John Elway signs contract extension

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John Elway will continue to run the Broncos for years to come.

Elway, the Hall of Famer who led the Broncos to two titles as a quarterback before coming back to run the front office and leading them to another championship, has signed a contract extension.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, it’s a five-year contract that keeps him in Denver through the 2021 season.

Although teams rarely if ever release financial details of their executives’ contracts, Elway is surely one of the highest-paid personnel people in the NFL. He has done solid work after taking over the front office, and the Broncos’ ownership loves having the biggest star player in franchise history running the franchise.

Elway’s contract situation had begun to bubble up as an issue facing the Broncos heading into 2017, but now it’s done, and Elway and the Broncos can turn their focus to the start of training camp.

27 responses to “John Elway signs contract extension

  1. Great to hear! The Broncos wouldn’t be where they are without Elway.

  2. charliecharger says:
    Jul 24, 2017 4:59 PM
    Great news for the Broncos. Bad news for the 31 other teams.

    You mean 30 other teams. Pat’s will handle them early and be quick with their termination.

  3. Man just go on and name the team after him like Cleveland did for Paul Brown. No man has been more valuable to a franchise than Elway. As a player and executive he made that franchise elite,

    The Denver Elways…won’t even have to change the logo. He already resembles it,

  4. Foolish. Guy didn’t do anything before Manning and hasn’t done anything sense. Oh well, guess they probably didn’t have a choice.

  5. When Elway convinced Manning to sign with the broncos, he deserved to be executive of the year. Rahim Moore destroyed their chances in year 1 of the Manning experiment. They completely crapped their pants in year 2 finally vs SEA. Manning age showed in year 3. In year 4, if not for a failed 2 point conversion, the whole Manning experiment would have been a complete disaster. Congrats to the broncos and specifically V Miller for saving John’s bacon. Elway can do no wrong in Denver but he certainly had the leverage to get this deal done. Denver could ill afford to let him get away to say, the RAMS! Now let’s hope he doesn’t screw up the qb situation in Denver by forcing Lynch due to his draft ego.

  6. And this time probably not a dime of his compensation will be under the table.

    Oh look a extremely rare sight a throated warbling Patriots whiner… rare…..says no one.

    Good for John.

  7. Elway’s best move would be to lure himself back onto the field. Even at age 57, he has to be better than any of the slugs that he has masquerading as QBs on his roster.

  8. It’s not going to be easy with Kansas City and the Oak Vegas Raiders in the same division. Of course injuries can change everything for any team.

    A new defensive minded HC should (I would think) make the transition with the D easier-BUT the QB situation is awkward.

  9. most overrated gm ever

    bought a roided, cheating qb and cooked
    the books with goodell

    he also has the legacy of being involved
    in 4 mortifying sb blowouts


    his td/int ratio was also awful

  10. The ball is teed up, now tell us how bad Elway has been.
    Not nearly as bad as that all-time choker Manning.

  11. Since Elway took over football operations in 2011, the Broncos rank second in total wins (73) and have five playoff berths, five division titles, two Super Bowl appearances and, of course, that Super Bowl 50 victory. He built the most prolific offense in NFL history in 2013, and then constructed the top defense in 2015, which sits among the league’s finest units in history.

    To pad his résumé is his proven talent evaluation. In his six years as an executive, Elway is the only general manager to have found Pro Bowlers in the draft, in street free agency, in unrestricted free agency and in college free agency.

  12. tylawspick6 says:
    Jul 24, 2017 7:53 PM
    most overrated gm ever

    bought a roided, cheating qb and cooked
    the books with goodell

    he also has the legacy of being involved
    in 4 mortifying sb blowouts


    his td/int ratio was also awful
    you are forgetting that he won two superbowls as a player

    oh yeah.. and cheated to get those as well! * * * Hee Haw Mr. Ed!

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