NFL has generated plenty of embarrassing moments

In an effort to make PFT Live interactive (and in an effort to fill the full three hours), we try to come up with a question of the day.

And by “we” I mean someone other than me who, as Barstool Big Cat learned earlier this week, does all the heavy lifting while I just staple my toupee in place, show up, and talk.

For Wednesday, Rob “Stats” Guerrera had a good idea. (For a change.) Inspired by the Lucky Whitehead situation, which clearly was embarrassing for the Cowboys, what was the most embarrassing moment in NFL history?

The response was overwhelming, both on Twitter and in the comments. Here’s a list of the best.

The Fail Mary.

The Butt Fumble.

The Colts Fake Punt Debacle.

Dan Orlovsky’s Extended Run Out of the End Zone.

Odell vs. The Kicking Net.

Gus Frerotte vs. The Wall.

Leon Lett vs. Common Sense I.

Leon Lett vs. Common Sense II.

Tony Romo vs. The Field Goal Snap.

Jim Marshall’s Wrong-Way Run.

Najeh Davenport’s Hamper Dump.

The Elvis Dumervil Fax Machine Faux Pas.

The Super Bowl XLVII Power Outage.

The Vikings Screw Up The Draft I.

The Vikings Screw Up The Draft II.

The Love Boat.

The Hall of Fame Game Cancellation.

The Super Bowl XLV Seating Debacle.

Thanks to everyone who responded, and who listens to or watches the show. We hope you enjoy it at least 10 percent as much as we do.

32 responses to “NFL has generated plenty of embarrassing moments

  1. While my team screwed the pooch many times, this story seems to make it a Dallas/KC screw-up, not MN…..

    The Vikings Screw Up The Draft I.

  2. I think that Joe Pisarcik’s 1978 fumble to squander a Giants win at the end of a Giants-Eagles game should be on the list.

    That’s the main reason why over the last 40 years NFL QBs have been trained to take a knee in the closing seconds of a game when their team is ahead.

  3. No Vikings fan but they didn’t screw the draft up. This was before contracts where set by the slot and let those guys drop to save them on the contract. They knew the teams behind them weren’t going to take their player and let him drop a few more spots in order to save some money.

  4. I admit the Vikings have many embarrassing moments in their history, but I have to protest the “Vikings screw up the draft” stuff. This is clearly based on urban legend and not the facts.

    The first time, the story in the link clearly states that Kansas City failed to make their pick. The Vikings tried to jump ahead of them but the NFL ruled that KC got their pick in first. I don’t see how the Vikings screwed up the draft here.

    The second time, the Vikings made a trade with the Ravens and the Ravens didn’t call it in to the league office. (Apparently they changed their minds and decided to screw the Vikings. Class.) The Vikings assumed they had traded down and two teams jumped ahead of them before they figured out what the Ravens did to them. They still drafted the player they wanted, perennial All-Pro Kevin Williams.

  5. In both cases the Vikings “screwing up the draft” left them with a Hall of Fame caliber DT in Kevin Williams (at a lower salary than if they picked him @ #7), and a solid LT in Bryant McKinnie (compared to the bust Ryan Sims).

  6. Must be a young crowd of voters.

    Garo Yepremian should make the list for his botched FG-turned-pick-6 fiasco.

    That play turned momentum in the Super Bowl. It momentarily threw the undefeated season and Super Bowl title in doubt, and ended what would otherwise have been the only shutout in SB history.

  7. Garo Yepremian makes the list if that play had cost the Dolphins the game. As it was, it’s just a humorous footnote.

  8. Odell and the kicking net? Really? Whats embarrassing about that/

    What about all those that gave him the ideas years ago?

    TO and the sharpie.
    Joe Horn and the hidden cell phone
    TO and the popcorn.

    Please. Odell and the kicking net? Ah no, not at all. Pales in comparison to those that came before him.

    Dolts swinging gate is by far the most idiotic play I have ever seen. It took a special kind of stupid to pull that off.
    And the man responsible is still their HC?

    what a joke of a team.

  9. Vinny Testaverde’s helmet scoring TD against the Seahawks…eliminating Hawks from the playoffs and getting Dennis Erickson fired.

  10. My favorite is always going to be Gus Frerotte headbutting the wall after the TD and wrecking his neck. For two reasons…

    1) it was hilarious.

    2) The sign next week in Detroit’s endzone had a bullseye and simply read “Joey Harrington, Hit head here”


  11. How can we forget the replay review 2 plays later that reversed a catch by Quincy Morgan witch brought on Bottlegate in 2002.

  12. Any Goodell court case where he was caught lying in a federal court, and then saying “US law does not apply to the NFL”..while in court as a reason as to why he can be corrupt.

  13. The 2005 AFC Divisional game between Indy and the Steelers where Troy Polamalu clearly and cleanly picked off Peyton Manning, and it was inexplicably called an incomplete pass by Pete Morelli and his crew. I can’t stand the Steelers, and that was shamelessly ridiculous. The league has evidently scrubbed all video of the play from the internet — seriously, try to find it.

  14. I may be wrong but over half of those situations occurred under Supreme Commissioner Goodell’s watch.

  15. I know this is extremely late but I had to register and comment for this one, the fumble in the 4th quarter between the Browns and Redskins last season. Browns player got the ball and is holding it up and the ref gave it to the redskins, I watched those replays and angles and it still doesn’t make sense to me.

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