Calais Campbell almost as confident as Malik Jackson in Jaguars’ prospects


Laugh all you want, but you can’t deny the Jaguars’ confidence. Calais Campbell repeated Malik Jackson’s declaration that the Jaguars will win Super Bowl LII.

Never mind the odds, which, by the way, are 80-1.

It’s a tough task,” Campbell said, via Michael DiRocco of ESPN. “You have to have a lot of pieces to the puzzle in place. I feel like we have those pieces. Now it comes down to execution. It’s a long road.

“This is the start and we have a lot to prove, and it comes down to just getting better every day, executing and winning the day, and that’s all we can control right now. So we go through camp the best way we can and try to put ourselves in position.”

The Jaguars have won a combined 11 games the past three seasons and have not made the playoffs since 2007 despite several high draft picks and high-profile free agent signings in recent seasons.

Campbell was another of those high-profile signings, leaving Arizona after nine seasons for the Jaguars four-year, $60 million offer this offseason.

“I know history doesn’t say a lot of good things, but from what I see, all the pieces are in place, and I’m going to go out there and do everything that I can to make sure I put myself and motivate my teammates to put themselves in position to get the job done,” said Campbell, who played in Super Bowl XLIII with the Cardinals. “The biggest thing is just winning the division so you can get your opportunity. Like Malik knows — he’s won a Super Bowl, I’ve played in one — it’s really just getting to the playoffs, winning your division and getting that home game and then from there, anything is possible.

“We have some division games early, so the whole training camp is about focusing so we can start fast. If we can start fast, anything is possible.”

As DiRocco pointed out, the Jaguars are only 5-24 in the month of September since the 2007 season.

5 responses to “Calais Campbell almost as confident as Malik Jackson in Jaguars’ prospects

  1. Its a team sport .. trade him or let him walk. The best team in Football – Patriots – would probably just cut him for being too mouthy.

  2. They’re a very talented team on paper that has underperformed on the field. Its still comes down to Bortles…they’ll go a s far as he can or cannot take them.

  3. I’m a fan of neither Denver nor Jax, but your 2 yr / $16M comment makes no sense. His contract is 4 yr / $60M, with significant $ guaranteed as I recall, and he doesn’t have to play in Denver, the place that you visit once and never want to return to. And I’m sure he would rather have Bortles as his qb than any qb currently on Denver’s roster. Seems like a no brainer decision. Calais is a hell of a player and he is no dummy either. The days of Denver winning playoff games are over, probably forever.

  4. On behalf of Jaguars fans everywhere please allow me to say “Please shut the hell up.” These kind of comments always come back to haunt us. Every year. Year after year.

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