Eric Dickerson: Sean Mannion should start over Jared Goff

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Eric Dickerson isn’t done offering his opinions about the Rams.

Dickerson, the Hall of Fame former Rams running back who routinely ripped Jeff Fisher before he was fired as the Rams’ coach last year, is now weighing in on the Rams’ quarterback situation. And in Dickerson’s view, last year’s first overall pick Jared Goff showed last year that he’s not as good a passer as 2015 third-round pick Sean Mannion.

“The offense was terrible. The offense looked like a high school offense,” Dickerson said on FS1. “My guy that I would start the season with would be Sean Mannion. I’ve been saying that since last year. Give him a shot.”

Dickerson said he attended a Rams practice last year where someone whose name he did not divulge told him that Mannion was good enough to start, but that Goff got the nod because of the money invested in him as a first overall pick.

“I was at practice early last year, before I got kicked off the sidelines, and I was standing next to some of the guys. I said, ‘Man, he can throw,'” Dickerson recalled. “He said, ‘He can throw it. He can really throw it.’ I said, ‘Why won’t they play him?’ He said, ‘You know. The money. We’ve got a No. 1 draft pick. We’ve got all this money to him.'”

Mannion has never started a game and has thrown just 13 passes in his two years as a Ram, but Dickerson thinks Mannion should be the man.

“It’s all about winning football games,” Dickerson said. “You have a better chance of winning with Sean Mannion.”

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  1. That doesn’t surprise me because Jeff Fisher was the coach. He is great at wasting talent for stupid reasons.

  2. It’s crazy money to pay an untested QB a $28M, 4yr deal inc $18M signing, but Goff’s contract was about the expected rate for a #1 overall pick. It is what it is Eric, but Goff deserves to start his 2nd year, without Fisher or concussion, to prove himself. Just feel fortunate that the backup looks ok.

  3. I’m glad eric Dickerson isn’t running my nfl tesm. And who cafes what he thinks. It’s like, you are retired be retired.

  4. Goff and Wentz are both 2-3-rounders in the 2018 draft. A big overreach on both of them, but Wentz is the better of the two; Goff has marginal hand size.

  5. Goff was drafted over Wentz because the Rams were returning to California and that’s where he played in college. He is an overrated loser with a college winning % of just .378. How he went #1 defies any sense of football logic.

  6. “It’s crazy money to pay an untested QB a $28M, 4yr deal inc $18M signing”

    Before the rookie wage scale it was around 60 mil to sign a #1 QB, so its much less crippling to the cap now

  7. It’s easy to say things like this when it’s not your money paying players. This will never happen. They are going to suck either way, so why not see what Geoff has

  8. Draft picks, as mentioned, aren’t nearly as expensive as they used to be. Play your best guy and let a project develop at his own pace. Goff is clearly a project, not an NFL starter.

  9. I recall that Mannion was considered a pretty decent prospect when he entered the league; great size, strong arm, well-versed in a pro-style system. However, for better or worse, they drafted Goff #1 and gave him the big $’s; he’s going to get his opportunity.
    Mannion may well get a shot at being a starter somewhere in a year or two…

  10. I wonder what makes Dickerson qualified to judge young (developing) QBs? “Man, he can throw” is hardly ace scouting. Don’t forget, plenty of guys, such as Brandon Weedon, could throw, but that’s only one of many parts of being a good QB.

  11. This is why you have training camp and preseason games.
    Didn’t watch the Rams much last year, but when I did nobody looked good in that offense.
    New coach, new system. Without Fisher et. al. they’d probably look better with Foghorn Leghorn at QB.

  12. “I wonder what makes Dickerson qualified to judge young (developing) QBs?”

    Because spending your entire life playing football at every level, being in the NFL, and having a HOF career make you less qualified to judge young QB’s than a guy with NFL Sunday Ticket and an internet connection.

