Cowboys cut Lucky Whitehead, whose agent says wasn’t in Va. at time of supposed arrest

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The Cowboys cut Lucky Whitehead, even though the receiver’s agent said Whitehead wasn’t in Virginia at the time of his supposed arrest.

Whitehead’s agent, Dave Rich, showed NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport flight records that have Whitehead flying to Dulles at 7:20 a.m. on June 22, six hours after Whitehead supposedly was arrested in Prince William County, Va.

Whitehead was accused of taking less than $200 worth of items from a convenience store.

On July 6, Whitehead failed to show for an appearance related to the June 22 arrest, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

The court date has been rescheduled for Aug. 10.

As Whitehead was escorted off the practice field Monday by a member of the team’s public relations staff, Whitehead told reporters he didn’t know what they were talking about.

I didn’t even know about that,” Whitehead said, via Brandon George of the Dallas Morning News. “I don’t know what’s going on.”

30 responses to “Cowboys cut Lucky Whitehead, whose agent says wasn’t in Va. at time of supposed arrest

  1. Whitehead’s cut over 200 bucks… Elliot can do no wrong however. I wonder if that is a coincidence to how they do on the field?

  2. Way to finally show some integrity Cowboys. Getting rid of whats-his-name must have been a tough decision, but you sure showed us that you won’t stand for this sorta thing! Whats-his-name can attest to that.

  3. Woodbridge, Virginia and Washington DC are only 20 minutes away from each other. lucky whitehead is not telling the truth

  4. If what the agent says is true, Jerry apparently investigated that incident about as thoroughly as the ones involving his star RB.

  5. Smart agent. He bought him a ticket after he was arrested. They were planning this the entire time. He just wasn’t Lucky enough to get away with it.

  6. Well, the lesson is if youre not producing on the field, in sales, in anything worth putting up with your Crap, then you’re replaceable.

    Then he just paid a $20,000 ransom for his dog, poor guy

  7. As a Cowboys fan, Lucky created way more headaches than anything else. Fumbled way too much, never posed a real threat returning punts or kicks, and every single time he’d stand under a punt everybody would be holding their breath waiting for him to muff it.

    Jerry has shown the line to be when the value is diminished by the issues caused, you’re gone. Zeke, Dez, Irvin, TO, get held to different standard because they were so much more important to the team. It’s a double standard in the NFL no matter how serious the offense. If you are a top tier player, teams will deal with you, if you’re anything less you’re used as an example.

    Garrett displayed this with Corey White and Christine Michael in ’15 and even showed discipline with Lucky in 16. If you’re not bringing in enough value, that’s where the line in the sand is.

  8. Obviously a simple case of mistaken identity… there’s a plethora of Whitehead’s in Prince William County who play professional football.

  9. malpine says:
    Jul 25, 2017 6:28 AM
    I love the “Elliot gets a thousand chances,” line.

    Exactly what has Elliot done that should get him cut?

    Its just fun to pile on the Cowboys…..if this were the Carolina Panthers, this wouldnt be news. Zeke’s accuser is a liar, sworn affidavits from her friend who was there the night she claimed Zeke assaulted her prove she is a liar, she asked this woman to lie and say Zeke assaulted her, she stated this woman told Zeke she would ruin his career.

    Zeke pulls down a womans top at a parade and she didnt file a complaint and wasnt even upset about it….while I dont think he should have done it….dont know that you should suspend the guy.

    He visited a marijuana dispensary in Seattle last year.

    He was at a bar where a guy was punched….he wasnt a suspect, or even named as a suspect….but he was there.

    Oh and he was caught speeding.

    I can see the NFL using his “pattern of behavior” and giving him two games……at this point….just give him his two games and get it over with, I am tired of hearing about it all.

  10. Wow! Gm Jerruh Jones will back a woman beater to the hilt; apparently he won’t even wait a year to see if these chargers are true (within days they were dropped).

    Jones is senile.

    I hope that the Bearded Woman beater has the book thrown at him while Jerruh is looking.

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