D’Onta Foreman’s lawyer is working to get charges dropped

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Another day, another arrested NFL player in Texas professing his innocence.

Texans running back D’Onta Foreman, who technically is in West Virginia, told reporters that his lawyer is working to resolve marijuana and weapons charges quickly.

“I definitely feel good about it,” Foreman said. “My lawyer is great. He’s doing everything possible to get everything dropped, and like I said, I’m innocent and I feel like — it’s the truth, I am innocent — so we’re looking forward to getting everything dropped and everything will take care of itself.”

Foreman nevertheless learned a valuable lesson from the experience.

“I just learned that it’s certain things and certain people that I can’t always involve myself with,” Foreman said. “Those guys that I was with are my friends but we understand now, with that happening, that there’s certain ways that we have to move and certain ways that we have to go about doing things. I think, my friend, he understands that and I understand that and we’ll definitely be better.”

The stakes are high for Foreman. Anything other than abandonment of the marijuana charges will result in a one-game suspension. If the weapons charges aren’t dropped, he could face other discipline.

5 responses to “D’Onta Foreman’s lawyer is working to get charges dropped

  1. Sounds like he hasn’t learned to just not do it. He’s trying to figure out how to hang with losers using a different strategy. Can’t fix stupid.

  2. The picture shows a serious and thoughtful young man. There is no way he could be involved in something stupid.

  3. The police are called because someone smells pot emanating from his car.
    Not only does he claim the stuff’s not his, he tests absolutely negative to any trace of it; not even second hand smoke or a contact high affect this guy.


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