Turf problems (but not traffic problems) at Levi’s Stadium for soccer matches

The multi-purpose venue named after a company that makes multi-purpose pants has had, from time to time, problems with the turf and, supposedly, the traffic. Recent soccer matches at the stadium where the 49ers play had some of the former, none of the latter.

Via SportsBusiness Daily, more than 63,000 showed up Wednesday for the CONCACAF Gold Cup Final between the U.S. and Jamaica. Three days earlier, more than 65,000 showed up for Manchester United taking on Real Madrid. So the “traffic problems” that supposedly were keeping fans from getting to the stadium for a Thursday night game last season have been resolved. (They’ve been resolved in part because, you know, they never existed.)

As noted by SBD, John Strong of FS1 pointed out that the turf has been an issue at the venue. Stuart Holden of FS1 at one point noticed a clump of loose dirt on Wednesday night and said, “That looks like Landon [Donovan’s] nine iron right there.”

Actually, they’ve also had golf at Levi’s Stadium. Also with no traffic problems.

[Photo credit: SportsBusiness Daily.]

13 responses to “Turf problems (but not traffic problems) at Levi’s Stadium for soccer matches

  1. Anybody who thinks the traffic problems never existed has never gone to a game there, plain and simple.

  2. They should have renovated The Stick and never left San Fran. The new stadium sucks. It doesn’t even seem like that should be their home. You suck, Jed!

  3. The only thing worse than that field is the team that plays on it. What an epic joke of a team. At least you got rid of Kaep though…that’s a move in the right direction. Enjoy your 1-2 wins as your front office and coaches go all in for Darnold.

  4. I watched the game (USA won!!). The field looked awful. The US Soccer Federation should permanently cross Levi stadium off the list because turf problems have been recurring there for soccer. This goes for any stadium which doesn’t normally have grass. The cheap stadium owners like Dud York do a half arsed job of putting grass in for soccer and it shows. These are world class players and they deserve better.

  5. The new stadium looks like some fugly misaligned erector set. I golf across the street once in a while and wonder “when is it going to be finished”.

    The thing cost 1.2 billion to construct and somebody ran away with a billion. As for the seahack bandwagoner the only thing more pathetic than the PODUNK town you’re from are the trolls who reside in it.

  6. The 49ers went from a model franchise to a joke in a relatively very short time.

    It’s amazing how far and how fast they plummeted.

  7. I swear, in all the money that gets spent on stadia in this country, the field quality always seems the owners’ and/or designers’ lowest priority.

    Contrast that to Wembley in London. So keen to keep the “hallowed” field they rebuilt the stadium around the same rectangle of open ground. With a semi-retracting roof not for fans but to ensure sufficient sun for the grass. And when the first NFL game was played in the new stadium (Giants-Phins ’07), just after record-breaking bad weather, the “pitch” was below par (though still playable) and yet the US media howled. So Wembley reinvested millions more in the latest, most expensive hybrid system (kept the grass, but interwoven with artificial elements for full temperature, moisture control and consistency of grip and bounce). If only NFL billionaires had half that approach.

  8. granadafan says:
    Jul 27, 2017 11:03 AM

    I watched the game (USA won!!). The field looked awful…[t]hese are world class players and they deserve better.

    Let’s not get ahead of ourselves calling that squad “world class players.” US Soccer’s continued insistence that MLS develops good enough players to compete with other national heavy weights is a joke.

    With that being said, yeah the grass was terrible, and it is inconceivable that the problem still exists.

  9. There are a lot of Hispanics in the South Bay, and they watch soccer. They may be able to get to the stadium without driving, by taking buses or light rail. That is why there is no traffic problem for soccer matches.

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