Joe Thomas not worried about memory loss “right now”

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Joe Thomas, who has admitted some memory loss, acknowledged a concussion study released Tuesday but called it a “multi-faceted” issue.

The Browns left tackle told Graham Bensigner in an interview with In Depth in April that he was sure “the damage has already been done” to his brain from a lifetime playing football. Thomas said Wednesday, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, that doctors have assured him that some of his small memory lapses are normal.

I’m not worried about it right now,” Thomas said.

He declined to say whether he has undergone additional testing since noticing some forgetfulness, such as where he put his keys.

“But for me, personally, I do monitor those things very closely,” Thomas said.

Boston University researcher Dr. Ann McKee revealed to The New York Times that 110 of 111 NFL players who donated their brains to research had C.T.E. or chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the neurocognitive disease thought to be linked to repeated blows to the head. That prompted the questions to Thomas, a 10-time Pro Bowler.

10 responses to “Joe Thomas not worried about memory loss “right now”

  1. There is no sane reason for any parent to have a kid play football for any reason whatsoever. You should be thrown in jail if you knowingly have kids play football as a youth in this decade.

  2. The issue where you may need extensive therapy is dealing with the fact that you have played football for the Cleveland Browns.

  3. Didn’t Thomas say he has CTE because every once in awhile he will forget to get something from the store? Or, why he walked into a room.

    If that’s true, he might misplace his keys every once in awhile.

  4. Joe Thomas is an all pro unanimous first ballot hall of famer whose career was squandered on historically bad teams. Just packs his lunchbox and goes to work. Cleveland would have gone 0-16 without him. That 1 win was all heart.

  5. This man has been the consummate pro for one of the worst franchises in history. Respect him enough to trade him to a winner so that this man can finally be immortalized or remembered in someway after an entire career without making the playoffs.

    This amount of talent DESERVES to be seen in January at least once. If not for the Browns but for the football fans that appreciate trench-play.

  6. Lucky players! Unfortunately, all us fans are left with the memories of the past 18 years….

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