Chargers interested in Griffin but not Kaepernick

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When other quarterbacks get workouts or sign contracts with teams instead of Colin Kaepernick, there are semi-plausible ways to distinguish the situation based on football principles. When Robert Griffin III draws interest from the Chargers and Kaepernick doesn’t, it’s impossible to explain the interest in one and not the other.

Unless, of course, the Chargers are deliberately shying away from Kaepernick for the reasons that many assume teams are shying away from Kaepernick — because he used the platform provided by an NFL team to lead a movement.

Kaepernick has achieved far more from a football standpoint than Griffin, who simply hasn’t been able to adjust his game to the pro level, where he can’t ran away from trouble like he did in high school and at Baylor. At the NFL level, he gets hit and he gets hurt and he hasn’t done squat since before injuring his knee against the Ravens as a rookie.

No one would suggest he has mastered a pro style offense. He’s roughly the same kind of quarterback that Kaepernick has been, and the Chargers being interested in the lesser option who has roughly the same skill set makes the decision to shun Kaepernick for either political or clumsily-justified business reasons obvious.

Sure, the Chargers may be concerned about alienating the L.A. market at a time when two teams are vying for the same hearts, minds, and wallets. But there’s also a way to argue that signing Kaepernick would give the Chargers an edge by immediately attracting the many fans in Southern California who would embrace Kaepernick’s activism.

Regardless of whether the reasons reflect prudence or wrong-headedness, the Chargers taking a look at Griffin and not Kaepernick confirms the idea that Kaepernick’s unemployment isn’t about football — and it definitely isn’t about catering to the many fans who would deem his non-football efforts to be a reason for becoming a fan of the L.A. Chargers.

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  1. It’s well known that the Spanos family is a very politically-to-the-right family, and Kaep is very politically-to-the-left. If you’d like to claim that’s why they won’t look at him for a job, so be it. Wrong-headed or not, I say if they own it, they should be able to hire & fire whomever they like.

    Even if the Spanos were liberals, they’d still understand he’s a bunch of baggage-hey, lots of left-leaning owners haven’t touched him either, right? Where’s the Rooney’s? Stuck on Landry Jones? It’s not all about politics….

  2. to think that people would become Charger fans if they signed Kaepernick is delusional—Florio, you don’t get that he is not good for business

  3. Your point that LA might embrace Kaepernick’s activism undercuts you. The Chargers need to develop roots with people who want to watch football, not sideshows. There are plenty of other options in SoCal for “Social Justice Warriors.” And, let’s not forget, the same people who would embrace Kaepernick’s activism think football should be banned to begin with.

  4. Why are either one of them getting a tryout with the Chargers? You build an offense around your QB, and the Chargers are built around Rivers, whose style of play is nothing like either one of these guys.
    Lets look at the big picture here Florio, Kap may be blacklisted for his political stance, but trying to match his skill set (or RGIII for that matter) to the Chargers?

  5. You’re right. He’s comparable to RGIII except much more baggage. He used the owners teams to make a statement and then they made one back. Nothing else to see here.

  6. > it’s impossible to explain the interest in one and not the other.

    It’s likely that Griffin will play for 1/3 as much. Griffin is acting like he wants to play. There skill sets are similar. So it is possible to explain, quite easily in fact.

  7. Here we go again. Get over Kaepernick already!

    Both are subpar QBs, Griffin brings less baggage than Kap. Why alienate your fan base over a backup QB?

  8. “Kaepernick would give the Chargers an edge by immediately attracting the many fans in Southern California who would embrace Kaepernick’s activism.”

    They’re called Raider Fans.

  9. Perhaps Flo, its just about money. RG is definitely cheaper then Kap. Maybe, just maybe, thet are only looking for a camp arm.

  10. Teams may just dislike him for the way he handled himself ABOUT the kneeling. You know; pig socks, Cuba rallies, not voting, slavery patrol, and so on.

    All his disingenuous defenders need to stop being racist by focusing on his skin and instead look at the whole picture.

