterthanyourteamsqb says:
    Jul 22, 2017 6:21 PM


    If your not being sarcastic then maybe your just a tad naive. A degree in “Sports science” is a sure guarantee for a career in cashiering.

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