Cowboys lead the league in suspensions, by a lot

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In the last four years the Cowboys have had by far the most players suspended, forcing them to miss by far the most games, of any team in the NFL.

The Dallas Morning News compiled suspensions around the league and found that the Cowboys have had 15 players suspended for a total of 100 games since 2014. The Browns, with 10 suspensions totaling 54 games, and the Ravens, with nine suspensions totaling 55 games, are the closest to the Cowboys.

Dallas’s suspensions include many players they added to their roster at a time when other teams wouldn’t touch them, including Rolando McClain, Randy Gregory and Greg Hardy. Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones hasn’t hesitated to take on player with character concerns.

The Cowboys’ suspension tally may grow soon: The NFL is deliberating on whether or not to suspend running back Ezekiel Elliott over an allegation of domestic violence, and linebacker Damien Wilson was arrested three weeks ago and charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

So while the Cowboys cut Lucky Whitehead after a shoplifting arrest that turned out to be a case of mistaken identity, most of the time they’re willing to accept players who get into off-field trouble. More than any other team in the league.

53 responses to “Cowboys lead the league in suspensions, by a lot

  1. Well you take away McClain & Greg Hardy and the suspensions drop a lot. They’ve been suspended enough they can form their own team and still lead the league.

  2. “But…but…but my team has more super bowls than your team. You are a hater.”
    -Cowboys fans

    Yeah, well, most of us feel that you have to earn your respect and credibility, and the cowboys have none.

  3. The Bengals are near the bottom of the list on suspensions and arrests. Does this really mean people on the internet have been wrong?

  4. The NFL is full of guys who’ve been in trouble with the law or the league. Every team has them.
    Instead of the Wonderlic Test, they should give them lie detector tests before they consider drafting them.

  5. Thank you for taking my suggestion and running the numbers… I was tired of reading deluded cowboys fan comments claiming otherwise.

  6. Maybe their philosophy is if they sign some sacrificial lambs that are already slated for suspension, it will keep Goodell’s gestapo from suspending players already on the team.

  7. Yeah, all those people suspended. But only the Patriots CHEATED.

    I know that because I read it here about 50 times a day from the same morons.

  8. Jerry has been a gambling man his whole life. The way he made his money was by taking on risks that others wouldn’t, so it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise that he gambles on players. It’s too bad that the players haven’t worked out that well.

  9. Wonder if they counted Josh Brown as the NFL ruleandated 6 games for beating his wife or just the 1 game that the NFL actually handed down to him.

  10. That’s something that the NFL should probably enshrine the owner into the Hall of Fame for.

  11. Yet they have the 3rd least arrests in the NFL……

    Suspensions for Marijuana are stupid and make up a majority of these games which fall under Rolando McClain and Randy Gregory.

    Glad Dallas is paying your media salary

  12. So why did you use the four year mark, instead of 10, 1, 6, 2 or some other number? I mean any of us could have used a different set of numbers and came up with a different team.

    The media, meh.

  13. “Yeah, all those people suspended. But only the Patriots CHEATED.”

    More than one thing can happen. Both can be true.

  14. Not even correct, the redskins have multiple players that have been suspended for life that should count every year.

  15. The Raiders are the cleanest team in the league but some idiots still call them dirty.

  16. Brainaddled initial post living in a fog, to “expect the Bengals” to be anywhere near the top of this list. Do note, however, all the three other AFC Central teams made the top ten.

  17. Jeebus, (writer of this article) Michael David Smith;
    The only thing you hate more than the Cowboys are Fans.
    The media gods will take care of business, though.
    Karma, and all that.
    Way to poop in your own nest.

  18. To get the math they want why they go back 4 years to write a 2017 article LMAO just to sell a Dallas Cowboys headline for click bait and perception that I’m sure isn’t current state which is the reason for 4 years of data DO YOUR JOB GET A BETTER STORY

  19. How was the data categorized? Did they take any players who got suspended for acts done while on a different team? If so, which team did it count for? There is obviously a problem in Dallas but the numbers can be skewed by how the DMN chose to look at the data for their story.

  20. Where is the Krapethrowsapick update? We haven’t seen one in a few days.

  21. Love how every Dallas fan tries to come on here and defend or make excuses for them leading in suspensions by almost double. It’s a trashy stat that goes with a trashy team. Sorry but as long as Jerrah is around that team will be full of felons and will continue to lead the league in suspensions.

  22. Weren’t the Cowboys fined $250,000 last year under the remittance policy for having too many players suspended? Perhaps taking away draft picks would be more effective.

    “Thus, just as suspensions may be needed to get a player’s attention, a team will get the message only when it faces a loss of draft picks.”

  23. abninf says:
    Jul 27, 2017 8:59 AM
    So why did you use the four year mark, instead of 10, 1, 6, 2 or some other number? I mean any of us could have used a different set of numbers and came up with a different team.

    Everything is bigger in Texas, even the self delusion. You would have to manipulate those numbers like a Vikings fan to make them say what you want them to. Funny how you like to slam millennials but are very quick to act like one when it comes to defensive excuses. Here’s a thought, instead of the hypocrisy why not just own it instead? Jones takes some chances because he feels the risk is worth the reward and you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs. The goal is to build a champion not a choir.

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