Chargers’ Mike Williams denies he needs season-ending back surgery


Chargers first-round receiver Mike Williams is denying a report that he’ll need season-ending back surgery to repair a herniated disc.

Appearing at Alshon Jeffery’s football camp, Williams told reporters that his back is going to be fine.

“I’m good. Everything’s good,” Williams said. “The back situation, that was some false information being released. I don’t know who released it, but everything is good.”

Williams suffered the injury at rookie minicamp and hasn’t been able to do much in the Chargers’ offseason program since, but he apparently believes he’ll be healthy enough to play this season, without surgery.

The Chargers took Williams out of Clemson with the seventh overall pick in this year’s draft.

13 responses to “Chargers’ Mike Williams denies he needs season-ending back surgery

  1. you can’t deny you’re going to be a major bust, like most Los Angeles Chargers of StubHub Stadium. He won’t see the field until next year. Just a huge fist round bust, just one of many for the 1963 AFL Champs.

  2. Team good. Management awful. The move from SD to Carson is unraveling. They’ll be a weak fan base. It takes years to build one. Tickets are already set to be resold to opposing team fans in Carsons “intimate” soccer field.

  3. There was no falsity! Schefter’s original report said “could need” – and that Williams was having a 2nd epidural injection as “a last ditch effort” in hopes of avoiding surgery. And it’s still true if he doesn’t respond well or fast enough.

  4. I remember some Ravens fans wanting to draft him over Corey Davis and I said no way. Especially after passing on Michael Thomas in the 2nd round the year before. I was glad WRs were off the board and they drafted one of the top CBs in the draft. How ironic, they lost Tavon Young for the season and Maclin falls into their lap.

  5. Chargers need to rebrand or spend the rest of their eternity having to listen to stupid comments from butthurt SD fans. It also might shed their loosing curse and maybe people in LA will care about them. Time to rebrand like the Oilers did, start fresh and new. Draft a QB and trade SD’s homeboy Rivers. Want to be in LA, become LA, end ties to SD.

  6. This Bronco fan wishes him well, but I’ve had a disc removed and they’re very difficult to predict. One minute you can pick up telephone poles with no problems, then you reach for a toothbrush and the disc slips resulting in enemies pain. If the disc slams into the spinal cord it can send pain to other parts of the body.

    Naturally a guy like this would recover quicker than I did, but if it happens more than a couple times a year, surgery may be in order.

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