Michigan store selling Lions 2016 NFC North champions shirts

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The Lions did not win the NFC North in 2016. But if you shop at TJ Maxx in Chesterfield Township, Michigan, you can get a shirt that claims they did.

The store says it received the shirts, which were printed when the Lions were in NFC North contention but not intended to be sold after the Lions lost to the Packers in the last game of the season, by mistake.

“As you know, it is a fairly common practice that vendors print team sports t-shirts in advance of an important game anticipating a winning outcome,” Doreen Thompson, vice president of global communication for the TJX Companies, wrote in an email to the Detroit Free Press. “In this instance, we believe that one of our vendors may have inadvertently included the Detroit Lions t-shirt in with other goods intended for our local area stores. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused.”

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said the normal procedure for officially licensed merchandise bearing the wrong team’s name is for it to be shipped to charities in other countries. In this case, a mistake was made.

“A limited number of shirts are printed in advance for a variety of clubs,” McCarthy wrote. “We’ve been in contact with the manufacturer to ensure these shirts are pulled.”

The shirts were on sale for $4.99, and could make a great gift for the Lions fan in your life, alongside the 2013 team calendar.

23 responses to “Michigan store selling Lions 2016 NFC North champions shirts

  1. LMAO!

    this is hilarious and i am a lions fan!
    I have a good feeling we take nfc north this year, as long as we can beat erin rodgers at least once we should be good.

  2. Sometimes I think to myself somewhere there is a third world country where the Browns have been AFC Champions twice and Bills won 4 straight superbowls.

  3. Not surprising, though this isn’t earth shattering news.
    You could just save them and edit them if the Lions can close the deal this season.

  4. Lol. Funny.

    Usually they ship them to third world countries. Its better than wasting the shirts to give them to those in such need. So I get why they hadnt been destroyed. Instead someone must have mixed up shipments. So buy them up, collectors items and comic relief all at once.

    I have a copy of the Boston Globe reporting the Patriots superbowl loss. If I ever mancave the basement (would mean booting the wife’s sewing room so not likely) I would make it one of the wall decorations.

  5. By these comments I truly think that lions fans are delusional. No way you beat out the pack or the vikes for first place. Sorry bears, just not there yet.

  6. Only in Michigan, not a single experts pick them to win the north. Actually, experts picked them to be 3rd place. This is so funny for lions.

  7. When a run of coins is mis-struck or a stamp series has a flaw, they are considered exotic collectibles, much more valuable than their “perfect” counterparts.

    But in the world of sports memorabilia, the mistakes are considered worthless, and the mundane items are priced like exotic collectibles.

    Hero worship is expensive.

  8. They give the defects to charity in another country? Great, now some poor kid is gna lose a bet because his shirt told him the Lions won the NFC north, and he’ll be dumfounded that he was wrong.

  9. Because all the “Wisconsin Mensa Member” tshirts became available. SizeXXXXL Only.

  10. They are only being sold here in the US because now we are one of the third world countries that they get shipped off to. LOL!
    10 to 1 they were made in China.

  11. Don’t these shirts usually end up in some 3rd world country? Somewhere out there, poor Makembe thinks that the Buffalo Bills are four time champions.

  12. PiedPiper says:

    Lol. Funny.

    Usually they ship them to third world countries
    Ok, if they ship these T shirts to Minneapolis, how do you think they will sell there?

  13. Before you hate, just make sure you refer to him as ‘2015 PRO BOWL MVP’ Matthew Stafford says:
    Jul 25, 2017 5:26 PM

    Those shirts would’ve been accurate had Stafford not injured his throwing hand. Don’t worry, chaps! Go buy one then just cross out the 6 and write 7. Because it’s happening this year!!!!!!!


    The only thing the Stafford has done has been turnovers and choking under pressure. He hasn’t won a single playoff game, but actually caused the Lions to lose because he fumbled or threw an interception. Then fans like you always chime in and blame the refs or an injury…..go away, the Lions are the same old Lions!

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