Cowboys’ Lucky Whitehead arrested, warrant issued for shoplifting

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Cowboys wide receiver Lucky Whitehead was reportedly arrested for shoplifting last month, then had a warrant issued for his arrest after he failed to appear in court to answer for the charge.

Whitehead’s initial arrest took place on June 22 in Virginia, according to TMZ. At that time, he was accused of taking less than $200 worth of items from a convenience store.

On July 6, Whitehead failed to show up at Prince William County Court for an appearance related to the June 22 arrest, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. He will now also face a charge of failure to appear in court.

It’s been an odd offseason for Whitehead, who said last week that his dog had been taken and was being held for ransom, then said a day later that his dog had been returned.

Whitehead has an uphill battle to make the Cowboys’ roster, and off-field distractions won’t help.

66 responses to “Cowboys’ Lucky Whitehead arrested, warrant issued for shoplifting

  1. “Hi, I’m Jurrah. He didn’t do this crime. Oh, you have him on camera? It wasn’t him. He hit a woman and that was on camera too? It wasn’t him. I’m Jurrah Jones and I endorse this message.”

  2. Geesh! Maybe they should move the Cowboys to San Francisco and let them play their games in Alcatraz!!!

    It’s ridiculous how many players the Cowboys have had over the last few years who have been in trouble.

    A few is a coincidence, but many is a trend.

  3. I’m starting to think there’s a clever scheme behind these charges in order to keep the team in the spotlight. After all there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Look at the top rated articles here: OJ, Zeke, Carr, Emmitt Smith, Zeke, Brady, Vick, Zeke, Jones-Zeke, Cousins.

    Cowboys trying to dominate the offseason like they wished they dominated the postseason.

  4. hey maybe he and ex Cowboy and fellow shoplifter Joseph Randle should go into business together …

  5. A pro football player shoplifting from a convenience store??? Some of these guys are so entitled it makes me sick to my stomach.

    I wish they would have kept his dog.

  6. descendency says:
    Jul 24, 2017 2:21 PM

    Millionaire stealing from a convenience store?


    I doubt he’s a millionaire. Wasn’t he a rookie last year? He’s probably living like he’s a millionaire however if he’s shoplifting snacks from a convenience store.

  7. I have to think of all the other Cowboys that have been caught doing things and have been let go because they were caught by the “right cop”.
    Na, I’m sure not once was a Cowboy’s player caught in a bad situation and let go by the man. It’s the culture and class that Jerruh brings to the NFL.

  8. Cowboys better get their you-know-what together and FAST! That being said I’d say Lucky has an earlier exit than anticipated.

  9. Is it just me, or are there really more players being arrested these days?

    I miss the old PFT “Days without an arrest” counter.

  10. Have you seen the price of beef jerky these days? You gotta be making Dez Bryant kinda money to pay for that.

  11. does Jerry Jones not pay these dopes?

    I understand the downfall and struggle with drugs, even altercations/fights in the heat of the moment, but how do you let yourself get into shoplifting?

    are you telling me lifting less than $200 worth of stuff you probably don’t need anyways, is worth trading in your NFL career and paycheck?

  12. What I find interesting is that he will get cut for shoplifting, but the woman beater will remain on the team.

  13. Just how expensive is stuff in Dallas? That is two guys within the last few years that were busted stealing trivial junk.

  14. “At that time, he was accused of taking less than $200 worth of items from a convenience store.”

    So basically he stole between 40 and 70 items as a pro football player.


  15. haha, maybe that’s just the statute which if it was a Gatorade or a pack of gum he should be kicked in the nads, not lose his career.

  16. I questioned here before if there was a modicum of truth to the whole dog kidnapping caper. Guess who looks crazy now?!

    How ’bout them Cowboys!

  17. He needs to be drug tested asap….something wrong with him…I know players don’t get paid in the off season but stealing from a convenience store? You that broke?

  18. He’ll probably have some stupid excuse, like he forgot his wallet. Then he was just going home (with the items) to grab his wallet and return to pay.

  19. With the new draft, he was a bubble player at best. The thing is, none of us were there, so you dont know–what you dont know. Why do you think our president is having so much trouble. Like you, he confuses hubris and lies with the real world.

  20. Cowboys will take a stand here and cut only because he will not make the team

  21. It’s a small victory for the Cowboys as for once an offense didn’t involve an assault on an innocent victim. No bruised knuckles to worry about.

  22. bonerfartblog says:

    Jul 24, 2017 2:20 PM

    A warrant? What did he shoplift? A car?


    In Virginia, a failure to appear on a criminal warrant gets you a capias which is an arrest warrant. They do enforce them too. If the guys still in VA and he’s found, he will be arrested.

  23. Once a punk, always a punk. A $615,000 salary makes no difference. But on the other hand, maybe he had 3 handfuls of stuff, put some in his pocket and forgot to pay for pocket stuff. I’ve done that. Maybe he didn’t show up in court because he figured the coach’s fine for skipping practice was more than the legal fine for skipping his court date? Who knows? Still innocent until proven guilty.

  24. Given the convenience store markups, I’ll assume he took a couple of Twix bars, a Gatorade, a travel pack size of Advil, and a taxi cab air freshener for his sled to get to a total of $200.

  25. richndc says:
    Jul 24, 2017 4:43 PM
    With the new draft, he was a bubble player at best. The thing is, none of us were there, so you dont know–what you dont know. Why do you think our president is having so much trouble. Like you, he confuses hubris and lies with the real world.

    You are right, I dont know. I wasn’t there so I have to reserve judgement.

    The thing is though that it really jumps just how how many times I have to reserve judgement and its a cowboys player.

  26. My days of cheering for these dudes is about done… Same with college football.

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