Odell Beckham wants to be highest-paid player in league

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Owner John Mara said recently that the Giants “certainly don’t want to see” Odell Beckham playing for anyone but them and it appears Beckham wants the team to pay handsomely for the right to keep him in Jersey.

Beckham spoke to Uninterrupted this week about a variety of topics, including his contractual future in the NFL. Beckham said that a forthcoming second NFL deal wasn’t on his mind when he reported to minicamp after skipping the voluntary portion of the team’s offseason program, but now admits that he’s set a lofty goal on that front.

“It’s like the elephant in the room, and you don’t want to talk about it but I’ve gotten to the point in my life where I’m like, ‘No, I’m going to … there’s no need to not talk about it,'” Beckham said. “I believe that I will be hopefully not just the highest-paid receiver in the league, but the highest paid, period.”

Unless Mara has a strong desire to make good on Beckham’s dream, it seems unlikely that Beckham will realize that goal. Quarterbacks dominate the list of top-paid players in the league and the exceptions are usually tasked with sacking those well-paid signal callers. The top-paid wideouts in the league right now — Julio Jones, Antonio Brown, Dez Bryant, A.J. Green and Demaryius Thomas — have deals averaging between $14-17 million per season. That pales in comparison to the best-paid players overall and there’s not much cause for Beckham to leave them well behind even if he does go to the top of the receiver list.

The Giants exercised their option on Beckham’s contract for 2018 and they will then have the franchise tag at their disposal, so there’s not much immediate fear that they’ll lose him if he pushes to make his hope become reality. That said, it should be interesting to see how things play out from here given the parameters Beckham would like to set for his future compensation.

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  1. You’re not the best receiver in the league, let alone the best player, so why should you be the highest paid? I’m no Falcons fan, but Julio does it better and without all the drama.

  2. He can stay in Jersey w/o playing for the giants. Jets are gonna have $90+mil in cap space next year. And a shiny new QB.

  3. All the players beginning with the QB had better find a better way to feel good about themselves because their high overpaid salaries will virtually guarantee they don’t win SB’s!!!!

  4. When a player deems it important to be the highest player, period.

    Then as a team, it should be important to trade him for whatever you can, and move on from him

  5. Of course he does. He already has the biggest ego in the league. Also helps to get paid when you don’t drop td passes in a playoff game.

  6. I really hope the opposing coaches tell their defensive backs to Jaw at OBJ all game long… Let him self-destruct.

  7. justintuckrule says:
    Jul 27, 2017 5:55 PM

    He deserves it.
    yeah he really showed that against the Packers.

  8. Guy is relevant in perhaps 15 offensive snaps per game as either the main target or as a decoy.

    Good luck with that contract wish numbnuts!

  9. The Giants have not been able to manage a single playoff win with Beckham in the lineup.

    Eli will be gone soon, and it would be foolish to have a receiver paid so much with any other QB they’re likely to start.

    It might be one thing of the Giants looked to be contenders for years to come, but a rebuild will be coming within a couple years. They’re best off getting everything they can out of him in the current contract and then cutting him loose for a good return.

    Now, that’s common sense. As a Cowboys fan (and yes, it is hard to be one these days), though, I hope they do sign him to a ludicrous contract.

  10. This guy is living in a fantasy world . There are plenty of guys in the league who are better and don’t create drama like he does.

  11. OBJ is merely a receiver. He’s dependent on the guy delivering the ball to him.

    I’m reminded of a certain egotistical receiver and his crazy loudmouthed sister from Green Bay. Like OBJ, he thought HE was better than the QB and that he made the QB look good. He badmouthed the QB and coaches and burned his bridges out of town as he headed to the next state over and biggest rivals. With the Vikings, instead of having balls hit him in the hands in stride, he saw balls bounce 5 yards in front of him, sail over his head, get thrown to the opposing team, and watch his QB running for his life.

  12. Talented player, could possibly be worthy of highest paid receiver some day but he has a lot going against him at the moment. His antics on the field, temper tantrums on the sidelines and inconsistency on the field certainly will hinder “what he wants”. My advice to you, O’dell… To put it bluntly, you need to grow up, act like a professional on and off the field, be humble, lead by example and stay consistent. Thats my recipe for success for you….& I’m a Cowboys fan…but more importantly, a football fan and student of the game

  13. If/when he gets “paid”, who is ultimately going to pay for him? All of you NY/NJ people will.
    Yet somehow you will ignore the massive salary of OBJ and will blame Mr. Mara instead.
    If I owned the NYG, I’d find a replacement for OBJ ASAP, then let him leave as a FA and recoup a 3rd rd pick for him later.

  14. Susan Imbriale says:
    Jul 27, 2017 6:52 PM
    Rodgers next contract will make him the highest paid


    It might, but it will hurt the Packers chances of winning another Superbowl – see also Andrew Luck, Joe Flacco

  15. The sooner the Giants cut him or trade him, the better off the Giants will be.

  16. It is apparent the kicking net hit harder than I first thought.

    It is nice to want things, but there is NO WAY IN H3LL that Beckham is going to be paid QB money (unless you are talking backup QB). #1, He isn’t worth it. #2, he isn’t nearly mature enough to be the highest paid player in the NFL.

