Urban Meyer: Greg Schiano was offered two “significant” head-coaching jobs

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The former head coach at Rutgers in the NCAA and Tampa Bay in the NFL seems destined to become a head coach again.

Via ElevenWarriors.com, Ohio State coach Urban Meyer said Monday that defensive coordinator Greg Schiano turned down a pair of “significant” head-coaching jobs earlier this year. Meyer didn’t specify the jobs, including whether they were at the college or pro level.

Although Schiano’s name bubbled up a time or two in the weeks preceding the annual coaching carousel, he never publicly was identified as a candidate for any NFL jobs.

“He will be a head coach [again],” Meyer said. “I’m going to keep him as long as I can. He’s one of the best I’ve ever been around.”

Schiano apparently stayed put because he has twin sons who will be seniors in high school. Come 2018, he’ll be able to relocate more easily.

Schiano spent two years with the Buccaneers, generating a record of 11-21.

24 responses to “Urban Meyer: Greg Schiano was offered two “significant” head-coaching jobs

  1. Greg Schiano is a helluva ball coach. He just had a bunch of veterans in Tampa that were stuck in their ways and weren’t Receptive to a new way of doing things.

    That Buckeye defense is loaded and they have two of the best D Linemen committed in 2018.Being a coordinator at Ohio State is one of the best jobs in the country.

  2. Ole Miss has a job opening.
    Perks apparently include a free cell phone with an escort service on speed dial.

  3. The guy one at Rutgers, which is impressive and itself.

    He Is a good college coach, just not made out for the NFL.

    No different than Nick Saban.

  4. “His college antics didn’t fly with grown men.”

    Are these the same “grown” men who only spent 2 years in college before going pro?

    Replace grown men with “guys who make more money than him” and you’re on to something!

  5. I have no doubt Schiano is a solid defensive coordinator, but he was an absolute train wreck as an NFL head coach. He was a control freak and a bully to his players, and they loathed him. The guy has all the subtlety of an anvil dropped from orbit, and that kind of behavior only works if you’re someone like Bill Parcells who has years of success in the league and not some guy who made Rutgers into a decent program for a few years.

    College, maybe. NFL, never.

  6. Urban Meyer’s legacy is tainted by the number of criminals, thieves, murderers, rapists, drug dealers, assaulters, etc that came through his program. He may put a lot of players in the NFL, but most of them have been in trouble with the law at some point.

  7. I actually think Shiano is a good coach, but I don’t agree with some of his questionable tactics, such as diving at olinemen legs on QB kneel downs at the end of game.

  8. For what it’s worth

    Greg Shiano according to CBS sports 247 is the #1 recruiter in the nation.

  9. He wasn’t even THAT great at Rutgers. He was one game over .500 in 11 seasons and they only finished the season ranked one time. He never won a Big East title and in 11 years they were only above .500 in conference 4 times. And the Big East wasn’t exactly a powerhouse then.

  10. LA Chargers were probably one of the teams pursuing Schiano. He has a reputation for embracing discipline and the Chargers sure need that.

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