Jourdan Lewis expresses relief after not guilty verdict

Getty Images

Rookie cornerback Jourdan Lewis practiced for the first time Thursday, relieved to be back at work instead of in a Michigan court room. An Ann Arbor jury found the Cowboys cornerback not guilty of misdemeanor domestic violence and assault and battery counts charges stemming from a March incident.

I’m just elated to be out here and glad it’s over with,” Lewis said, via Drew Davison of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “Just excited that long, grueling process, that long period of time, is over. Get it behind me and come out here and play football.”

Lewis, 21, saw his draft stock fall with the trial looming. The Cowboys selected him in the third round and expect him to compete for a starting job.

“It definitely hurt on a national scale, a lot of people not knowing who I am and not knowing who I am as a person,” Lewis said. “It definitely hurt my feelings a little bit. I just forgive all parties for whatever happened. It’s just behind me, and I’m excited to get out here and play football.”

Lewis always maintained his innocence, declining to plead to a lesser charge.

“The alleged defendant is always the underdog,” Lewis said. “But just believing in myself and believing in the truth and believing in God is definitely some of the things that helped me go through this process.”