Jaylon Smith’s nerve shows improvement as Cowboys have high hopes for LB


Jaylon Smith’s latest electromyogram (EMG) test showed improvement in the nerve, and though it still may be months before the linebacker’s peroneal nerve fully regenerates, it was good news.

Smith is practicing with his teammates, something he wasn’t able to do this time last year.

It feels great,” Smith said, via Kate Hairopoulos of the Dallas Morning News. “Last year I was kind of a spectator just in the beginning stages of rehab. Now I’m in the mix and playing football.

“The plan is to work hard and every day. It varies as far as the scheduling. I’m just doing everything that they allow me to do.”

Smith, who will practice every other day during camp, has vowed to play in the season opener. His return to action has not been questioned as much as how good he will play if he has to wear a brace for drop foot. But Cowboys owner Jerry Jones compared Smith to a “No. 1 draft pick.”

Smith was rated as a top-10 pick for the 2016 draft before his devastating left knee injury during Notre Dame’s bowl game Jan. 1, 2016. The Cowboys used a second-round pick on Smith, who spent last season rehabbing.

“He was at the top of the board and would have been at the top of the board this year,” Jones said. “The caveat is what we all wonder. Can he play like he had the career playing at that particular time? So that’s what we’re here to see. To me, he’s just like looking at a No. 1 draft pick out here coming out on the field for the first time.

“We all know his circumstances, and what he needs to overcome. It looks really good, all testing, all feeling, really looks as good as I could have hoped that it would look at the time. We’ll see.”

9 responses to “Jaylon Smith’s nerve shows improvement as Cowboys have high hopes for LB

  1. I would like to know percentages. They say it might be months before the nerve full regenerates. Where is it now? 70%? 80%? Was it at 30% a year ago, and now it’s at 85%? This story really doesn’t tell me anything except for the fact that he’s not good to go. I don’t need a feel good story. I want to know what’s going on. I’m pulling for the kid. Am I wasting my hope?

  2. He wasn’t thought of as a top 10 before the injury, he was a consensus top 5 and many had him as the best player in that draft. If anyone can come back from this injury it is Jaylon Smith and every football fan (not just Cowboys) should be rooting for him. Dude is a warrior and absolute class.

  3. this is the kind of guy that everyone pulls for to make a complete recovery not only because he is very talented but most importantly he is a good person.

    I think Lucky Whitehead, David Irving, Damien Wilson, Zeke & all the other trouble makers on the Cowboys should take notes from Jaylon, he is a model citizen.

  4. To Cowboys everything always looks good, even if the house is burning down. What this article won’t tell you is that Tom Pelissero (usa today) says Jaylon has a slight limp and takes a beat to change directions and accelerate. Reality check. Cowboys are the epitome of wishful thinking.

  5. But watch him in individual drills as he flashes his downhill burst — one of the traits that compelled the Cowboys to draft Smith in the second round last year, despite the devastating knee injury that wiped out the former Notre Dame star’s rookie season — and it’s easy to remember the player who, under different circumstances, could’ve been a top-five pick. – Tom Pelissero

    So yea he said he was limping and takes a beat at times to change directions. But you left out the but. Like I said people on this site take bits and pieces of things to fit their own agendas…..

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