David Irving on his suspension: I made the mistake

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Cowboys defensive lineman David Irving thought the NFL had erred when he received word of a failed drug test.

I was pretty upset,” Irving said, via Brandon George of the Dallas Morning News. “As soon as I got the letter I called right away, like, ‘What the [expletive]! This has to be a mistake.’ But it wasn’t. I made the mistake.”

Irving, who earned NFC defensive player of the week honors when he forced three fumbles and had a sack in 19 snaps against the Packers in Week 6, will miss the first four games after violating the league’s performance enhancing drug policy. Irving used an over-the-counter substance he hoped to endorse.

“Everything listed on the bottle was fine,” Irving said. “It was supposed to be all natural, but [it had] a hidden ingredient. It was a substance that actually wasn’t even listed on the bottle. When I asked about the substance, they don’t even know the substance. I guess my testosterone levels were too high.

“It gets you going. I started taking it after the season when you’re not working out with the team, you know, something to get my ass in the gym. It’s funny, I thought I was hitting a second puberty.”

15 responses to “David Irving on his suspension: I made the mistake

  1. Really! Can’t these idiots go to the trainer / team doctors and say, “I want something to train with, what do you suggest?”

    Of course that would take a college education to think of.

  2. Irving has been a model citizen since joining the Cowboys, and his suspension was really surprising. Good that he is owning it because next pop is 10 games.

  3. Don’t these guys get a list of what supplements are on the banned list every year, or at least a list of what they can take?

  4. An all natural OTC supplement that boosted his testosterone enough to make him think he was going through puberty again? Yeah right.

  5. An over the counter substance ? It means that the FDA must have approved it for human consumption, why is the NFL think it has to judge what is appropriate to take ? That’s crap if it’s an OTC.

  6. This is a bunch of bull Irving is trying to feed us. Again — for the 100th time — no player should take any substance unless he checks with the league before he takes it, period. I don’t care if a doctor prescribes it for him. The only way to be safe is to check with the league BEFORE taking it.
    Besides, I don’t believe him anyway. We all know these guys cheat and hope they don’t get caught and then when they do, they come up with this lame excuse.
    Here’s the deal. If this stuff he took has a “hidden ingredient” then Irving would have every right to get a lawyer and sue them because he’s being suspended for taking it. Let’s see if he does that. My bet is he won’t because it’s a fairy tale.

  7. Every team has a medical staff that is more than happy to help the players pick supplements that have passed independent testing to make sure it does not contain any banned substances.

    There are even apps for the iphone that have lists of approved supplements.

    So, if you pick something and have not consult the NFL or your own teams’ medical staff….either you are really dumb, or did take something and using the “oh it was in a supplement excuse” rather than, “yah, I was shooting up.”

    At least he didn’t go the Robert Mathis route and blame his fertility drugs.

  8. Well I do agree that he should have checked with his medical staff before taking anything, the ingredient listed was not on the bottle. He was trying to get an endorsement deal from the company, so he was going to use the product to get said endorsement. The fact that he is owning it is great! I am sure (hope) he will be smarter in the future.

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