Jourdan Lewis’ attorney says Lewis merely threw pillows at accuser

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While his Cowboys teammates practiced for the first time, rookie Jourdan Lewis was in Ann Arbor, Mich., as his domestic assault case began Monday with jury selection and opening statements.

According to John Counts of, Assistant Washtenaw County Prosecutor Lou Danner characterized the March 15 incident as a violent assault that started with three blows with a pillow.

“He did it hard,” Danner said, via Counts. “He used force behind it, and he knew he shouldn’t have.”

Lewis later dragged Nikole Miller, 21, across the floor and forcefully put his hands on her neck before leaving, Danner said in opening statements.

Lewis’ attorney, John Shea, said Lewis merely threw pillows at Miller after she woke him and confronted him about wasting “a few pennies worth of electricity” after falling asleep with the lights on.

“Throwing pillows at someone is not domestic assault by anyone’s definition,” Shea said.

Miller and Lewis are expected to testify Tuesday, with Shea telling the jury Monday that Miller had changed her story several times.

Five women and two men, all Ann Arbor residents, make up the jury.

8 responses to “Jourdan Lewis’ attorney says Lewis merely threw pillows at accuser

  1. He dragged her across the floor and choked her. Now he just needs to be pronounced a “real leader” by the chief enabler and his spot on the team is assured!

  2. Wow the girl is 20 years old and already complaining about the light bill can’t imagine what would have happened if Jordan went over his cellphone data plan might have involved a few stuffed animals the horror

  3. What a great legal system we have. A 5 year old draws a picture of a man eating with a knife and he’s suspended from school and now throwing pillows is assault. SMH.

    And no, that’s not an endorsement of Trump’s views. That’s just the way it is in the no common sense country.

    Now if he dragged her across the floor with his hands on her neck, all bets are off.

  4. I don’t know… Back in the day I laid out my little brother with a heavy feather pillow. Anything can cause damage if done with enough force.

    Dragging someone by the neck isn’t a good look either.

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