Lucky Whitehead’s agent: He wouldn’t accept a return to the Cowboys

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David Rich, the agent for former Cowboys receiver Lucky Whitehead, says Whitehead is so upset that he was cut after being wrongfully accused of shoplifting that he now wouldn’t return to the Cowboys even if they wanted him back.

Asked this morning on PFT Live whether Whitehead would come back if the Cowboys asked him to, Rich answered, “No.” Rich explained that while Whitehead loved his experience in Dallas, he’s hurt that the Cowboys didn’t believe him when he explained that the report of his arrest was false. Even when the police confirmed that they arrested another man who had given them Whitehead’s name, the Cowboys wouldn’t backtrack on their decision to let him go.

“I can’t speak for Lucky, we’d have to have a conversation about it because he loved being a Cowboy so much. I can’t put into words — this dude loved it, loved it as much as I’ve ever had a player love an organization. Loved it,” Rich said. “This guy was arguably the most popular player on the team, which is interesting to have this happen to him, but I don’t think so. . . . They basically sat across the table, eye to eye, man to man, and he said, ‘I need you to believe me, coach.’ And they said, ‘We think you’re a liar.'”

Rich said he can understand why the Cowboys felt that they had to take a stand when the report came out that Whitehead was arrested, but once they were able to document through travel records that Whitehead was more than 1,000 miles away at the time of his alleged shoplifting arrest, the Cowboys should have reconsidered. But Rich also said he thinks the decision to cut Whitehead was at least as much about on-field issues as off-field issues.

“I think they’d already moved on from Lucky. I think they had already decided it was too much of a distraction, I think they drafted Ryan Switzer . . . who does a lot of the things Lucky does, so they just decided he was unnecessary,” Rich said.

As for whether Whitehead will get claimed on waivers today, Rich said, “I can’t see why any team with a 90-man roster right now that needs return help wouldn’t pick him up.”

63 responses to “Lucky Whitehead’s agent: He wouldn’t accept a return to the Cowboys

  1. With all the criminals that have found a home in Dallas … it’s ironic that the one guy who’s proven innocent gets cut.

  2. I think it is more about his talent level than his guilt or innocence. Apparently he wasn’t a lock to make the roster anyway. Feel bad that he got screwed but talent is talent – or lack thereof. Move on.

  3. If you want a Superbowl, call Bruce Allen and sign with the Redskins.

    If you want to get arrested, return to Dallas.

    If you want to cheat, sign with New England.

  4. If Jerry Jones wanted him, it wouldn’t have mattered if he had assaulted a woman or child, He would not have cut him. Can you imagine him doing this to Zeke?

  5. Offered: One slightly convicted barely talented receiver in exchange for multi-million dollar contract and free legal support.

    Raiders on line one.

  6. He needs to cut his hair and gain some weight. He really isn’t a very good NFL football player… at all. He doesn’t run good routes, he doesn’t catch with his hands, and he fumbles the ball about every 3rd time he touches it. So…. now you know why the Cowboys drafted Switzer, and why Lucky was really cut. Enough with this.

  7. It was now or later. Either way he was getting cut. At least he can sign on with another team who needs mediocre PR/KR help.

  8. The second-to-last paragraph is the full, and only, story here. Whitehead was doing poorly at the job he was brought in to do AND was something of a problem off the field already. In the face of more potential distraction from a player who was a 99% cut probability anyways, they cut bait and moved on. Nothing more to see here.

  9. “This guy was arguably the most popular player on the team”…….I mean I get it he was cut for the wrong reasons but this is stretching it just a bit, dont ya think?

  10. Lucky was never making the roster. His talent wasn’t that good. Coach Garrett was so fed up with this guy after Lucky was late to a meeting that he told him not to board the plane or show up for the Giants game last year. A division game by the way. Those are pretty important. If he was as good as you Cowboys haters think he is, he would’ve been on that plane. Again, if he’s as good as you guys think he is then he’ll easily find work for another team. Give it a break guys.

