UNLV hires high-priced lawyer to assist with Raiders negotiation

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UNLV sees “no hurdles” in their negotiations with the Raiders for the new football stadium they’ll share, and they’ve hired a lawyer who charges $745  per hour to assist with the no hurdles that will be experienced.

Via the Las Vegas Sun, the school has hired Daniel Etna of Herrick Feinstein LLP to advise it through the process of working out a fair deal with the Raiders.

“Getting the best possible use agreement for UNLV will dictate its future in athletics,” University Regent Trevor Hayes said, via the Sun. “I support spending money to hire the best experts. Even if it costs $100,000, that equates to $3,333 per year for the 30-year life of the [lease]. A poor use agreement will put UNLV out of the Division I athletics business.”

The Raiders and UNLV are legally required to share the venue, which will be built with $750 million in taxpayer money. But it’s up to the Raiders and UNLV to negotiate the agreement, and the first draft proposed by the Raiders likely was slanted in favor of the side that wrote it. So they’ll go back and forth in order to work out a final deal, and UNLV can either do it by the seat of their pants or the school can rely on someone with the knowledge, experience, and skill to get the best possible deal.

Which the Raiders surely are already doing.

10 responses to “UNLV hires high-priced lawyer to assist with Raiders negotiation

  1. What a sad state of society that two organizations can’t come together and negotiate a deal without paying enormous sums of money to a bunch of lawyers.

  2. from a PR standpoint i think it would be in the Raiders best interest to totally support any and all local high school and colleges athletic endeavors……..let the UNLV Rebels ride the Raiders coattails……….let other local small colleges use the facilities…. let the local high schools use the place for regular season and state playoff games……even invite the 8 man Pahranagat Valley HS football team 90 miles to the north to come down and play a game a season down there…. the Raiders need to initiate and reach out to a lot of local/area programs…..

  3. Raiders in a stadium the has working plumbing, no baseball infield at 50 yard line and wasn’t built before WWII will be different

  4. In the era of Trump. UNLV knows it will be ripped off with the help of the Republicans that run Nevada so they had to hire someone to fight for them. Lawyers for the little people are universally Democrats.

  5. SOP for any agreement involving this kind of money; be insane to do it without legal advice.
    If I were UNLV I’d be more concerned about the NFL itself slipping an extra clause or two into the fine print.

  6. My dad taught me that you have to spend money to save money. (Buy good stuff, not crap that has to be replaced etc etc)

    Huge lesson and UNLV is obviously taking the same approach.

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