Giants’ best move could be to give OBJ what he wants, right now

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The aspirations of Odell Beckham Jr. to be the highest-paid player in the NFL will trigger this reaction: That’s nice, but it’s not realistic.

But after considering how Beckham could, on a year-to-year basis, become the highest paid player in the league, maybe the best move would be to make him the league’s highest paid player now.

Currently signed for two more years under his rookie deal, Beckham is on the books for $1.839 million in 2017 and $8.459 million in 2018. Come 2019, he’d be eligible for the franchise tag. For receivers, the 2017 tag landed at $15.682 million. Assuming eight-percent increases for the next two years, the receiver franchise would be $18.28 million in 2019.

By rule (20 percent raise), the amount would move to $21.93 million in 2020. Come 2021, Beckham would get a 44-percent raise ($31.58 million) or the quarterback franchise tag, whichever is greater.

Depending on where the market at the quarterback position goes over the next four years (and whether other stars opt to go year-to-year under the franchise tag), $31.58 million could make Beckham the highest paid player in football. His better chance would come in 2022, when he’d either hit the open market unfettered or, if a fourth franchise tag is even available, receiver $45.48 million for 2022.

Let’s assume the Giants decide come 2022 not to invest that much money in a non-quarterback. If he’s on the open market, does a 29-year-old Beckham get the biggest deal any player ever has?

Maybe. While some owners will evaluate Beckham based only on football abilities, there surely will be some who throw money at Beckham for the value he brings, both in dollars and cents and by instantly making the team name and logo into national brands.

Given how expensive it could become for the Giants on a year-to-year basis over the next six seasons, the best move for the Giants could be to give Beckham a four-year extension right now, with a new-money average of $25.1 million. That would allow him to call himself the highest-paid player in the league, and it would require a total payout of only (only?) $110.698 million over six years.

On a year-to-year basis, the Giants would pay Beckham at least $127.568 million over the next six years. So they could save $17 million, give the player significant security, and buy the peace that comes from having a key player be happy and satisfied by moving quickly, before the high-water mark in new money moves above $25 million per year.

They also could structure the long-term offer to be guaranteed for three years, with the team having the option to cut him or squeeze him to take less on the back end. If his motivation is to be the highest-paid player in football, maybe he’d agree to terms of that type — like most other players routinely do — since he would still be able to say he’s the highest paid player in football.

Until, of course, someone else is making more than $25.1 million per year. Which will happen, sooner than later.

Which is why the Giants should maybe move now to give Beckham what he wants in a way that gives the team what it needs, especially in light of the pitfalls of letting Beckham play on a year-to-year basis.

52 responses to “Giants’ best move could be to give OBJ what he wants, right now

  1. I kind of glazed over reading this. A QB that is worth it will and should get pretty much what they want. A shutdown corner should be worth some second tear beyond that. A special talent that is a linebacker or lineman are the next tier. Running backs and wide recievers aren’t worth franchise size 💰

  2. Really? 100M to add 4 years to his contract? No doubt a lot of it up front. Hmmm. OBJ is a great player, but I would be cautious about investing so much in a receiver. If he wants to rework his deal now, with 2 years left on it, one would think he would need to give something up. Look at what has happened with Malcolm Butler.

  3. The same Beckham who was blamed for the playoff exit? The same Beckham who the year before got Coughlin fired because he left him in the game despite a slew of personal fouls that cost the team any chance at reaching the playoffs? As a non-Giants fan I say sure, give him all that crazy money and keep him.

  4. Easy decision for the G-Men. You franchise him twice, keeping him until the 2021-22 season. $18.28M and $21.93M are doable numbers. This would give him an AAV of about $12M over the next 4 years.

    Once it jumps to $31.58M you let him hit free agency. But you’ve still controlled the bulk of his prime. Better than the Eagles can say about DeSean Jackson…

  5. Yes OBJ should get paid, and I’d trade a first plus give him the contract like DB or Harvin got if I’m the Seahawks. Graham is on the last year of his deal, and Kearse dropped off significantly last year so he’ll either be released or asked to restructure.

  6. Stop with this year by year nonsense too many unknowns injury risk etc. Players want the big signing bonus and I doubt agents want to go to the table every year…would you want comp on 100 million today 127 over 6 years? Agent of clients that want to go year by year will end up taking a few extra points.

  7. Whatever, if Beckham ever gets a four-year extension from the Giants it will be for less than $100M.

  8. Or they could just let him play out this contract and then make a decision. Manning will be 37 after this season and 38 after 2018. There’s a real chance the Giants could be without Manning after 2018, so they’ll either go into a rebuilding mode or they’ll have a young QB on a cheap contract. Those two things will play a role in whether they pay Beckham. If they’re in a rebuild, it doesn’t make sense to keep him (could tag and trade him) or if they’ve got a young QB on a cheap contract they’ll be able to pay Beckham a big contract with the cap space.

  9. Beckham has put up perhaps better numbers than any WR in his first 3 seasons. The Giants , in those 3 seasons have played in one playoff game and they got handled . Moral of the story is he’s a hell of a player, but not nearly as valuable as he thinks .

