Le’Veon Bell doesn’t report to Steelers camp

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Steelers players reported to training camp on Thursday, but running back Le’Veon Bell wasn’t among them.

That comes as no surprise as Bell has not signed his $12.1 million franchise tender and players in that position tend to stay away from the early part of camp at the very least. The deadline to sign a longer deal passed on July 17, leaving that deal on the table through the start of the season unless the Steelers offer him more money or a promise not to use the franchise tag to make reporting more worth Bell’s while.

Wide receiver Antonio Brown has been lobbying Bell to report to work recently and continued that effort on Thursday.

“When trying to do something special, we would like all our guys here,” Brown said, via ESPN.com.

Brown’s overtures have fallen on deaf ears to this point, so the Steelers will begin practicing with rookie James Conner in position to take on a bigger workload at running back. How long that remains the case will be a big question for the Steelers as camp unfolds in the coming days and weeks.

38 responses to “Le’Veon Bell doesn’t report to Steelers camp

  1. Stay in your lane Antonio. You just signed your own mega deal. Playing running back in the NFL is dangerous. He should get what he can get while he can get it.

  2. Much ado about nothing. He doesn’t need to be in camp now. If it isn’t on the field on Sept. 10th, then it is worth talking about. But he won’t pass up on $12 million.

  3. 12 1/2 million for one year for playing football-let’em go, I’m sick and tired of these premadonnas. If this was someone from my favorite team I’d let’em fry. Go out in the real world and bag some groceries, see what you’re really worth. Do you honestly believe in your right mind that it would keep me up at night that this guy is pissing on 12 1/2 million just to run with a football tucked under his arm. Nobody in this world loves American football more than I do, but I guess I finally realize the difference between priorities and assclowns!!

  4. I would try and find a way to get out of that cheap team. I am sure that he would get a whole lot more for more than a few other teams out there.

  5. We laugh at the Steelers and their fan base.
    We laugh at the cheaters and its fans with an NFL leading 6 superbowl titles.

  6. Steelers fans won’t miss Bell at the start of camp. He is usually suspended for the beginning of the season anyway.

  7. jade429 says:
    Jul 27, 2017 5:38 PM
    I would try and find a way to get out of that cheap team. I am sure that he would get a whole lot more for more than a few other teams out there.

    The Steelers are not a cheap team, they look at the total picture and build a championship contending team. It’s pretty simple, he will be locked up the next 2 seasons by means of the tag. He will be making what he turned down regardless. He may be he best back in the league when he is on the field, but the key words are on the field. He’s missed too many games due to injury and suspension to give him what he thinks he is worth. The only team that will shell out the big bucks for him would be a bottom dwelling team.

    In the end, his options are clear. Take less than what he feelnhe is worth to compete for a title(while still being a very generous deal)or go play for a bottom 5 team, get paid big bucks and get cut before you make anywhere close what the Steelers offered.

  8. Must be nice to have a job that pays you millions and you can just not show up because you want more money.

    In the real world you get fired for that action.

  9. Talented but greedy. Steeler fan here but lets be realistic. $4 mil more that top RB? How about we prorate his $15 mil “self worth” by actual playing time.
    $15 mil x 12/17 games (misses playoffs) = $10.6 mil

  10. AB shows up to training camp in an antique Rolls.
    Bell will show up in the weed van from Cheech and CHong.

    really, aren’t pittsburgers tired of the showboatin?

    A blue collar, hard-nosed, earn-it-in-the-trenches team steeped in history has bazilliionaire children walking all over that tradition with bling and look-at-me cars.

    Take me to your leader, if you have one

  11. Not a Steeler fan at all, but that’s one of the top five NFL organizations. I can understand Bell’s position, he needs to maximize his cash earnings because his injury history suggests he’ll be a 2nd tier RB in a few years.

    Unfortunately for him, he’s an RB and will be paid as such.

    Fortunately for him, he’s an RB and playing in the NFL, making millions. If I were advising him, I’d be reminding Bell that his brand and post-career opportunities are connected to his actions.

  12. I don’t know where people get off comparing these guys to the ‘real world’ or having ‘regular jobs’, they aren’t and those aren’t.
    Should he just take what he’s offered to make sure Pitt can sign some washed up FA a boatload of cash next year? Team friendly deals are one thing, but lines have to be drawn. Don’t even mention Brady, his wife makes twice as much as him, she wears the pants in that family.

  13. silverhat78 says:
    Jul 27, 2017 7:39 PM
    Must be nice to have a job that pays you millions and you can just not show up because you want more money.

    In the real world you get fired for that action.
    Well, since he is currently not under contract, he can’t be fired for not showing up. Guy is utilizing his only leverage and joe blow silverhat basically is saying…..’get to camp boy, you are lucky they are paying you at all.’ This fan attitude is why NFL players are hosed on ever being compensated along same lines as other major sports

  14. Bell 8s an amazing specimen, but he has to prove he can go a whole year without getting suspended or blowing out a knee. He has yet to do that. Play on the franchise tag and you’ll get your long-term deal in 2018.

  15. Brown may very well be sabotaging the team spirit he is trying to promote. Nothing stinks more than someone who has been paid more than their fair share encouraging their teammates to take less for the sake of “the team”.

  16. The amount of you disrespecting the second best all around RB in the game (David Johnson is number 1) needs to cease. Put some respect on this man name.

  17. What’s crazy is most of you guys are cheering Kirk Cousins on for wanting a kings ransom, and argueably has done less for his team than Bell.

  18. One of the most heavily favored fan bases in the NFL…. can Gisele keep up when Rothlisburger goes down for good? Tomlinson is a bad coach and they draft horrible, we know.. when Ben goes so does the steelers. Correct me if I’m wrong… 3rd most arrest in the league in the last 5 years?

  19. Well he didn’t show up at the AFCCG either so maybe he has been missing since January…

    You claimed you weren’t a troll? You get four Pinocchio’s like Trump.
    ……..Neither did Gronk…..fool.

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