  11. Cowboys saw an opportunity to counter criticism that they are enablers to all the criminals on their team by cutting a player who probably wasn’t going to make the roster anyway. Newsflash–Jerry is a scumbag.

  12. One more note. Stop it with all of this, “Well why isn’t Zeke getting cut?” BS. You, me, and everyone else knows that life isn’t fair. Talent and value to the team trump all. That’s life. Get over it.

  13. It’s easy to pile on the Cowboys and, to some extent, they deserve it, but the bottom line is they are no different than every other NFL team when it comes to putting up with off the field stuff. If you’re a good player, the team will put up with a lot because winning trumps all. I wish it were not that way, but it is. Dallas’ biggest problem is it is horrible in the PR aspect of this stuff, and it looks particularly bad here with Whitehead not being involved.

  14. Well, the Cowboys won’t be looking to resign him, however it isn’t likely that any other team will show interest either.
    Happily for him liberals are getting minimum wage for fast food workers.

    He’ll be able to say… “You got Lucky, would you like to upgrade to a large fries with that?”

    Oh wait… fast food workers are being replaced by machines….

    Actually Lucky Whitehead, you are lucky… Cowboys will be 8-8 this season

  15. I read in a story that he wasn’t entirely truthful with them when asked about the situation and gave them different explanations. When you’re on thin ice and have marginal talent, it’s not a good move to be dishonest…even in Dallas.

    If he were a good enough player though, they would have defended him just like they have defended every other dirtbag on their team.

  16. It’s not just that the Cowboys used Whitehead’s fake arrest as the last straw for getting rid of him…. It’s the fact that even after they learned the full story instead of apologizing and saying we got this wrong they continued to trash Whitehead by claiming that oh well he also had a bunch of other transgressions so he had to go. But obviously whatever transgressions Whitehead had in the past wasn’t enough for uou guys to get rid of him then so what exactly changed to the point that you had to cut him asap? Before the first round of cuts? Oh yea….the fake arrest….Just apologize to the man and move on. You guys are looking real small and petty going the route you’re on now…..and this is from a Redskins fan who knows a thing or two about small and petty front offices.

  17. Lucky wasn’t long for the team anyway, missed walk through’s, late for meetings, key fumbles, not great at special teams, and the writing was on the wall for Lucky when Dallas drafted Switzer loss!!

  18. Feel bad for the guy but he was really a terrible receiver he had 3 catches and was an average return man at best someone will claim him for the pr alone but will quietly cut him after they see he’s not that good to begin with

  19. Sounds like the legal issue just expedited the inevitable. Haven’t seen any teams rush to bring him in since he was released.

  20. He had a few big plays but by and large he was no threat to score. Not like we’re talking Tyreek Hill here. Plus his fumbles were.troublesome even if Dallas recovered most of them.

  21. Bruce Arian’s will pick him up. After all, he’s an
    NBC Sports favorite for flavor of the month. They need fillers during the off season. If the Cardinals don’t pick him up Arians will certainly have a comment.

  22. i d, “I can’t see why any team with a 90-man roster right now that needs return help wouldn’t pick him up.”

    Umm, maybe because he’s a fumbler on returns and a has 9 catches as a receiver? What would you sign him to DO?

  23. I guess that Jerry would have stood up for Lucky if it was say…. Pulling down a woman’s top or domestic violence .

  24. He probably was going to get released eventually anyway, but it’s a worse look for all parties involved to release him hours after an arrest warrant that turns out to be false.

  25. There is way more to this story that hasn’t been resolved (as far as I’ve seen). Why did the “guilty” dude have Lucky’s SSN, Date of Birth, and full name? What are the odds (guess he’s not so lucky)?

  26. Of all the rotten things Cowboy players have done, you get rid of a player wrongly accused of a misdemeanor. Shame on the Cowboy organiza
    tion. If you want to get rid of him, do it honestly.

