Antonio Brown has another message for Le’Veon Bell

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The Steelers don’t need to spend much time trying to persuade running back Le’Veon Bell to sign his franchise tender. Receiver Antonio Brown is doing the heavy lifting for them.

After public comments that followed a private conversation that created the clear impression that Brown wants Bell to accept the pending $12.1 million offer and to be “committed to the cause,” Brown has taken to Twitter with a “let’s go”-style plea for the teammate Brown wants to see at training camp.

The fact that Brown feels compelled to lobby Bell to show up confirms that a holdout is indeed possible. But Brown would be wise to tread lightly here.

The window on a long-term deal for Bell closed last Monday. Unless the Steelers plan to offer Bell more than $12.1 million for 2017 or to promise not to use the franchise tag again in 2018, there’s nothing more the Steelers can do to get him signed. Which means that Brown’s plea, absent a similar message to management aimed at getting them to sweeten the one-year pot, could be interpreted by Bell as an effort to pressure him to accept a franchise tender that, to date, he has decided to reject.

Brown has now gotten a pair of multi-year deals without ever having to play out a contract or operate under the franchise tag. Bell has yet to get any kind of long-term security. Whatever Bell’s plan for enhancing his financial position, Brown’s effort to get Bell to take the offer squeezes him to alter his approach. Perhaps more importantly, Brown’s well-intentioned exercise in teamwork could turn fans already inclined to embrace rookie James Conner against Bell.

So if Brown is going to continue to try to get Bell to show up, at some point he needs to publicly urge the people who have paid Brown millions to offer Brown another $3 million or so more for 2017.

35 responses to “Antonio Brown has another message for Le’Veon Bell

  1. What do you expect from a trashy organization?…

    Ben worked hard to become one of the top QBs…. Brown worked hard to become on of the to WRs…. Leveon Bell has worked hard to become one of the top RBs…and not once of decency returned back…. Are double standards indicative of a quality administration?…

    The next time talk about the Steelers being a first class organization comes up, it better be at Leveon Bell’s extension press conference

  2. If you think 12.1 million doesn’t represent long term security it means your perspective is totally out of wack

  3. Why do people always ask why a player doesn’t take an offer because it’s the kind of money they’ll never make? The steelers made a fair offer. Bell and his agent thinks they can do better. Right or wrong. If Pittsburgh doesn’t give it to them(they won’t), he’ll play out the yr(he isn’t gonna walk away from 12 mil), walk and roll the dice. If someone got offered a job for 70k, but thought they were worth and could make 80, they’d do the same thing.

  4. …a franchise tender that, to date, he has decided to reject.

    No way. He has just not made, or made known, his decision.

    BTW, I doubt many Steeler fans will side with him should he not sign and report.

  5. I think Brown should give Bell his contract and vice versa. Brown and others will quickly see the value of someone touching the ball 25-30 times a game.

  6. Kinda of a crappy thing to do. Even if you disagree, you should never publicly blast a coworker when he has a salary discrepancy with management.

  7. Message to Bell:
    Be happy with $12M for playing with the future SB champions. Follow my logic on this – star athletes on championship teams get free drinks/food at local establishments for the rest of their lives. In a few years when weed is legal everywhere, there won’t be a dispensary in PA that you won’t be able to walk out with an armload of whatever you want. That’s gotta be worth millions over a lifetime.

  8. Some people on here are upset that a person will not accept 12 million. Why take 12 million when your value is higher. Get every dollar you can because careers are short and you often end up with life long health issues.

  9. Perhaps brown should take a little pay cut to help sign bell if he wants him so bad. Bell will have 300-350 touches compared to 1000ish for brown.

    With all that said the Steelers can let bell go and drive the tires off of Conner for 3 years and then not pay him either when his contract is up.. RB’s are getting the shaft in the NFL at the moment.

  10. He’s a great running back playing a position that has a short shelf life. Yes, it’s a lot of money that you and I could only dream of, but he doesn’t get to pocket the whole $12 mil. I’m sure he is taking care of a lot of family and some friends who are probably along for the long haul. I don’t know how smart he is, but I’m sure some of the agents of these players think their clients are too dumb to earn a decent dollar after football, so they are pushing to get every dollar they can get while they are in their prime.

  11. The only thing he can do by holding out is lose money (and get out of a few practices).

    The Steelers aren’t going to pay more than the tag value in a long term contract.
    Bell can’t hold-out or he’ll be fined to death and he won’t get credit for this year of service so Pitt can just franchise him again next year.

    Basically the franchise tag isn’t good for either side. Teams are forced to overpay and take a huge cap hit and the players get no long term security. That said, it’s equitable and both sides agreed to it in the CBA so Bell really has no choice but to sign and show.

  12. Look at the stats the Steelers had with over the hill D’angelo Williams when Bell was injured or suspended.
    Top 5 WR>Top 5 RB by alot. Look how the Patriots plug and play3-5 RBs every season as they win their division. $12 million is more than all the Patriot RBs combined.

  13. It’s dam hard to turn down 12m a year. Bell knows the Steelers are going to draft his replacement after the season and this is his his last chance at a big pay day.

  14. Just so I’m clear: Bell currently has an offer on the table that would pay him 150% more than the next highest paid running back ($12.1 mil v $8 mil), and the deadline to sign a long-term deal for Bell has expired.

    Antonio Brown wants his teammate to sign so they can get to work for the season, and your advice to him is to publicly put pressure on the organization to pay Bell $3mil more this season, just cause, which would pay him almost 200% more than the next highest running back, a position which is one of the most lowest valued. Interesting.

  15. nhpats says:
    Jul 24, 2017 8:36 PM

    $12M or more a year for a RB is crazy….better to have a squad of serviceable cheaper backs.


    Typically I would agree but Le’Veon is a different animal. Arguably could have went to the SB last year if he was healthy. Although $12.1M seems more than fair for his talent, he knows the Steelers can only go so far without him

  16. The man plays RB. In today’s NFL you take whatever they’ll give you because no team with any sense is breaking the bank for a RB.

  17. steelcurtainn says:
    Jul 24, 2017 8:11 PM
    Le’veon Bell will be there when the steelers trounce N.E and the afc north division this year.

    Don’t ever change. Sooner or later your team will make your prediction come true.

  18. steelcurtainn says:
    Jul 24, 2017 8:11 PM
    Le’veon Bell will be there when the steelers trounce N.E and the afc north division this year.


    “Trounce” NE? Did the Steelers suddenly get a new coach and get a brand new defense?

  19. it’s one thing to have a private conversation with a teammate. It’s another to call him out publicly or report to your followers about your private conversation.

    Why do people need to blurt and blab about everything?

  20. “I thought about AB’s message long and hard, and in the end it was the fourth pencil symbol that sold me.” — Bell

  21. Lol kinda dumb for AB to talk when he already got his payday. Btw, can’t wait to watch the Steelers unravel over the next year or 2. Ben’s retirement is looming, Bell looks like a goner. AB is the biggest diva since TO. Get ya popcorn ready…the implosion is going to be great TV.

  22. steelcurtainn says:
    Jul 24, 2017 8:11 PM
    Le’veon Bell will be there when the steelers trounce N.E and the afc north division this year.


    Brady + Steelers swiss cheese D = Not a chance.

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