  13. When Dickerson was playing for the Rams in LA, Jim Hill the local CBS sportscaster, tried to give Eric a nickname and started referring to him as “The Dick”. At the time I didn’t realize how true that would eventually become as Hill didn’t stick with it.

  14. Either Stink (Goff) or Stunk (Mannion) does it really matter? Enos has assembled another poor OL and WR group as well as a one year wonder RB in Gurley.
    Does anyone really think a rookie NFL coach can win with this group?

  15. Mannion at least knows where the sun rises and sets. They either need to play him or trade him. He is light years ahead of Goff both mechanically and developmentally… Although that is like referring to something being less wet than the ocean.

  16. An offensive scoring player drafted in the first round has at best an 8% chance of some success in the NFL (2 to 3 guys are good, everyone else fails). Goff’s opportunity to succeed is therefore limited unless everyone around him gets better in a hurry. Carson Wentz much better after year 1.

    There are only two teams to have drafted two offensive players in the same year where these two players are now measured in the top 20 all-time in total yards in either passing, rushing or receiving. Just two. These are very very successful picks. These drafts are:

    San Diego Chargers 2001: Ladainian Tomlinson and Drew Brees; and
    Los Angeles Rams 1983: Eric Dickerson and Henry Ellard.

    For Goff to succeed, Dickerson should be addressing Goff’s teammates.

  17. Anyone who watched the preseason last year knew he should have started over Case Keenum too. Mannion was the best QB they had on their roster and they made him 3rd string.

  18. I wouldn’t be surprised. Behind Winston and Mariota, I thought he was the only other guy who will eventually be a viable starter in this league from that draft. He had terrible skill players around him at Oregon State his last year there but still played pretty well.

  19. Everyone thinks they can be a good GM. There is a lot of work that goes into the job. It’s much easier to sit back, wake up every day at noon, and second guess GMs. Goff is going to be an excellent NFL QB. Mannion might be a decent backup. Dickerson should throw his name in the hat for the next GM opening. Otherwise he’s just an entertainer with a big mouth. Come to think of it, forget about a GM gig. Dickerson might as well run for president. He’d fit right in.

  20. Howie Roseman awakens each day and some point after getting out of bed and before brushing his teeth, he remembers how grateful he is that the Rams took Goff and not Wentz.

  21. Dickerson might have a point but when you recently drafted a QB with the first overall pick you have to play him. Even if you didn’t draft him.

  22. For some reason I love seeing the huge trade ups for QBs fail.
    I loved seeing the RG3 tared work poorly.
    I hope the Goff trade is a disaster too.

    Overpaying because you are desperate and think that “If I pay more I am getting quality” is not the mark of a well run franchise.

  23. I respect Eric Dickerson for his play and knowledge of football. But there is more to it than just putting the best guy out there who can get you a few wins!!!!!

    When you know you are in a rebuild or you have a young rookie QB that you believe has greater upside, patience must be had. You put Goth out there when you believe he is ready. But you have to give him a few years to see if he can adjust and get better so that the game slows down for him. Just because some random guy can throw it a little bit does not mean you should derail your plans and waste a first round pick. But, you had better get that pick in there at least by the end of year 2 or to begin year 3 to see whether he can turn into that guy for you.

    If they did not want to work with Goth they should have passed. Eric Dickerson has got to understand that no team really just ignores their own draft picks and not give them a preference to be successful. It may take Goth a few years to be successful but its something the Rams need to see through.
    Now, if a team is positioned to make a run at the SB this year, then that is different.

  24. Rams have two young competent QBs with plenty of upside. Of course, I’m the only one here who has actually watched them both play and doesn’t just go by what internet “experts” say, so take it with a grain of salt.

  25. Dear Eric ,

    We pay you to show up and be on the sidelines for a little of the LA Rams past. We pay you to send out a few tweets promoting the Rams. We don’t pay you to coach or for your opinion so if you would like to continue to get paid because we know you have so much going on money making wise , please close your mouth ,show up on the sidelines ,act like a big deal and go home. Thank you .
    Kevin Demoff

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