  27. Another Dallas double standard? They kept Elliott? It takes big bucks to buy justice.

  28. There are two sides to every story. Despite what the know nothing trolls say every day, the Jones family deeply cares about their players, always have. Look at the history–Jerry in the past overpaying vested vets, giving people 2nd, 3rd, 4th chances. Maybe Lucky is a really likable guy–but Jerry and Stephen are not known to crap on people. Never have. Anyone else remember when Mike Sherrard shattered his leg for the 2nd time? There was Jerry, crying harder than anyone, including the player, as he was carted off. Say what you want, if you know the team or have connections to the team, then you know (like I do) that he deeply cares, and in the past has always gone players before business, sometimes to the detriment of doing the best thing. Yes, he is unhinged at the mouth, lets his passion get the best of him at times–but unlike you clowns, he is doing what he loves and his heart beats for every day–he was already a millionaire when he bought the team, so its not about money. He has changed so much about the NFL as we know it, hence the HOF induction. I aint sayin he’s the best or perfect, but you all trolling him as some kind of idiot who screws up and could care less about anything else but money–you know nothing about what you are talking about. Nothing. Never have, and you prove it every single day on blogs like this.

  29. The amount of painfully obvious, painfully unfunny, painfully non-creative jokes I’ve seen in the last few days about how he should change his name from “Lucky” tells me a whole lot about why Goodell was able to so easily sell a large portion of this country on DeflateGate.

  30. Bottom line here is that the Cowboys organization looks like a bunch off disorganized hypocritical dbags to players, fans, and anyone else who didn’t already know that about them.

  31. He should be able to latch on with someone even if only as a returner. If not he could be a star in the CFL.

  32. He’ll pair with Dwayne Harris on special teams, keeping Odell away from punt returns. The rich keep getting richer, while the Cowgirls…….we’ll they just continue to be Cowgirls

  33. “Oh wait… fast food workers are being replaced by machines….”

    Except for that guy who always decides it’s time to mop right underneath your table with that foul smelling ammonia stuff exactly at the time you’re eating.

  34. redlikethepig says:
    Jul 26, 2017 8:59 AM
    With all the criminals that have found a home in Dallas … it’s ironic that the one guy who’s proven innocent gets cut.
    3rd fewest arrests in the NFL last 5 years…. but let’s not worry about facts

  35. When was the last time a 5th string wide receiver on a team received this much attention ? Probably never. All Whitehead did was return punts and came on for jet sweeps, so it’s amazing to see someone get so much attention as if was the 3rd best wide receiver on team. Just goes to show why the Cowboys are the most valuable franchise in sports.

  36. This is why Jerry is a marketing genius. What other team could cut a #6 wr and get front page news and lead stories everywhere…no one but the Dallas Cowboys…
    As a cowboy fan, I only wish Jerry was a football genius too…

  37. Get your dog stolen and falsely accused of theft = Cut by your team.

    Beat dogs and beat women = multi million dollar deals from you teams.

    Paul Harvey is turning over in his grave. “And now you know the rest of the story”

  38. I don’t think they nees Lucky Whitehead to make it to the playoffs and get exposed as a garbage team again. God, that was embarrassing for everyone involved

  39. Here’s what we can determine by the Cowboys (and their fans) response to this incident.

    Morality is not an absolute. The willingness to take a moral stand is directly proportional to the cost said stand will have on the success of the team.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not surprised. I just wanted to state it plain and simple.

  40. It’s kind of pathetic how football fans criticize the law breakers on other teams and make excuses for the ones on their teams. The NFL is the problem by looking the other way and so are these fans that try to be the moral police (only) when it is convenient…typical liberal tactic

  41. @ r8rsfan says:
    Jul 26, 2017 9:58 AM

    Sounds like the legal issue just expedited the inevitable. Haven’t seen any teams rush to bring him in since he was released.
    Look again…and all it takes is one team, just one!

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