Mike Pouncey emotional talking about “brother” Aaron Hernandez


Not everyone had sympathy when Aaron Hernandez’s life ended by suicide in his jail cell.

But Dolphins center Mike Pouncey has never been shy about his feelings for his friend and former college teammate, and became emotional Thursday when discussing the former Patriots tight end who was serving a life sentence for murder at the time.

“It was tough,” Pouncey said, via Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald. “Obviously, I don’t condone any of the things that he was accused of, but just to have a friend I was so close with, that I felt like was my brother and I know that he felt the same way, it’s tough. It’s tough for anyone to have a loss in their family, but that one right there hit my and my brother really hard.”

Hernandez wasn’t simply accused, he was convicted of murdering Odin Lloyd, though he had just been acquitted in a separate double-murder trial days before his death. Pouncey said the last time he talked to Hernandez, his friend was in “great spirits.”

“Just, you know, about the case that he had just won,” Pouncey said. “He was excited, ready to fight the first one again. Just a lot of different stuff. Happy for him.

“It was just tough, man. . . . We’re still shocked to this day that we’re even at this point.”

As difficult as it is for some to imagine, it’s evident that Pouncey never backed away from his friend, when many did all they could to distance themselves from Hernandez.

25 responses to “Mike Pouncey emotional talking about “brother” Aaron Hernandez

  1. pouncey needs to have someone paint some custom shoes celebrating murderer aaron hernandez like antonia brown did with criminal kimbo slice.

  2. Most of us have a friend that went down a bad path. Sadly you have to distance yourself from them and if he didn’t he was part of the crap in some way or an enabler at the very least.

  3. “Obviously, I don’t condone any of the things that he was accused of,

    What about the things he was convicted of?

  4. When someone does all the things that Hernandez did, shouldn’t you be repulsed at what he was a person? It would be like crying over Jeffrey Dahmer.

  5. Shame on Adam Beasley.

    He knew, or suspected, what Pouncey would say. What point did the question serve? What does Aaron Hernandez have to do with Dolphin football? What would questions about Hernandez accomplish, other than making Pouncey look bad??

    What a joke.

  6. Let me see if I’ve got this right. Hernandez had a $40 meg contract and Tom Brady throwing passes to him, but preferred to be a punk gangsta hit man. If he wasn’t already, he was certainly en route to becoming a serial killer.

  7. At what point does your friend no longer merit the faith you have in them? And when are you justified in saying I love you man but get right or get gone? A good friend is there for you, a great one also demands you stand tall for yourself and others as well. All I can say with certainty is Pouncey’s tolerance is higher than mine. Which one of us that makes the better ‘brother’ depends on the interpretation of the person on the receiving end.

  8. “Hernandez had a $40 meg contract and Tom Brady throwing passes to him, but preferred to be a punk gangsta hit man.”

    Not only that, he had Gronk on the other end of the line. That tight end duo could have been unreal.

    The whole story is just a tragedy all around.

  9. I bet Reggie Nelson is feeling relieved. Him being the only witness to AH’s first shooting at UF when one of the Pouncey’s had a gold chain stolen.

    We know what AH does to a witness. So does Reggie.

  10. Brother Aaron … the multiple murderer and violent gang banger. Patriot for life … and then some.

  11. Your brother was a murderer – thankfully he isn’t your brother and you can move on and pick another bestie – maybe you could hunt down Ray Lewis – he beat a murder rap so he technically isn’t a murderer – or maybe you could look up OJ Simpson since he didn’t technically commit one or two murders.

  12. You’d have to understand what it’s like to have a family member do something immoral and learn to forgive them through love.

    You don’t have to understand that. Not all of you have been through it. So, feel free to thumb down based on something you’ve never experienced. I’m sure that’s what most of you are doing here anyway.

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