    Mara has opened a can of worms on this one, and he gets what he deserves. Mara is going to look cheap offering him a reasonable contract, and Beckham is going to play the underpaid overachiever role (yet him going to Miami to hang with Bieber and Trey Songz STILL has zero to do with him dropping several passes and the Giants getting trounced by GB).

    It will be fun to see Beckham and Mar squabbling back and forth. Let the distraction to the team sweepstakes begin!

  17. We want OBJ to be the highest paid player in the NFL too.
    – the rest of the NFC East

  18. I have as much chance of being the highest paid player in the NFL as does OBJ, and I’m not even in the NFL.

    If he really wants to be the highest paid player all he needs to do is put up 5,000 receiving yards and 50 TDs.

  19. My crystal ball sees a trade in his future.

    For a conditional 7th round pick.

    To the Browns.


  20. Where is Tom Coughlin when you need him? He’s turning Jacksonville into a winner. Meanwhile with players such as Mr. Beckham the Giants will self destruct again this season.

  21. Put him on Atlanta or Pittsburgh where they have all-pro weapons galore and he’d be completely unstoppable. As it is, he’s pretty much unstoppable and he’s being triple covered every game. OK. He had a bad playoff game and can be immature. He’s 23. Moss was immature when he was young too. And Jerry Rice was even worse than OBJ in his first playoff games. You young millennials weren’t even thoughts yet.

    If he didn’t have the hair, the big mouth, didn’t dance, didn’t go on boats with Bieber and was bland like A.J. Green, you’d all agree with me.

    Another case in point, besides last year when we finally had a defense, do you realize how bad we would have been without him? Those 6 and 7 win seasons would have been 1 or 2 win teams.

    He’ll get 20 and he’ll deserve every cent of it.

  22. Sorry but his playoff performance pushed him out of my top 10 in the league. If you’re a top WR, you perform like it when it truly counts. He did the opposite. He DROPPED passes in a playoff game that could have changed the outcome. Tell me how a performance like that should result in you getting top dollar? it’s the opposite. his pay should be reduced.

  23. I’m glad his buddy, Jarvis Landry isn’t acting like an eight year old about his new deal.

  24. He doesn’t deserve it at all. This idiot’s ego is always going to be his biggest enemy.

  25. bencoates57 says:
    Jul 27, 2017 6:54 PM
    But could he have made the catch Edelman made?

    He would of made the catch Welker didn’t.

  26. justintuckrule- he deserves more money than QB’s? you are drinking some serious Kool aid

  27. I want to be the highest paid engineer at my company, but the reality is that other engineers have a skillset that is in higher demand. This isn’t complicated.

  28. justintuckrule says:

    “If he didn’t have the hair, the big mouth, didn’t dance, didn’t go on boats with Bieber and was bland like A.J. Green, you’d all agree with me.”


    No. No we wouldn’t. Because that would mean we were delusional, too.

  29. What’s interesting is Beckham doesn’t mention anywhere that he needs to have the highest NFL salary.

    He already signed the richest Nike contract ever by a football player. He has more followers on social media than the NFL itself. I read that an estimate of his “social media worth” was over $80 million (I have no idea what that means). But it was highest in the NFL and more than double the next player on the list (Brady).

    If he signs a contract that puts him at the top of the WR class, he will only then be roughly $10 million behind the highest paid QB. If he can make up that $10 million in endorsements (nike, head & shoulders, facebook, instagram, snapchat), that would make him the highest paid player in the NFL. Not impossible by any stretch.

  30. intrafinesse says:
    Jul 27, 2017 7:35 PM
    I have as much chance of being the highest paid player in the NFL as does OBJ, and I’m not even in the NFL.

    If he really wants to be the highest paid player all he needs to do is put up 5,000 receiving yards and 50 TDs.

    He’s got 4,100 and 35 TDs in his first three seasons. Most ever for both. I’d say he’s on pace.

    Just curious, since you have the same chance as he does, who are your sponsors? Odell earns more money from Nike each week than you make all year.

  31. No they don’t and there are some basic economic reasons:

    NBA — $8 billion in revenue, 30 teams, 14 players/team average. Each NBA player brings in $19 million per year in revenue. NBA players (as a group) make, approximately, 49% of total NBA revenue.

    NFL — $14 billion, 32 teams, 53 active players/team. Each NFL player brings in $8 million per year in revenue. Average salary NFL players make, approximately, 47% of NFL revenue. Further, football has far, far higher costs. The coaching staffs are far bigger. The costs to operate are far higher.

    Basketball players, based on what they bring in to their franchises, should be paid more than twice the NFL players. And they are.

  32. lanman11 says:
    Jul 27, 2017 6:53 PM
    8 years, 200 Million $, 100 Million guaranteed. Do it Mara!!!!

    I’d like to see that too! Watching the Giants hamstring their cap for the over=rated Man-Baby that is OBJ would be great.

    There are two better (undisputed I should think) WRs than him: Julio Jones and Antonio Brown.

    There are two others I’d take over him: Mike Evans (Tampa) and AJ Green (Cincinnati). I might even add Jordy Nelson to the list.

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