    You can be a bad guy who went 4-20 in his last 24 starts and have 32 teams not want you. It does not have to be a conspiracy.

    Every other player who took a knee or raised a fist is still playing, right?

    Do you think the 49ers don’t want him because he is too liberal for California?

  11. Because they want a back up qb. If anyone signs Kap, It would be a huge distraction for a team. The media just wouldn’t stop with the questions and it would take away from what that team was trying to do on the field. Kap can be a starter in this league but the baggage is just too much. Pretty sure he’s done in the NFL. I do wish him well.

  12. It’s about not wanting a backup QB being a distraction. If Kaep was still seen as a potential top 10 franchise QB, teams would put up with kneeling, but they will NOT put up with distraction from a backup QB! They are only supposed to be relevant if the starter is hurt or struggling. Teammates would constantly be asked about Kaep’s activism, whether they support it or not, etc. So, why would they put up with that from a guy who threw for 4 yards in a half and getting benched for Blaine Gabbert? That benching was for football reasons, by the way, which the media tends to forget for some reason….

  13. This move might have nothing to do with politics. I respect what Kaep did but I believe there is a little more to this than Kaep choosing to take a knee before games. He just isn’t the same player from a few years ago, and coupled with the fact that he’s changed his lifestyle dramatically going vegan and doing humanitarian work. Football isn’t his #1 priority and I believe NFL teams see and realize that and simply do not want to bring in someone who is not 100% committed. I respect Keep and hope he fulfills all that he wants to accomplish but he won’t find work in the NFL soon unless he comes out publicly that he’s still motivated to be an NFL player.

  14. RG3 is being brought in as a camp arm. We all know how that goes. He’s there for camp, and cut before preseason. No one will cry for Griffin when he gets cut.

    Now insert Kaep into that situation. How much BS will the Chargers have to take when they cut him? When they’ve known they were going to cut him the whole time?

    Sometimes it’s like the people who write for this site cannot get past their petty SJW mentality to understand the basic machinations of the sport they cover.

  15. Am shocked to have just read, “give the Chargers an edge by immediately attracting the many fans in Southern California who would embrace Kaepernick’s activism”. Seriously?? As if activism against our national anthem would help achieve a home field football advantage. If so, why not just change the team name to anarchists, fascists or snowflakes?

  16. Definitely proves Kaep is being blackballed and I’m a Charger fan. I’d rather have Kaep because he’s a better football player and I support his activism. That said I’m happy to have RG3 because he’s an upgrade over Kellen Clemens. RG3 has never had a mentor, a HOF QB he can sit behind and learn the finer points of the game from. Could be win/win

  17. Face it Kaps career is over. People in San Fran by and large were turned off by his protest. If San Fran won’t put up with you no one will. If my team signed this scum I’d no longer be a fan. Any owner that would sign this scum is destroying his fan base. The kind of people who support him are not buying tickets to NFL games.

  18. “give the Chargers an edge by immediately attracting the many fans in Southern California who would embrace Kaepernick’s activism”.

    Precisely the demographic with no money (unless provided by political interests) and no interest in the NFL (unless they can watch through pirated signal). Everything should be FREE man! Obviously the owners have figured this clown out; you should too.

  19. Kaepernick has achieved far more from a football standpoint than Griffin

    What exactly would that be or is that just a statement to fit your narrative diatribe about why Kaep doesn’t have a job?

  20. Kaep doesn’t have a job because he doesn’t seem to care if he plays or not. It reminds me of Johnny Goofball. After the Browns cut him he partied like it was 1999 while giving lip service about wanting to play again. While Kaep hasn’t been granting the same kind of bad attention Johnny Goofball attracted, he hasn’t exactly done anything to show he has any desire whatsoever to play.

    I think saying he isn’t employed simply because he protested is inaccurate. It’s a combination of the adverse publicity he received last year along with his lackluster play and apathy about whether he plays or not. Add to that he hasn’t really had much success since the Super Bowl and the price tag and he’s undesirable. But, keep pushing your narrative that it’s all about his protest if that makes you feel better.

