Josh McCown respects Brandon Marshall’s dim view of the Jets

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Former Jets receiver Brandon Marshall recently said he wouldn’t have made it through another season with the team “knowing that we didn’t have a chance.” The man who likely will be the Week One starting quarterback, and who played with Marshall in Chicago, has reacted to that assessment of his new team.

That’s Brandon’s opinion and Brandon is a friend of mine,” Josh McCown said, via Rich Cimini of “I love him and he’s entitled to his opinion. I wish him the best at the Giants. We’ve got a direction we’re headed and excited about. I really don’t pay too much attention to it just because guys have different opinions about things, and that’s his. I don’t agree with it, but as a friend, hey, I respect it.”

That’s a fairly mild, and sort of boring, assessment of the situation from McCown. The real question is whether the Jets will be privately reacting to the external criticism and dismissals differently, and whether comments from people like Marshall and most of the media will become motivation for a team that many view as the worst in the league.

Whether ownership secretly wants them to be at the bottom of the NFL, and in turn the top of the draft order, is one thing. Whether the players will go along with that is another. They may not have the talent that they need, but they definitely will have plenty of reason to try to prove plenty of people wrong.

10 responses to “Josh McCown respects Brandon Marshall’s dim view of the Jets

  1. What’s he supposed to say? A career back-up QB that’s been forced into a starting role with some terrible teams, and this year is no different.

  2. Motivation without talent is useless. Players can find motivation, they will never suddenly have talent.

    They need to draft a QB next year even if they have to reach and start hitting on more of their draft picks. Hopefully they hit on the ones they made this year.

    If you can’t hit on quality do what the Browns did and start drafting quantity. The odds of hitting on a few players, when you draft so many players, goes up dramatically.

    I think the Browns have turned it around, now it is up to the Rams and Jets and 49ers to do the same.

  3. If the Jets are really trying to get the #1 overall pick then they need to start Hackenburg to see what they have in him which, they will find out, is hot garbage.

    Then they can move on from the mistake and draft a real franchise QB.

    Knowing the Jets, they will allow McCown to start and screw this up. Still, looking at all the teams in the league, even the Browns, I can’t see any team being worse than the Jets.

  4. Josh has been a solid citizen and representative of the league. Always a team leader, respectful, polite and professional. Not the best QB but won’t embarrass your team on the field or off it. There’s a reason he’s been around as long as he has. Other guys should take note.

  5. Couldn’t find the sports book to cover the zero win estimate of the J_E_T_S zero zero zero

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