  10. Let’s not act like beckham plays against great PASS Defenses.

    2014 NFL PASS Defense Rankings:

    31st in NFL – Philadelphia Eagles
    26th in NFL – Dallas Cowboys
    24th in NFL – Washington Redskins

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    2015 NFL PASS Defense Rankings:

    28th in NFL – Philadelphia Eagles
    5th in NFL – Dallas Cowboys
    25th in NFL – Washington Redskins

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    2016 NFL PASS Defense Rankings:

    13st in NFL – Philadelphia Eagles
    26th in NFL – Dallas Cowboys
    25th in NFL – Washington Redskins

  11. I really like OBJ and he is a singular talent but the idea that he or any receiver should be the highest paid player in the league is laugh-out-loud comical. Then again, so are a lot of the quarterback contracts being handed out. The excessive rules regarding compensation have resulted in a completely irrational market.

  12. Princess Beckham has not shown any dependability and he is as selfish as there is – he is not a team player – he doesn’t deserve top 10 pay at all.

  13. Call me old-fashioned, but I would rather pay QB money to an actual QB.

  14. where is this campaigning for players and teams to franchise all these players all of a sudden. you can only franchise one player a year, you really dont want to waste it on a guy you can lock up with a reasonable contract

  15. Terrell Owens 2.0 without the humility or self-awareness. Trade him for picks before he’s doing interviews in his driveway while doing sit-ups.

    Just my .02…

  16. The author has officially lost his damn mind. No rational person who has a basic grasp of football could possibly think that is a good idea. Pro union/stick-it-to-the man nonsense has replaced reasonable thought processes. Somebody get the man some help 😉

  17. If you give a mouse a cookie…

    You give ODB what he wants now and you’ll forever be giving him more and more.

    In 2016, Fitzgerald and Brown had more receptions, Hilton and Jones had more yards, 4th in yards per game, 5th in TD’s, 6th in YAC (#1 and #2 were RB’s), and considering he was the 2nd most targeted receiver after Mike Evans, I don’t see why he necessitates being the highest paid anything.

    Maybe try the NBA, I hear they pay well nowadays.

  18. Perhaps that snake Mara should sign OBJ to that massive contract during an “uncapped” year, using bitcoin or something that will skirt the rules.

  19. Hey, im all for the working man getting all he can from big business, but this is not the same thing. I kinda think Mike is just trolling everyone

  20. And this is why the Patriots are the best organization. Some teem will fall for OBJ’s shenanigans and sacrifice quality at 10 other positions so they can afford to pay him. That team will not nor ever be the Pats.

  21. Utterly ridiculous.

    On top of the obvious — he will NEVER be satisfied, and never stop asking for more — Eli is near the end. The Giants are going to be without a quarterback in two years or less. What do you need an elite receiver for when you don’t have anyone to throw him the ball?

  22. on a year-to-year franchise tag they let him walk a year to early rather than a year too late.

  23. Um. No. Because a clown like OBJ will whine within minutes of signing that his contract is no longer best for some reason (not best in current salary, not best guaranteed, not best average, whatever excuse he comes up with).

    No. The best thing the Giants can do is tag this idiot year by year and then let him walk when the cost is prohibitive. Let OBJ find out then what his market value is in his late 20’s and not playing in New York.

  24. They have him under his rookie deal through 2018, then they can franchise him once before letting him go, getting him for his most productive years. Let some other team ( Redskins ) over pay for someone on the down side of their career.

  25. As usual I disagree. I think the tag system is broken if it results in those kind of numbers. He isn’t even the best WR in the league, let alone the best player in the league. He shouldn’t be rewarded as one just because he asked.

    Why is Bill B successful year in and year out? Because he doesn’t do things like this. Everyone is expendable on his teams, and he gets the most out of people who aren’t necessarily superstars. I hate to admit it (but freely do) but that is the mark of great coaching and great organizations. Lose the flash and get the sass, and that means more good to great players on a 53- man roster than one potentially great person on that same 53-man roster who is out for himself.

    Not on a BB team he wouldn’t be.

  26. Worst personality in the league Beckham is the true embodiment of a millennial the giants deserve this dork no class whatsoever

  27. Just imagine if Brandon Marshall catches some TDs and OBJ doesn’t have new contract yet.. IMPLOSION!

  28. No way. This guy probably wants more than Antonio Brown and he’s nowhere near as productive as Brown. Sure, he has great talent but is equally immature. I’d say even if he didn’t have the behavioral issues, it’s still nuts to give a WR that much money. That means between the QB and a WR a team will have roughly one-third of it’s cap spent. That’s not a good recipe for building a team.

  29. OBJ is overrated and not a team player… Opposite of Keyshawn Johnson’s nephew Michael Thomas whom is arguably just as good if not better than OBJ the diva.

  30. The insistence on projecting franchise tag numbers as a way of setting a long term contract value is ridiculous. Franchise tag value is (in almost all cases) artificially high as the player has no guarantees beyond that years salary.

    Having said that – if a player, after evaluating the risk/reward of a one year overpaid deal, wants to cash in those big years (like Cousins) by all means that is their right. However, the first time one of these gamblers has a career ending injury after turning their nose up at a long term deal because it was below “franchise tag” pay level – I think we can all see the downside for the player there.

    Once they hit the open market, if they expect “franchise tag” money in a long term deal, they’re being silly.

    They won’t get it – unless there are some truly idiotic owners out there.

    Oh, wait a minute… now I see it…

  31. When is the last time a team won the Super Bowl because of its superstar wide receiver?

    Randy Moss..
    Terrell Owens…
    Chad Johnson….
    Antonio Brown…..
    AJ Green…..
    Julio Jones..

    .. good point!

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