  21. If everything were the same except it was RGIII who wore police pig socks, insulted them, praised a communist regime and called our country oppressive, and if it were Kaepernick who was a black republican like Griffin is, we all know it would be RGIII that you were promoting.

  22. 1. Colin’s skills have diminished. The focus isn’t there like it once was. See: 2012.

    2. He’s an uncontrollable self-centered extremist headcase with an agenda. Agendas don’t work in the NFL. See: Sam, Kluwe, Tebow, etc.

  23. In reading some of these comments I now understand why America is behind so many industrialized nations in education!

    There are few QBs in the NFL that have half the talent of either RG3 or Colin Kaepernick!

    And the saddest and most pathetic part of your criticism of Kaepernick is that he stands for something other than football!

    Most of you have allowed hate to cloud your already narrow minded view points.

    If either Kaep and RG3 had a third of the talent that 50% of the starting QBs have around them, their teams would be playoff teams.

    RG3 took a Redskins team that had little to no talent to a divisional championship on one leg while winning ROY and setting QB Rating of 104.5. RG3 won the Heisman, Davey O’ Brian, Maxwell, and was first team all-Big XII and All-American coming out of Baylor.

    Colin Kaepernick led a 49ers team to their first Super Bowl appearance since 1994, Kaep’s first full season as a starter the 49ers reach the NFC Championship. Kirk Cousins, Tony Romo, Matthew Stafford, and many other starting QB can’t say the same thing.

  24. sgrvn329 says:
    Jul 25, 2017 10:31 AM
    In reading some of these comments I now understand why America is behind so many industrialized nations in education!

    There are few QBs in the NFL that have half the talent of either RG3 or Colin Kaepernick!

    sgr: We’ll ignore the nonsensical attempt to compare opinions about a football player with the real question of why americans aren’t well enough educated to compete in the world successfully, and also ignore the exclamation marks.

    but you are confusing the physical capabilities of running fast, throwing a ball 70 yards, etc with being a professional qb in today’s nfl.

    as to your review of rg3 and kaeps careers, lets say you are being most charitable and ignoring all the facts not fitting your narrative. others would say both rode an offensive system with the qb as a run pass option. this accented the physical abilities of both and allowed for early success because the qb didn’t have to read the defense. but due to the risk of injury to the qb and fact that d-coordinators adjusted to the limitations of the qbs and their systems, it hasn’t proven to be a winning way to build a team.

    both were given some time trying to develop a game in the pocket, and neither seemed able to adjust. both wanted to bail at the first opportunity, and the winning record became a losing record. nothing to do with politics or the american educational system.

  25. Your guys’ self righteous posts are hilarious, especially since you so badly sensor your comments section when they don’t agree with you.

  26. One only needs to check out Kaps Twitter content to see he continually uses bad judgement. Really bad judgement. No sane coach or owner wants or needs that kind of nonsense.

  27. For the record, Florio was not telling the world what a fraud the Great Gimmick, formerly of the Washington REDSKINS (!) and the of Cleveland Dog Piles, before he was drafted and during his first two years.

    I was and I shouted loudly for all to hear that this jerk was a fraud and was not pro quality QB material.

    So now that Florio is leading from behind as he usually does when he isn’t lying, I can say that I’d take Colon Krappernick before I’d even invite the Great Gimmick over for dinner. Colon has some football skills; the Great Gimmick has none.

    With that said, I’d exhume a dead QB before I’d sign either to a football team’s roster.

  28. No need for names. No need to know the issues. Why would any organization want the distraction and circus that the media would bring into the situation. I personally have no problem with the message or the messenger, but as an owner, I would have to take a pass on the player and the drama.

  29. Griffin had 1 really good season. Maybe you could say they both were 1 year wonders. It’s not accurate to say Kaepernick figured out the NFL but Griffin never has.

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